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  1. They do exist..
  2. Tim is no longer involved with Swell. I enjoyed the scupper pro speed and that I could roll it when I was recreational paddling and playing. I put the scupper head to head with the RTM Disco and I was surprised how much faster the scupper pro was. I almost went for the RTM scupper version but then the Swell project started promoting a new super scupper and I decided that I would go with it. I am now at the point where I realize that going with Swell watercraft and waiting was a poor decision. Purchasing this boat in November was part of a larger plan to get multiple boats rigged before the season. I will probably not do business with another small kayak company again and stick with more established boat builders.
  3. Hey surffish, I ordered the absolute basic with a request that they do not apply the traction pads. I prefer my own work in the area. I have spoke with ownership and I believe everyone involved has recognized how bad this has been and how damaging it will be with a very web wise customer who will share the complete debacle. If it shows up, the boat really needs to impress.
  4. I had been a long time fan of the Scupper pro hull. I watched with great interest when T Neimier and team were reshaping that classic into a modern functional speedster. I followed a very good thread here, developed by knowledgable members, and it was the primary reason that I signed up in hopes to help contribute and share. 7 months ago, I ordered and paid for a Swell scupper and have been excited since that purchase. There were delays, then there were delays, after that there were delays. Multiple promised delivery dates have come and gone. I stayed patient, until now. Social media shows lots of folks paddling these boats and a very recent post showing one happy paddler that bought his Scupper "Yesterday". After 7 months of being laid back about it, its time that my patience ends. 7 months with no delivery. I have set next Tuesday as a delivery date or I will seek refund. I am bummed but you can only be so patient when you see so many others with these boats and I have only been delivered excuses and excuses and then more. PLEASE, if you have any interest in one of these boats, just beware and possibly consider another boat. I really don't want to be a complete head about it but I also believe that the kayak fishing community should share warnings regarding this sort of delay of delivery.
  5. The ladies seemed to enjoy it.
  6. I no longer have the Disco in my quiver. It was quick off the line but couldn't keep up with Scupper Pro. It was light, fun, and I was able to roll it with competence. The weight of any additional gear killed it's performance. 1 trick pony.
  7. On the Jackson Coosa. Cam cleater and all ops are smooth so far with the pyramid or drift chain.
  8. I sheath the hatch shock cords in vinyl tubing and stretch the shock cord down significantly tighter than on delivery. This helps prevent swamping and the vinyl tubing helps keep the shock cords (hook magnets) snag free.
  9. Just finished the internal flotation for my second Coosa. I keep my dry bags fully inflated to help take up dead space in the hull. Photos are from bow down to the aft storage.
  10. Bdawk2020, I switched from the T140 to the Kraken for the elevated lawn chair. I enjoy fishing more from the higher vantage. I feel like its a bit more of a barge than the T140 but its a better standing platform and the all day comfort of the lawn chair is big for me. I hope that helps. Blackdogfish, At that time I was paddling a lot of different hydrology. I needed a whitewater boat and a surf boat. I had a few fishing boats for myself and the special lady friend and the surf ski was just because it was that much fun. There is a SUP in there too.
  11. I did business with a company called Northshore Inc. Hydro-turf products. The first project was a Jackson Coosa using a double density material. This is just the first layer in the process. ill be using Conceal and some single density Hydro-turf for specific impact points on this boat.
  12. Another kayak cave that was functional but needed a bigger exit.
  13. I am enjoying the container/ cave so far. It's only about 100 yards from my river take out and it was my only workable option. In the past I have enjoyed some fun and functional kayak lounges. I miss the work space but the container will do for now.
  14. Materials have arrived and it's time to go to work.
  15. Getting ready to get into this project on a few boats. Ive some experience with a few products but I was curious what the current kayak fishing culture is using for traction pad projects/materials. I've used Seadek for a template on the Jackson Coosa and then chose Conceal as the sheet material. Also have used Hydroturf on a Tarpon 140 with positive results. I know there are other products out there but I haven't worked with any others yet. Self adhesive backing is preferred. Part of this project will be removing the factory pads from a Jackson Kraken. I am hoping it will come free with alcohol and some work and prefer not using heat.