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  1. Bump! Need to get these sold I'm more than willing to try and make someone a good deal!
  2. I'm located up in Seattle but planned on shipping these anyhow.
  3. Not much interest in these rods. Could it be that the price isn't right or are these rods just something that not many anglers have a use for? Some insight would be appreciated, I'm just trying to get these sold!
  4. Looking to sell a couple rods I tied up on MHX blanks. Both are new with Winn split-grips and feature a revolver spiral wrap with CRB Zirconium guides. The builds are pretty minimalist seeing as they only feature guides and the handle. Goal in mind being to make the rods as light as possible and have good balance. I have hook keepers and decals should the buyer want them, could likely even put them on there myself. Handles measure 11.5 inches from the bottom of the reel seat. MHX L904-2: 7'6" | 10-20 lb. | 3/8 - 1 5/8 oz. | Fast Action | Medium-Heavy Power | 2 Piece | 6.5 Tip | 0.62 Butt | Clear Gloss Finish Blank is an inshore model and excels with heavier weights. Guide wraps are gunmetal gray to match the blank and the butt has been weighted to aid in balance. Rod has no fore-grip. MHX P904-2: 7'6" | 8-15 lb. | 1/4 - 5/8 oz. | Fast Action | Medium-Heavy Power | 2 Piece | 4.5 Tip | 0.565 Butt | Slate Finish Built on a popping blank this rod has a light fast tip but transitions to a strong backbone. The rod has a fore-grip as seen in the photos and the guide wraps are black. Really need to get these things sold so you're looking at a good deal that only accounts for the cost of components made to build each rod. Ideally I would like to sell both rods together but will sell each individually. Feel free to pm me with questions or your phone number if you would like more pictures. Asking $160 shipped per rod
  5. Yes I figure it was quite the anomaly that it happened. Using an 8000 with a tight drag and a big fish so maybe I was asking a lot for a budget reel like that.
  6. Great pics of some big GTs! Wish I could have been lucky enough to tangle with one..
  7. New power wrapper from Mudhole!
  8. I wish they had these when I was in the market for a new reel. I settled on a Daiwa BG which was great until the pinion snapped on the first fish!
  9. I would go 8 strand all the way. They're both gonna get cut up the same unless they're made from a different material.
  10. Lexa 300 WN looks like a good option.
  11. I have a buddy who has a pair, the material is thick like my G3's. Also have heard they are really good about honoring their warranty which they should considering they're fairly new.
  12. Saw a couple Bluefin Trevally following up my lures but no. Didn't see any GTs unfortunately but that could have been a different story if I'd had a boat and could get out past the reef.
  13. Well there was no GT for me on this trip but I was able to land a Dogtooth Tuna off the rocks! Thanks for everyone's help in making it a great trip.
  14. 1263c GL3 is by far my favorite rod!