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  1. I looked at the slow pitch models but the rods weren't fast enough for my liking, I took a trip out to Whitewater and they had the Centaur Constellation "light jigging" model which I believe is a much better bucktailing rod, Id say its comparable to a trevala S but 20 dollars cheaper. I'll send you a picture of the model once i get home, its a crazy looking rod seeing the blank is a bright yellow.
  2. I'm currently using a calcutta 250, I believe 10lb braid shouldn't be an issue with that reel. I do have a smaller baitcaster like a curado that I could fall back on but I prefer the calcutta.
  3. Drop your braid to 10lb of even 8lb on your spinning reel, just make sure your drag is set accordingly. I also don't use a teaser while using spinning gear as it just creates more drag. That Nexus and rod geeks are kinda heavy for the application, I'm using a Centaur Constellation UL light jigging rod its rated 15lb-30lb braid and have fished Montauk with 2-4oz with the rod. Up current casting is key and also using the setup at the right time of the tide. This set up will go untouched most of the day but when slack tide is approaching or wind vs tide is preventing a good drift its my go to set up.
  4. Thanks Topwater, I'm currently running 15lb braid but would like to try 10lb and see if it helps get lighter jigs down to the bottom, I really like the pole but don't like to use jigs heavier then 3oz-4oz with it as i feel it affects the action I can get on the jig.
  5. Is there a disadvantage in using line that has a thinner diameter then your fishing rod recommends? For example my fluke pole is rated 1.5-3.0 PE which in terms of line diameter is roughly .20mm-.28mm, if I wanted to fish braid with a diameter of say .15mm would it affect the rods performance?
  6. I wear a suit most days to work and wear sneakers while commuting and even in the office as long as I don't have client meetings/meetings with upper management. Times are changing and some financial institutions are even allowing bankers to ditch suits and go business casual.
  7. I always carry a spinning rod with 10lb braid for fluking, when the drift slows this rod becomes my weapon of choice as i can cast up current and work the jig back to the boat. Currently fishing a Centaur Constellation UL with a 3k Spinner straight to the jig/bucktail w/o a teaser.
  8. Hey Abby, I have an SGN and love it, I have it on a black hole charter special MH rated 3-8oz and 20-40lb braid. Rod is a good quality rod w/o breaking the bank. Whats funny is I originally had it on a tsunami slow pitch XH as well, while the tsunami worked well the Black Hole has a much better feel. I used the set up for blackfish and even heavy bottom fishing and couldn't be happier.
  9. I use it primarily diamond jigging for stripers and an occasional bucktail for fluke and seabass. I’ve used diamond jigs and bucktails up to 5-6oz range and haven’t had a problem. Can’t speak to using 12oz with an 843, don’t think the rod would perform well under that much load. If you plan on using 12oz a larger baitcaster like a tranx 300 is your best bet but be weary using that much lead with a baitcaster.
  10. I have an 843 and have it paired up with an abu revo inshore which is about the size of the daiwa coastal maybe slightly smaller and I love the combo, really comfortable to fish and have yet to have an issue.
  11. Will a split rear grip option be available?
  12. Interested in the Trevala, where on long island are you located?
  13. Ill take them for 24 if cweed is no longer interested
  14. Purchased it this winter, used once in montauk this season. I'm unable to take pictures now but will send you some later once I'm home.
  15. I have a Blackhole 7'3 charter special plus cash your way if you'd be interested? I'm in Nassau and could meet up this weekend possibly.