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  1. Thank you for the update
  2. This is great information Thank You
  3. Nice catch
  4. LBI

    Thank you everyone for all the advice. Good luck and tight lines
  5. Ugly Stick all the way
  6. its the Montauk Monster
  7. Hope it is also easier to open up than the shield with the side plate only the Hulk could take off.
  8. I hope they can stick to the $350 - $380 price point. also can't wait for Tackle advisor and ********** to get the final product and really put it through the wringer and tear it down. It will be good to see if this thing can compare to a van Staal or zee bass.
  9. Anyone have at ETA on when this reel is actually going to come out
  10. Great information Thank you for posting
  11. really love the old photos
  12. LBI

    I am Heading Down to LBI and planning to fish while I am there. Fishing mostly the beach front while I am there any general advice or things I should know.
  13. Love that they put a power handle on the larger sizes.
  14. I use a Rino rack ski rack that I got for under $100 works great comes in different sizes