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  1. Anyone have experience fishing Meiser 909 CX 7/8 Two Handed Rod and lines for it?
  2. Rio sells little individual towelettes that cost about a dollar. I use soap and water if the line really looks dirty and use these towelettes a few times a months.
  3. I wore the Simms Flyweight boots last season for awhile, and they are incredibly comfortable, but they filled with sand. I ended up using my regular Korker boots. I may try using wrap around gaters this year and see how they work.
  4. Those line weights apply only to head. On the Scandi head I use mono leaders 10 to15 ft. On the Skagit I would add MOW tip types of tips.
  5. I own a Z Axis 6126 and it has been my go to rod for summer steelhead since I first bought it. I fish it with Scandi lines between 360 and 390. I have a Skagit at 425 that I bought for it and have cast but never fished. I played around with heavier and lighter lines and found these to work best for me.
  6. I've sent five or six rods to Sage over the last thirty years, paid the fee of 40-50 dollars, and they have replaced the broken section. When I sent in a RP that they no longer repaired, they sent me a RPL which I think was an upgrade. I've been completely satisfied with their customer service.
  7. When I started flyfishing, Danner boots were the best by far. Simms and Patagonia didn't exist. I'd be hard pressed to spend that much on the Danner/Patagonia boot, but I'm sure it's a great boot.