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    Gulf coast fisherman since my youth. I get out to fish about 4 days a week and I wish it was more.
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    I kill bugs.

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  1. Yea the Rapala XR8 or maybe 10 would be good.
  2. Rapala X Rap 14cm Yes excellent from Piers in my area.
  3. Havent used a popper we use xr14 lures
  4. Good idea I'm going to make this in a smaller scale for my inshore plugs. Would take up less space than Plano boxes and be organized better
  5. Look at the rod I smacked this bitch on. Way smaller than my normal king rod. I'm lucky flipper wasnt on his ass. Happy summer everyone!
  6. Vanish is not leader it is flouro main line, so is seagar red label. Go with seagar blue label or yozuri HD Carbon.
  7. If you want to use 20lb mono I would go swap that out for a bigger reel. Or just use braid. Suffix 832 is good.
  8. Are you unable to go to a tackle shop and test fit reels and rods? I always like to hold a set up before I pull the trigger.
  9. Yes I love the feeling of really pushing the glass and feeling it flex under the load of a cast. Watching people try to whip it like a graphite rod on the cast cracks me up.
  10. I believe the the fine would be labeled as "littering".
  11. Seen some in NWFL last weekend off the pier.
  12. That would be pretty impressive if thousands of reels could be uniformly manufactured with tolerances that tight. What are the shims, 1 maybe 2mm? The manufacturers know that they cant produce a reel with those type of tolerances for a price that will sell. So shims are included if needed to fix the problem.
  13. Empty beer can. Busch light is a good color.
  14. Thread closed thanks TFeuts
  15. Sounds like a deal to me. Pm me and we can work out shipping info