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  1. What is the heaviest flouro and wire you feel they can cut? Is 80lb mono really the top end? Ive been eying these a few weeks now and theyre from a reputable brand thanks for any info.
  2. Ive been looking at manley pliers. The gripper nippers look awesome
  3. Im aware of the effects of increased crank arm length. Im doubtful a slightly larger knob does much other than provide comfort.
  4. Gotcha. I was not aware that a power handle includes a longer arm. I thought it was just a larger knob.
  5. Have fun with the termites lol
  6. Dbl
  7. Ive heard fish and game will begin knocking on doors of licensed anglers doing freezer checks.
  8. Is there any math to support the bigger handle knob more cranking power statement? Aside from something easier for your hand to grip.
  9. Is it a true medium or does it run small? Im 5'9" average build
  10. finger the line at the end of the cast grabbing it right before it hits the water. Eliminates slack and puts the line right in your finger.
  11. Yes and different color mirror reflects differing amounts of certain colors
  12. Hooked this about 4 footer while drifting a massive cigar minnow for kings. Dumped the line for a few seconds then jacked him up and he started jumping and spinning like crazy. Really fun fight on 12lb test. Not best quality cause its a video screenshot.
  13. Nice fish and a beautiful shot of it.
  14. I happen to have a 6'6" m star ariel. Its pretty much my sheepshead rod. Not great with lures. For general inshore fishing look at the falcon coastal popping rods. I have the medium popper in 7ft its great.
  15. Yes it seems you are better with a yozuri than an sp, color aside. Better stock up on mag darters lol