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  1. I bought the Tsunami saltX6000)) I bought a used reel and I don't have a scheme for it. Who has a photo of the scheme or know where I can download it? And if I need it, where can I order parts?I don't know anything about the Tsunami company ...
  2. See personal messages
  3. Where are you located?I'm interested.
  4. My old Twin Power 6000 is heavy and I want to take a new reel with less weight. Braid I use 30 lb.
  5. Yes it's bad in Japanese reels. I can find any parts for the old Penn reels but not for the Japanese reels.((
  6. My real is old (2002) and parts are not sold.Pinion gear is needed for repair(((
  7. Hi guys!Looking for advice from experienced fishermans. Yesterday my reel died (Shimano Twin Power 6000PG 02) and I decided to put it on the shelf.I need a 6000-size reel for surf fishing.I use a 10 fits rod.I'm willing to spend $ 350 - $ 400.Can you recommend which one?Maybe look used reel in good condition? I'm sorry for my weak English)
  8. I found only photos on the Internet ...
  9. I bought a coil, Twin Power 4000 02. Me sent a package, but as it turned out, the handle is on the right side. Just don't move it to the left side, you need to change the axial screw in the handle to Handle Shaft (left). I know that these screws were sold complete with coils of top models, like Twin 02 and Stella 00-01 years. From this thought, suddenly someone is lying in the table?
  10. I will go to Finland in July, I will have to buy a pair for the test.
  11. Write a question to these guys. Perhaps the manufacturer replaced the spring with another one.
  12. Nasci 3000 has 4 ball bearing: 11 , 39 , 51 , 54.
  13. The more bearings the better. I now bought a new 18 Stradic SW 4000HG in which there are 6 ball bearings. In this I will add 5 ball bearings, this is tuning. But this is my desire, the bushing are no worse.
  14. I’m new to sea fishing, I used to always fish in big lakes and rivers in Russia. And I don’t know whether the tide is good or bad for fishing? Give some good tips for newbies, please.