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  1. Hey all, I'm an experienced freshwater angler, but I don't know much about striper fishing. I've got a bunch of gear, since I fish the caribbean once per year, but I don't really know the techniques of fishing the canal. I'm moving to Boston permanently this summer, so I'm hoping to get to the canal a few times. I'm looking for someone that is willing to meet up with me for a day or two for a weekend in either April, early May, or July (I'll be gone June) to show me the ropes of the canal. I'm a younger guy (22), but I don't really care about finding someone of similar age. I'm big into collecting headphones, and a lot of my friends in that world are 70+, so please don't feel like we won't connect if you are a few years older than I am lol I'm more than happy to treat to a meal after a day of fishing for your troubles! Comment here or shoot me a PM! Thanks guys
  2. I'm doing that in June I can't wait!
  3. Buddy of mine was just in Beliz. He was there with family, but he said even from a pier the fishing was unreal
  4. I just purchased a 6500 for a trip to Florida as well as the canal. I used to fish with a Fierce 6000, which was only a few ounces less than 6500 slammer, and it was quite nice on a 12 ft surf rod. I'll be using mine on an 11', but I like having lots of power and capacity just in case I hook a big tarpon or shark off the beach. The weight difference from 5500 to 6500 is only 2oz, and the 6500 is the same weight as the Saragosa 8k, which people love for the canal. I also figured it would be good to be able to hold 300yds or more of 50# braid.
  5. Where is this info? Where else can I fish? Lol. Like I said, I'm new to the area (been at school in MA for 4 yrs but haven't really explore at all) and new to striper fishing, so I'm not sure where I can go otherwise...
  6. I just bought a Slammer 6500 for a trip to Florida for Tarpon and then the canal this year. I'm moving to MA this year so I'm hoping to get into saltwater stuff. Gonna pair it with a 3-8 Mojo. I've always been a freshwater guy, so it will be fun to get into some bigger fish. What is this about the canal being closed? Is that true?
  7. Can I ask where you got the buttcap?
  8. I recently bought the 3-8 and the 9' 3/4-4oz for trips to carribean and Florida coming up. I've never felt an airwave, but these feel much better than my $40 Cabela's bigwater surf rod lol. Not as nice as my Duckett for LMB tho... I guess I'm interested in why people prefer the Airwave or the Mojo. To me St. Croix was a no-brainer as soon as I held it in Bass Pro. It just felt like it could handle some big weight but still cast 2oz just fine.
  9. Does this model have seals or not?
  10. I use a double-uni to 10ft of Seaguar Red Label flouro for Bass. I use 10lb for both leader and main line but you can definitely go lighter.
  11. Can you post of a pic of what you mean by the ring was replaced? I love fisherman's world, btw. Place is packed with stuff lol
  12. I love my Duckett for freshwater. I felt damn near every rod in Bass pro and once I picked up the Duckett I knew it was coming home with me, regardless of cost. It's really an unbelievable rod. They make both spinning and casting models. I have a Revo S on a Duckett Micro Magic, but I'm waiting to try my friend's Tatula
  13. What in the hell lol. How'd u manage to destroy 2 reels? The only reel I've broken was my Penn Fierce because I reassembled the main gear incorrectly and it got rekt when I cranked it...
  14. I'm an EE but all of my MechE pals use Solidworks. I do my modelling in Cinema4D which is easily crackable (to get it free) but is primarily an animation/graphic design modeling software rather than a CNC design software, but it can work.