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  1. God created the Earth. Everything else was done in China.
  2. Use the right oils. It sells for $ 8 on ebay.
  3. use for reel Penn Oil and Lube for grease. Rinse the reel inside you can Mineral Spirits. What is this reel in which there are no bearings?
  4. Sufix 832 Power Pro Daiwa J-Braid X8 - badly , flat cord.
  5. SW is more durable. For salty sea water it will be better to SW. If you do not want to see corrosion on the spool later, buy SW.
  6. I found new Biomaster for $ 235.I can add that.
  7. What do you think of the 13 Biomaster SW 4000HG?
  8. Hello everyone! I have such a spinning from Major Craft and I want to choose a reel on it.(10-30g.= 3/8-1 1/16oz) I broke my brain by choosing a reel... "Maybe buy Penn Clash 3000? For this reel there are always parts. Or buy used Twin Power 3000 08,but there are no spare parts for it..." (I do not choose only between these two, it is an example of my thoughts)). I'm looking for a size of 3000-4000. My maximum price is 200$. What can you advise?
  9. If you have not seen spinning from duralumin, then I will show you. This was my first fishing rod. It can withstand an elephant)) This is a 6 fit.Now you can buy for $ 25. Made in the USSR.
  10. Yes, it's Shimano's problem! I have my first Twin Power 02 6000pg which I sometimes catch.There are no spare parts for this.I'm looking for them at an auctionsin Japan.Shimano releases spare parts only 8 years after the launch of a new series
  11. Thank you very much!
  12. A very good buy!
  13. Please tell me,where I can serve my Shimano reel in New York? Don't have found a good service on the website Shimano. Thank you for your information
  14. The one who owns any boat motor knows what it is. It is sold in any store for sports and motors. The price is about $ 10.
  15. I'm thinking to buy for fishing bass spinning MajorCraft,series SKYROAD - SKR-1062 PLG or series N-ONE - NSS-1062 PLG. Anybody own?I would like to hear your feedback.