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  1. White bucktail!
  2. Can anyone explain to me the difference between the lexa type HD and the lexa type WN? Is it just the grip or am I missing something?
  3. Of topic but I’m located in Philadelphia so I do a lot of driving considering I only fish salt these days. Any good boats within 2 hours that do tog trips that are worth it? Trying to find some locals to fish with that can teach me the ropes a bit.
  4. Seigler looks really nice I think it just might be a little more then I want to spend.
  5. What size rod would you recommend pairing it with?
  6. What size saltist?
  7. That’s a beast! I’ll have to check it out. Any experience with reels without the levelwind?
  8. My jig set up from the rocks right now is a shimano trevala with a daiwa bg and it does just fine. Always have used baitcasters in the freshwater world but I wanted to try the conventional route for the salt. What’s the max drag on the lexa?
  9. Hi all first time posting on the bottom fishing forum. I’m looking to get a good tog set up for fishing the jetties and the occasional boat trip. Is there and rod reel combo that can handle lighter weights like 1oz upto the higher ones needed for that boat? edit: trying to keep the whole combo under $500
  10. Looking for a good blackfish rod for the jetties and the occasional boat trip. Anything that can handle 1oz upto the big boys for the boat?
  11. Awesome! Definitely going to be throwing small soft plastics and hopefully go out front for some larger fish.
  12. Awesome! I will definitely check that out. We have a place right in the backbay so I’m going to try there too.
  13. Not intentionally but yes haha. Just want to get out of the city for a bit, but not going to lie it’s gonna be pretty awesome to see some cars.
  14. South Philadelphia!!!!!
  15. Hey all, going down to OCMD this upcoming weekend 17th -19th and I’m looking to do a little saltwater fishing. Place we are staying at is right on the bay , but besides the obvious of fishing the bay I was wondering if anyone knew some areas to check out. Targeting any saltwater species from the shore/jetties/sods. Let me know!