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  1. I have the medium heavy conventional, good for light bucktailing up to 2oz although I’d say 1 oz is the money spot. If your planning to use heavier I’d suggest the heavy.
  2. Waterproof bluetooth speaker is your friend. I listen to stern/other talk radio while I fish and can still hear anything around me.
  3. No change to the bluefish regs? Thought that was a done deal.
  4. i did not purchase there(went with a different brand) but riverhead toyota was probably the best experience i had at a dealership when test driving trucks earlier this year. The salesman was great and not pushy at all. would have loved to buy a truck from him but ended up just deciding on something other than a tundra.
  5. given by the name of the charter i am guessing i have seen the same jumping on the surface. there are finnicky schoolies under the bunker, casted for a while at some jumps and snagged a bunker and caught a schoolie that was about the same size as the bunker.lol