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  1. Offer $180 cash picked up local can meet later today if interested.
  2. Once I open the pack I dump all my gulp into one large container. I use a large leakproof container I think its made by Plano but not exactly sure as I purchased it years ago. No complaints and what I really like is that I can grab which ever piece I want easily w/o having to dig around a smaller container and I can drop my whole rig back in the gulp juice whenever needed. Similar to the one seen below.
  3. I tried Cortland Master Braid this past season for fluke and shallow tog jigging and I thought it performed well. I'm only fishing 10lb so I cant speak to the heavier lines but I had no issues.
  4. If the sale to MTL falls through I'd offer a black seigler SGN used once and cash on my end. I have the the bag the reel came with and reel is in like new condition. I will post pictures if you like just let me know.
  5. I use an old Graphite USA (United Composites former name I believe) rod which was given to me by dad, and it puts a hurting on bottom dwellers and wouldn't change a thing about it. I can't speak to the newer models unfortunately.
  6. If you're still interested its yours picked up by me for $85.
  7. Confirmed ill be in Northern NJ Saturday specifically the Marlboro area. Please let me know if you'd like to go through with the purchase and I will bring the rod with me and we can settle on a spot to meet. I found the rod sleeve as well.
  8. I actually think I will be in Northern Jersey the next two weekends helping family move in, I believe it's Marlboro/Manalapan area. I will confirm, but is that doable for you?
  9. Bump for a nice light spinner for early season stripers!
  10. Works for me, sold to Nicknotsebastian. PM incoming for pick up details.
  11. I'd consider a trade i don't need any rods or reels but id be willing to trade the rod for a decent haul of bucktails, jig heads, diamond jigs, soft plastics and other assorted lures i could use for fluke and striped bass. As for shipping id have to check if i have any pvc laying around and what shipping would cost. I haven't shipped a rod in years so let me get you what that would cost.
  12. If you're willing to come to me I can do $60. I'm in Mineola just let me know. If you want to meet in a place convenient for the both of us how about $70?