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  1. Is a penn slammer 360 considered just a saltwater reel? I have one in mint condition and want to use it for heavy duty freshwater fishing( throwing bigger lures for bass,freshwater stripers ect} A representative of a local bait and tackle store told me it was too over the top for freshwater fishing. I am just asking for some opinions
  2. I just want to ask this. This is not about the newer model. Is there any difference between them or are they the same. thank you in advance
  3. Thanks for the replies, I purchased a st Croix premier 6.6 mh spinning rod instead. The travel rod was just a little bit out of my price range. Its lure range is 1/2 ounce to 1 once. Now I have to find a reel to match it. A 3000 size spinning reel.
  4. I am looking for a good dependable travel rod, 3 pieces not 4. Would a st Croix medium tidemaster be too much over the top for freshwater bass fishing in Florida? I know it is rated for salt water, but the line ratings and lure ratings correspond to freshwater bass fishing. It would be a spinning rod.
  5. I am just asking for opinions, I have a mint condition Penn slammer 360 that is in great condition with a never used spare spool.I bought it off the auction site a few years back. I am also trying to thin my herd( have too many reels) I was told I would get good value for this reel on the auction site. I am looking to purchase a 4000 size reel and the Penn clash 4000 looks good for what I would use it for (striper and walleye fishing in the lower schuykill river and the Delaware in the SE Pa. area.Should I keep this reel or move on the a more current model
  6. I am just looking for some opinions. I usually use Berkley Trilene xl on my spinning reels but it seems to develop "line memory" soon after I spool it. My local bait an tackle suggested that I should switch to Stren. Is one brand better than the other? I only fish from shore with spinning tackle. Thanks.
  7. I was just trying to find out if anyone currently fishes the non tidal section. Supposedly they raised 4.5 million dollars to dredge the section. I t was suppose to start in August and take around 90 days. When I was there this past weekend it looked very low. Hopefully this rain will improve it
  8. I just want to put this out there. Does anyone here fish this section of the river? I tried on Saturday but there was a sculling regatta and hard to find a spot to cast my line because is was extremely crowded. One of the members of the rowing association asked me about how was the fishing. I stated that it was the first time this year for me. She then stated that there was a tremendous silt buildup from all the rain the Philadelphia area had in the spring from april to june,then she just wanted to ask if that affected fishing in general. I am just curious if anyone else on this board fishes there
  9. Tony thanks for the response, I allready have the reel. I purchased it last year on Penns reel buyback program. Different rod companies have different standards for what "ultralight" and "light" tackle stand for. I am leaning towards a st croix light action rod. I plan on using this for panfish and small creek bass
  10. For freshwater fishing is the penn battle ii 1000 considered a ultralight or light tackle spinning reel? I am trying to figure out a rod for ot. Thank you
  11. I figured it out, It was on my PA fishing license DUH I have to wait until Monday because I do not have a printer. These rules are like a police state. You apparently cannot fish in the Delaware river for anything unless you have this card on your presense
  12. I tried today to register for PA and NJ and they want a CID number but don't show how to get it,I cannot register until I get this did anyone else have this issue
  13. I am just wondering what this title is. I was looking for the Stradic 2500 fk, but the worker stated that the Ultega 2500 would take care of most of my needs for Freshwater fishing. The reel was also more expensive than the regular stradic. Would anyone know what HGS means.
  14. I have a Penn 430ssg reel made in USA reel that since it was serviced by Penn in 2010 has been sitting on my shelf. Before that it served me well for general freshwater Could anyone give me any info about "are the gears metal alloy" or stainless steel and brass? I also have a made in USA spare spool. I am also thinking about putting this reel back to use thank you.
  15. I was browsing and just saw this. It is a shame. I try to look for "made in USA fishing gear" if possible when I purchase items. I purchased the Ardent made in usa spinning reels when they where available.The one reel the s400-m, the first one they produced,is still good and I just cleaned and put new line on it for this fishing season. I also use Berkley triline and stren for my fishing lines.I use shimano reels for they are one good two not made in china. I also have a made in USA penn reel collection.