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  1. Done. I will message you later today regarding payment.
  2. Can do lathe sander bandsaw and chisels for $350
  3. True
  4. I’m in thank you for the chance to win this wonderful plug.
  5. A few bare head bucktails
  6. Your probably right.
  7. Is it necassary to powder coat jig heads for making it any stronger than it would be bare and I don’t think the fish care wether the jig head is bare white or any other color thanks. -Tommy
  8. Is that the 9in magic swimmer as well as slow sinking?
  9. At the canal if the fish are biting they will eat anything! But I still carry a lot of stuff for no reason, Here is what I carry. 1.sebile magic swimmer in the 9in and 7.5in 2.sebilw stick shad 3.al gags whip it fish 3-5oz green mackeral most of the time 4.Robert Davies canal cruiser 5.Guppy pencil poppers 6.7.5in needle fish in green Mack 7.a big white spook at slack tide 8.savge gear sandeel 9.shimano colt sniper 10.ODM Hybrix glider 11.ODM Hybrix popper
  10. Those are some special plugs and the story is priceless.
  11. That thing is sick!
  12. They cast a mile and don’t tire you out that bad as you would think and I used synthetic devlin blends. But yak hair will definitely droop less so I would recommend using that.
  13. Yup that’s exactly how I did it but I first saw Ian devlin do this method of making tails
  14. Same but I normally use the thin