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    From Philadelphia, PA trying to fish and meet new people and learn as much as I can. Catch and release always.
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    Fishing (obviously) , sporting clays, and reading about anything and everything.
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  1. Awesome! Definitely going to be throwing small soft plastics and hopefully go out front for some larger fish.
  2. Awesome! I will definitely check that out. We have a place right in the backbay so I’m going to try there too.
  3. Not intentionally but yes haha. Just want to get out of the city for a bit, but not going to lie it’s gonna be pretty awesome to see some cars.
  4. South Philadelphia!!!!!
  5. Hey all, going down to OCMD this upcoming weekend 17th -19th and I’m looking to do a little saltwater fishing. Place we are staying at is right on the bay , but besides the obvious of fishing the bay I was wondering if anyone knew some areas to check out. Targeting any saltwater species from the shore/jetties/sods. Let me know!
  6. Just gotta look in the right places plenty of em.
  7. We should and get a PA fishing meet up sometime. Would be cool to talk to other anglers and put faces to names.
  8. Oh man shows how much I know hahah
  9. I got a few good snakehead spots right outside of Philadelphia. Definitely an underrated fish. I mean who doesn’t love a topwater explosion?
  10. Pretty close to French creek state park? Ever so much fishing out there?
  11. Got a spinfisher vi bailess and a slammer 3 4500 at about the same time. I sold the spinfisher soon after. I love then slammer 3 it’s a beast of a reel even at that size. Just landed my PB bass on it. I’d go with the slammer 3 you will not be disappointed.
  12. Bahahahaha you got it. That’s my holy crap this fish is huge face.
  13. Been fishing the Delaware catching smaller bass while they make their run. Hit the Chesapeake and caught my PB striper at 40 lbs so that was pretty awesome. Haven’t done much besides striper fishing this year though.
  14. Nice!! I definitely need to do some more urban angling. There are definitely some secret gems in the area. Well anytime you want to hit the surf or a jetty let me know! Always down to fish meet new people!
  15. That’s that’s my good right there 13th and wolf. Yea so far this site is awesome lots of tips and whatnot you just have to read and ask questions. Thanks man and good luck to you too.