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  1. Seems like people are pretty high on metals and poppers. I went to the store today and copped some Danny plugs, epoxy jigs, an x rap, and some small swimbaits. I am going to try all of those, plus the metals and pencils I have. Open to any more suggestions, and thanks so much to all who have already answered!
  2. What even is this? Looks like a toy for a cat lol. Is that a fly with some sort of apparatus to aid in casting? I can potentially dust off my fly rod...
  3. The beach master stuff seems hard to find Crossover Stalker looks decent, ill probably give it a go
  4. Any particular glide bait? I dont know if I've fished any. Assume you slowly crank it in?
  5. All, I've recently found a spot near me where I noticed some schoolies busting on small bunker at last light and early night. I tried throwing a bone spook but they didn't hit it. Was having some trouble swimming it nicely at times with my 11ft rod, but I think I had enough decent retrieves in there. It's not a blitz per se, but there are definitely bunker jumping here and there, and I don’t think they would be jumping if bass weren't eating them. Any ideas? I have a decent amount of lures, but as you all know, I never seem to have what i need.. Thanks all!
  6. You wouldn't consider selling just one bike?
  7. Potentoally interested. Does it do better with the lighter or heavier part of that range?
  8. Looking for a light surf or light boat jigging setup. Spinning only. Probably a 3000-4000 penn clash size ish reel on a 7 ish foot rod. Looking to spend maybe 200-300 max if it's perfect. Let me know what you've got. Pickup in MA is preferable
  9. If y'all are wondering how my HC65 worked out...
  10. I'm not Z reviews lol. Honestly not sure who that is I have a few friends that used to swear by PS Audio DACs. Never tried their amplifiers but their DACs were extremely nice. I haven't spoken with the audio folks in a few years since I moved to boston, but I would trust the products.
  11. It has a screw cap with a rubber gasket
  12. Designed and built it myself 6SN7 input with 45 output, Single Ended headphone amplifier
  13. The Nitecore has that feature. When you click it on, it goes straight to the last setting you had it on. You can also go straight to red from off by holding the power button. Negative. 5 settings + red.
  14. It's pretty in the middle. Definitely bright enough to see in my room, definitely not too bright. It's kind of hard to describe lol, but I would say it's a tad on the brighter side, but it's not too bright. The images are OK. The red appears a bit brighter on camera than it was in real life, but you get the idea I had to get a little of another other hobby out there
  15. I just bought a Nitecore HC65 from Amazon. It has 5 brightness levels, and a red light. I haven't used it "in the field" yet but it seems like it's going to be really awesome.