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  1. Thank you. Checking on directions.
  2. Did the Saltwater Expo move location? Thanks.
  3. No problem. Forgot it was 6 tube. Although it isn't very big. Not having luck with pics.
  4. Rack is 6 tube. $75 and I can meet you down in your area. Let me know.
  5. I'm in central NJ. The rack is at LBI. I'll take a pic and post it when I get down there today or tomorrow.
  6. clamboni, where are you located. I just took one off my jeep.
  7. $100 plus shipping. Depends where you're located. You can mount your plate right on the rack. Had it that way on a different vehicle.
  8. I'm taking this off the jeep this week. Sorry don't know why pic is turned.
  9. Offer withdrawn. Good luck finding a pair.
  10. Got a like new pair that I used in the garage a few times to rig rods. Never been on the beach. Decided to use them this summer but changed my mine. $300 shipped PayPal. Paid $350 plus tax and shipping from Tackle Direct in NJ. Can put up pics if you want. Thanks.
  11. Where you located?