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  1. Solo, most likely. I likely can get out in that timeline, and a small floatilla would be easy enough to spot (unless there are a lot more kayaks out there than a few years ago).
  2. Jeffreyrichard- I checked the guidelines and PM abilities are held until 15 posts. I don’t have much to say on topics I know about, so wracking up 15 posts here (where I can’t contribute much) would make me one of “those guys.” Anyway I'm in town from this Sat for two weeks. I’d love to meet up for a fish. Hopefully this doesn’t ruin my email: conorjmckenna AT gma... DOT com no spaces at all
  3. Wow. I didn’t know they were frequenting CCB now. Are people really adjusting their fishing and swimming habits on the Bay?
  4. Any info on rough bay water temps now? I’m there next week and could pack waders, but I’d rather not.
  5. Circling back on this: I made a few email inquiries with local wade guides early in the new year along with a phone call or two. No responses. I thought it was odd but maybe just the time of year was off (ie. too early).
  6. I may take you up on that. I plan to get out for a bit most days, so I will reach out to see if we can make it work. Tried to PM but my account might be too junior for that.
  7. Thanks guys. A shop and a name will take me a long way.
  8. Hi all. I’m in Brewster for the first two weeks of August 2019. My sister has a place and one nephew is keen on fishing. I was thinking of hiring a wade guide to take him and I out. Any recommendations? I searched around a bit but it was hard to ‘wade’ through the tide warnings. I am well aware of the dangers out there, FYI. Had a long dark swim at Paines once years ago.