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  1. Jnski is new, Hahn is used, Tattos have light use as does the RM.
  2. Hahn Jointed
  3. This too ^^^
  4. Danny and Habs mullet?
  5. Depends on the plug, how it’s rigged, how it’s fished, and many other things. There’s no this or that. One builders pikie can be almost entirely different than another’s. It’s all up to you as a fisherman to figure out what works for you.
  6. Box cutter, like sharpening a hook. Opposite side of barb, then just uncurl it.
  7. White BM danny, Habs Mullet, and BM wadd?
  8. Will do the ebbpoint plus 2-3 plugs, if that sounds good to you. What plugs do you have?
  9. Check out some of these video’s on YouTube. If you have any unanswered questions try the search button. Lots has been discussed about eel skins already. If you can’t find the answer feel free to ask.
  10. I try and switch as much as possible to singles as well, but on most darters I will not. As most rely on the weight of the hooks as their only weight. I totally agree with points facing downward. I’ve hooked way too many schoolies through the brain with upward facing points. That’s why I’m not much of a fan of the the inline singles, would rather just use an open eye siwash on the tail if I’m going to make it point down.
  11. Do you guys prefer a cut tail trebles single prong to be up or down? By Single Prong I am referring to the single welded shank on a treble hook. That is welded to the other two double hooks. I would think having the single prong facing upward would be ideal, because more of the mass of the hook would be below center. But with the single prong down it sits lower than the double prongs. Am I just overthinking this?
  12. Was just thinking the same thing. I like Habs, BM’s, or Lordships.
  13. Can you get more pictures of both bags?