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  1. Will the minimum drag on the 5500 be too strong for chunking bait? It will be for tarpon and sharks, and I will not be livelining frequently, so that's not an issue. It's mostly for plugging but I'll occasionally want to throw a big bunker chunk or something to the bottom and stick it in a sand spike. Will the minimum drag be too high and cause the fish to drop my bait?
  2. I think I'll just get the Slammer 3... I don't want to deal with this garbage. I'm sure if I get the right rod the Gosa would be amazing but I don't have the time, patience, or money to buy 10 rods and find one that works Thoughts?
  3. Has anyone modified the reel foot to stop the wobble? What exactly is the issue with the parallel reel foot?
  4. Can you describe the wobble?
  5. What sort of rod/guide avoids the issue?
  6. What exactly wobbled?
  7. When was this? And can you describe when you experienced the wobble?
  8. How recently did you buy them?
  9. Were these newer reels or older models, circa 2013-14?
  10. Hey all, I'm looking into getting a new surf reel. I've mostly narrowed it down to the Saragosa and the Slammer. I've always been a Penn guy, but I ordered a Battle 2 and it had significant play in the bail, so I'm now willing to consider Shimano. I'm leaning towards the Saragosa due to the numerous positive reviews, but I'm worried about the wobble issue. I'm thinking about an 8000 to be paired with an 11' mojo, or occasionally my 9' mojo. TL;DR - how common is the wobble? If I order new from TackleDirect or Bass Pro, am I likely to get a perfectly functioning reel, or is there a good chance it's going to need to be returned? Thanks!
  11. How common is the wobble issue? I am about to return a Penn Battle II due to looseness in the bail. I'm between the Slammer 5500 and the Gosa 8000. Leaning towards the Gosa just because everyone seems to love them, but I'm worried about the wobble. I've always been a Penn guy, but the bail issue really got under my skin, and I'm worried about the line roller on the slammer. Thoughts?
  12. Any idea when that sale will happen again?
  13. I fished a Fierce II 6000 for years. It caught many barracuda and even a 3' shark last year after my 7th year fishing it or so. I didn't use it frequently during that time, but it was my only saltwater reel so whenever I was fishing in the surf I would use it. The bail has become lose but I totally neglected the reel so it's incredible that it still functions perfectly fine after the abuse it took. Bottom line, I reckon the fierce will serve you very well if you don't want to spend more than the $60 or so it costs. The Battle II is a big upgrade from the Fierce and is frequently on sale on Amazon for around $75. PS: some people don't rate the Penn reels very highly. I personally love them. I totally abuse my reels, and Penn reels are notoriously easy to service. The Fierce and Battle are both pretty durable and you won't have any issues if you beat them up. The BG is probably the best value for your money in terms of user enjoyment, so it's definitely down to preference.
  14. Interested in a Fierce II 6000? I just cleaned it and replaced the bail spring and main gear. The bail arm is loose and I'm too lazy to deal with it. Might convert it to bail-less for practice, but if you want it we can strike a deal. I've beat it up for years but it still works fine.
  15. I catch a lot of white perch on Rat-L-Traps in the Silver/Blue Back color in Connecticut. Not sure how it would work this time of year but during the spring it's straight cash lol