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  1. Is it possible to exchange a broken 716z for one of these 704z reels through the reel exchange program?
  2. Is Penn still Producing the 704z 706z reels?
  3. Hello I want to thank you all for your suggestions. I purchased an Ardent Ranger baitcaster and a inexespensive Quantum rod medium power.Hopefully the weather is starting to change soon and I can get out there to practice and fish with it. If I feel good with it I will buy a better outfit. Thanks for the advice
  4. I just want to put this out there. Could you be a serious freshwater bass angler using only spinning gear? I only fish from shore, never from a boat. I contacted a fishing guide in Florida and he told me I should learn how to use a baitcaster because I would only be able to do finesse techniques.I have 3 st croix rods. A Triumph medium light,2 st croix premiers medium and medium heavy. My local bait and tackle says I have plenty. I use Shimano and Ardent reels. I just want to ask opinions about this.
  5. Thanks for the responses my local bait and tackle has The Stradic 2500 HG which I think is the fk model. He also told me because of the current supply train issues not to expect many newer models of reels until 2022. I want to buy the current FL model.
  6. I meant Stradic HG {hagane gear} compared to the current FL model
  7. Is there Both of my local a difference between the 2 models? Both of my local bait and tackle shops carry the for example"Stradic X instead of the current model. I heard that Shimano does not keep their parts up for previous editions as long as for example Penn. Thanks in advance
  8. I just want to put this out there.I purchased a St Croix Premier medium (6 to 12 lb line test) in 2010 from my local bait and tackle shop. Do these rods ever say give out? or how long do they last? I am setting this rod up with a reel and planning on getting through the late summer-fall bass season. I do not want to buy another rod to at least untill the holidays for next season. thanks in advance
  9. I have a very good condition Penn Slammer 360 made in USA model. I just want to ask what metal are the gears made of? How long will Penn continue to service these reels? Thank you
  10. Could I take a picture of this on my phone and show it to the game warden? or do I have to have a printed copy? thanks in advance
  11. I just want to ask for some opinions what would be a good surf rod to match up with a penn 710z? Price range under 150 dollars. thanks in advance
  12. I caught white perch in the Delaware river close to where I live in Philadelphia and in the Tidal section of pennypack creek in Northeast Philadelphia. I used mostly nightcrawlers and surprisinly a metal spoon fishing in Pennypack. It was a nice size one too. I also know someone who has a youtube fishing channel that catches them on both sides of the river in various bodies of water. good luck
  13. I can totally relate to what you went through. I live in Philadelphia and fish at Pennypack creek in Northeast Philadelphia. Because of Covid restrictions parts of it where closed. During the summer busloads of people from New York came and "took over the area that I fished". So I waited for the fall stocking on September 21 I wanted to try out my new st croix spinning rod so I went.there 3 young adults where jumping in the water and " it is illegal to do so in the park" interrupted my fishing.I only fished twice this past season. I am looking to move to lower Bucks county which is less crowded and has more available fishing
  14. I just want to ask a general question about shimano reels. How long does shimano Keep up with parts for a reel after they discontinue it? Thanks in advance
  15. Later this week the weather is supposed to be warm and I want to try bass fishing before the weather really cools down. Would crankbaits,jerkbaits inline spinners be good< Also tubes and grubs? I dont think bass fishing would be good until next spring.Just asking any Bass anglers for some input. Thanks in advance