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    Im probably somewhere fishing will start making lures summer 2019
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    Fishing! I will start to build plugs summer of 2019 possibly sell them.

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  1. I have no clue who made this or how rare it is possibly a Gibbs made of wood and has no name or anything on it thanks. -Tommy
  2. Lighter and stronger than graphite.
  3. I messed up loading it so I made a project out of it and it turned out well.
  4. I heated up the tail hook hanger and pulled it out then I stuck a screw driver inside and pulled the plug into two.
  5. The cotton Cordell pencil has bracing inside that divides it which make i extremely hard to through wire without splitting it in half and gutting the whole inside.
  6. Have any of you on sol seen a completely modified cotton Cordell ? I thought I would give it a try and it looks great I call the color tree trunk. -Tommy
  7. Does anybody here on sol know If the Odm evolution rod is the first rod to use boron inside of a surf rod? Thanks - Tommy
  8. Have you every got a tiger they are super pretty tightlines!
  9. *
  10. Here’s the photo! Btw the this is the lathe.
  11. Let’s keep the dream alive! If I do win the 2nd plug I will ever make will probably be the next item.
  12. Thanks I’ll post another pic of it
  13. I just got a lathe yesterday haven’t used it yet but wondering what some parts do thanks -tommy
  14. Done. I will message you later today regarding payment.