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  1. Try a shimano out since you already have a great penn.
  2. That does seem a tad ridiculous
  3. I fish an intracoastal waterway and when the wind is against a strong enough tide it suspends lure so perfectly in the water column. For open beach a good inshore wind pushes the bait in and that's good.
  4. Looks like a good time I need to find some ponds and get on the bass.
  5. Up until a few years ago almost every cold front squall line would hit between 3-5pm now they all hit between. 2-4am. It was very consistent before and very consistent now.
  6. Bait casters and soft plastics are like pb&j. as long as you aren't going weightless into wind. I can do weightless and I can handle into the wind but not together lol.
  7. Glad I could help, 2 baits can be better than one!
  8. I've seen that labeled as a 'tandem rig' sold for speckled trout in the south. Edited to add, I believe flats class on YouTube has a video tying it.
  9. Yes sir!!!
  10. From a fish fighting standpoint I can understand, I was jigging for spanish with that big ole egg knob and it was awful. The 4k with t handle is great to jig with. But for cranking an xrap or ther plug it's not so bad with the big knob.
  11. Never understood the power knob thing. I'm perfectly happy with the shimano paddle and T handles. In fact I despise the egg knob on my stradic 5k.
  12. Sweet set up, I bet it launches a paddle tail jig.
  13. I disagree, I caught my biggest speckled trout of the year with an 18-20mph crosswind. Would hate to have missed that what if
  14. Jbraid x8 is good enough for me. I have diamond on a few reels and it is good. Super slick v2 on one reel that performs flawlessly. spiderwire is awesome. For my fishing I don't need fancy braids but I won't use original PP or jbraid x4. I do like 832 but don't ever use it because I just use what's available at the local shop at the time and it's never 832.
  15. Only missing salt stains