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  1. Heading out to montauk this weekend to finally get out for some fluke fishing and wanted to see how some of you guys approach fluke fishing when the water is cold early in the season. Bucktails with gulp definitely still produce but was wondering with the water still on the colder side do some of you use bait and have more success then bucktailing?
  2. I have a spinfisher vi 4500 and used it for the first time surf fishing yesterday, and it handled multiple blue fish upwards of 10lbs easily and really enjoyed fishing it. If you shop around you can find spinfisher vi 4500 for around $120.
  3. Interested in the just the blackhole if your willing to split.
  4. I own the Diawa Ballistic LT, Stradic FL and Spinfisher VI all 4k size besides the spinfisher think its 4500 and how they are listed above is how id rank them. If I plan on the reel seeing more then a little spray i grab the spinfisher just in case.
  5. Update, just looking for a 9ft or 9'6ft surf rod used for lighter plugs to pair with 4500 sized reel. Located in central Nassau County and would be willing to drive a reasonable distance or pay for shipping. Looking to spend around $200. Thanks!
  6. If you decide to change your mind please let me know, thanks
  7. Price on Ballistic shipped? Pics available?
  8. Sorry for the late response, going to hold out for a little see what else pops up. GLWS!
  9. if this doesn't go to stripbandit let me know, i could be interested upon inspection. Offer $300 picked up in the Stamford, CT.
  10. Interested in the Lami but seeing your location I'm going to see if I can find anything closer first. GLWS!
  11. Interested in the Mojo and both the conflict and Slammer, any pictures? I see your in NYC, where exactly?
  12. With everything going on I doubt ill be doing much boat fishing so for the past month I've been getting back into surf fishing a little more with some very outdated gear. Was planning on getting a new set up locally but all tackle shops by me appear to be closed so I figured I'd see what people on here have available. With that said I'm looking for gear to be in new condition or very close to that, looking for the following; 9-10 ft rod used for lighter plugs; Sp minnows etc. 4500-5000 sized spinning reel, Spinfisher VI in particular but open to others. Ideally would like to meet in person for this transaction if possible, but with social distancing in affect pictures may do if i feel comfortable with what is shown. Located in central Nassau County and would be willing to drive a reasonable distance or pay for shipping. Looking to spend anywhere from $300-$350. If any boat guys are looking to trade I have boat rods available for trade will look over what I have and provide a list shortly.
  13. Do you think throwing 2oz would be overkill? Plan on using the rod more for schoolies then albies.
  14. I have a few rods that I use for BSB that i'd be willing to trade. Before I take a look at what I have, would a 4k stradic balance well on the suzuki and what is the max weight that blank can comfortably throw?
  15. Anyone got a nice pair of boot foot waders they'd recommend? Just started getting into surf fishing and think it's time I make an invest in a decent pair of waders. Only problem i'm seeing is finding one that'll fit my build as im rather tall around 6'4. I'm thinking id like to spend around $150 at max but all recommendations are welcome. Thanks in advance and hope everyone is staying safe.