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  1. Also pretty much all of the big surf sticks and canal sticks are 15-40#, but surely people use more than that. I've only ever broken one rod and it was because I set the hook wicked hard on a tree stump lol. I'm planning on using 65# on my 15-40 Mojo for some big surf fishing in the keys, and I don't anticipate any issues. If you use 30 lbs of drag then you will have a problem, but I can't imagine it causes much issue under normal conditioms to go a bit over the rod rating. Just my $.02
  2. What reel, just out of curiosity?
  3. Is the 50 going to be enough or would you go 65? 30lb drag reel Thanks for the help, by the way!
  4. So you think I'm better off with 700yds of 50lb braid along with a big 30ft 100lb mono topshot for abrasion resistance?
  5. Do you think that's necessary, or do you think the 9500 is OK? I bought a Saltist 8000 which holds 730yds of 50lb braid. Was going to put 400yds of 80lb for tarpon near bridges, and use the 700yds 50lb for sharks from shore. What do you think?
  6. That's a good idea. I'm going in June and that's definitely a good option for me at least. I will be spinning not fly, but should be fun regardless.
  7. Do you have any trade interests? Anything in another hobby? I'm keen but I definitely don't have the funds to shell out. Just testing the water
  8. Yeah Spinfisher VI is newest
  9. The Saragosa minimum is roughly the same as the Slammer. For small fish it will definitely be a little tight, but for a big fish I don't think it will notice.
  10. Fwiw, even if you could turn the AR off, wouldn't you get a massive bird'snest? That's like running a baitcaster in free spool, any jerk of the line is going to send you into Oblivion lol. I guess if you thumb the spool and let bait drift it'd be okay. Also, I have a 6500 slammer, which is essentially equivalent size to the Saragosa and, I used it in the surf in the Caribbean. It's a little bit, but I didn't want to be undergunned in case I hooked a big jack or bonito. I don't believe it would handle a big shark very well at all. I got a Saltist 8000 for that purpose for my Florida trip. Both the Slammer 6500 and the Gosa 10k hold less than 400yds of 50lb braid, which could be a problem for a big fish (I think).
  11. Saltiga and Zenaq — exactly what they use. Did you buy it and realize no GT in America? Lol
  12. Aren't we all. Lol. I have a yeti water bottle. It actually does work pretty damn well. It keeps ice pretty well. For $40 it was worth it to fill my ice at home and have cold water all day. Not sure how I feel about a $500 cooler tho, unless I was going on some trip that warranted such an apparatus.
  13. Sounds like a Yeti. Too bad they are $500
  14. I reached out to Mike Iaconelli on Instagram and he said his Flambeau Portage held up nicely, so for $80 on Amazon I think I'll go with that. It holds 5 3700 boxes, and has three other large pockets. Thing is massive. I'd love to keep the discussion going, as I'm not ordering for a few weeks, so maybe someone can change my mind The rapala doesn't have much info online, unfortunately. I thought about repurposing an Oakley bag. I have the Kitchen Sink, and it's massive. Not sure it would be a great tackle bag, though. Might look at some others and share pics here. Deal Alert: the Oakley Kitchen Sink LX is on sale for $90 on Amazon. I have the slightly larger Kitchen Sink, and would highly recomend it.
  15. My friend is looking for a rod, I'm going to send this to him and play middle man... I'll let you know lol