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    Gulf coast fisherman since my youth. I get out to fish about 4 days a week and I wish it was more.
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    I kill bugs.

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  1. You can be not skinny and not fat. There are In between body types. And yes I have seen fat methheads. But not fat crackheads lol
  2. Sorry to hear that. Michael did quite a number on that area. I havent made it over there bit ive heard there is great fishing to be had
  3. If a sport is defined by physical fitness and endurance skateboarding is more of a sport than fishing golf fisbee or many other sports. You ever seen a fat skateboarder?
  4. I think Its a physically active leisure activity. In my opinion if you are fishing for competitive purposes youre doing it for the wrong reasons. But different strokes for different folks I guess. Maybe its a leisure sport
  5. Lol! There's too many North shores to keep track of
  6. That's pretty cool, what type of snapper? And North shore of Oahu?
  7. Just curious how many members on here live in the panhandle of Florida? I suspect not too many. If so what is your general area and your preferred type of fishing. Maybe we can get together to fish. I live somewhere in between pensacola and Panama City, dont want to get too specific in the open here. My first love is trout fishing the flats and bayous especially around dock lights. But this year ive been really getting into fishing the pier. Looking to get my first land based king. Havent caught kings since middle school.
  8. That is pretty dang smart. Maybe I can find some way to rig a bubble with that hook holding feature
  9. Here's one take on a "bucktail" under a "float". Caught multiple Spanish on this rig today Its filled with water and makes bubbles as you retrieve. Gives you enough weight to cast out the straw rig that works so well Never seen one of those wooden eggs before
  10. Do they float?
  11. I actually just read fishing the bucktail by John skinner and I think much of it can be applied to our southern species.
  12. From the pics I just saw of a casting egg. The closest thing to a casting egg we use down on the gulf coast is a bubble rig. You can put anything behind it with a 18" leader. gotcha plug, spoon, rubber straw on treble hook, small x-rap, and thread relevant, a bucktail. Great for Spanish and dolphin.
  13. Reel just fast enough to keep it off the bottom. Maybe a few rod twitches here or there
  14. There was a 10 foot tiger shark among many other smaller ones around my local pier today. Might make some people think twice about swimming.
  15. You CAN fish anything any way you want lol. But I dont see why it wouldn't work just fine. I like a doa shrimp "horn hooked" under popping corks