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  1. Same story for me yesterday afternoon/evening
  2. I just did two pair with luxotica, one warranty and one repair and no issues at all, got a brand new pair of glasses under warranty and a new pair of lenses under repair, only thing about the repair is their lens price went up to 120 for the glass lenses. Still the best fishing glasses on the market IMO.
  3. I have both, green is definitely more versatile overall. If the water is really clear it doesn’t really matter.
  4. I’ve been using these off Amazon for a few years now, really durable and last a while. Comes in a 2 pack so u have a spare and can’t beat the price. Pretty comfortable as well.
  5. I agree I think the sharp drop hurt the shore bite, I saw a lot of yak fish from last night so they must have gone deeper. We literally were standing in the middle of a bunker school....
  6. Fished 9-midnight last night, ton of bunker around. No bass.... fished till I couldn’t feel the lower half of my body... skunk for me ....
  7. Been using em for years for fishing, hunting, and work I love em!! Heading out tonight... with 4.0 on
  8. Late report of nothing, fished in the back OC yesterday from 11-3, more or less knew it was not going to be great due to the wind but had to get out and mess around with some new plugs and do some scouting, skunk to no surprise, found one 18” bass blown up against the bank still alive and we returned him to deeper waters and he swam off...
  9. I only have one in my lineup because I don’t do much bait fishing. All my reels are penn so I went with the Spinfisher VI live liner and really like it, but that’s a bit higher than what you want to spend so I would recommend the fierce. I have 2 fierce reels and faint had any issues with them, hope that helps.
  10. OC 6-11 am, 3 rats 16”+ or-, nice morning, started north and moved south . Water was more stained south but that’s where I caught, quite a few hits I missed as well. All three caught on green over white teaser worked slow. Will give it one more go tomorrow then hanging it up until March. Thanks to all who gave great reports this season I will definitely contribute more next season, new to the site and did not have a great fall.... happy new year
  11. Thanks for the clarity report, considering making a run down tomorrow morning.
  12. Only times I caught this fall was when I had no expectations lol when I did skunk lol
  13. I’m with ya there, if I’m driving an hour and a half which I’m about to do I’m fishing a minimum of 6 hours
  14. It will throw 4 but I wouldn’t put my back into it, 3 or just over I will give it the gusto with no issue. It’s a great rod and most times my go to
  15. That’s awesome