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  1. It only works if you wear it! It sounds dumb but it's true.
  2. Pink filter 3M
  3. @Nevanjn15
  4. Second this ^
  5. Surprising, thanks for checking! Beautiful work
  6. Single 6/0 dressed siwash. Open eye direct to the tail loop. Although the habs used a split ring between to allow the siwash to collapse fully to the body for even further distance. Yes lordship lures was out of Stratford CT.
  7. If you make it up to CT anytime soon by and chance I’d be interested.
  8. That there is a Lordship Blast Needlefish. A spin off the Habs Night-N-Gale. Two and a half ounces of lead and birch. Slow retrieve will give you a nice side to side wiggle.
  9. Killer, the large epoxy eyes must add quite a bit of weight I’d think?
  10. Sounds good to me, will pm you the details.