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  2. Hi guys, In the market for a 2500 size spinning reel to handle most if not all of my light inshore fishing and came across a Clash at a really good price. My only experience with penn is with conventional reels and have gone with Shimano or Daiwa mostly when it comes spinning reels. Has anyone had any negative experiences with the Clash that I should be made aware about? Thanks in advance
  3. thank you Ksong!
  4. Ksong a little off topic but I'm in the market for a deep water fluke rod and have been looking at the charter special line of rods in particular the C-73MH model . Do you think the rod would fit that application nicely?
  5. Has anyone had a chance to check out the Tsunami Forged 8? It looks like it has some decent specs and was wondering if anyone on here has any experience fishing the bigger sizes which I believe are the 10 & 12? The price on the reel also seems to be very reasonable, I believe it's around $170 which is less then other reels in it's class just based on its specs.
  6. Buddy of mine had an issue this past summer with the thumb bar. He loved it before the problem occurred but has since moved onto a bv300. I saw him pull up everything from 10lbs blackfish to 40lbs bass with that maxel though seemed liked a very versatile reel.
  7. Thank you for the review Faithless, i'm in the market for a 2500 size reel and was considering the SS VI. Looks like i need to look into a couple more reels in that size.
  8. Was contemplating this in the 2K size or a 2500 BG and it looks like I'll be getting another BG to the collection.
  9. I agree with Mitchell, diameter would make things so much easier!!
  10. I picked up a lami black inshore spinning rod last season and it's becoming my go to light tackle set up. Have a 2500 size reel and this thing catches just about anything, able to throw small deadly dicks at Albies, cast 1/2oz bucktails from the beach and even vertically jig up to 2oz bucktails. The model I have is the B7320S specs are below. B7320S 7’3” 1 12-20 3⁄8-1 Fast Med/Hvy
  11. I'm in!
  12. Anyone get their hands on the new super slick? They have a new color called Onyx which looks like it would look awesome on a blacked out rod and and reel combo.
  13. Both look awesome! Love the color combo with the rod and Accurate. But I wanted to ask you how do you like the CE700L? I'm in the market for a custom fluke rod and have been trying to decide between the Challenger Elite and the Gusa line from UC.
  14. Thanks everyone, anyone try the nexus series of rods from jigging world? They appear to be similar to the slow pitch with a slightly faster action. I currently have the tsunami slow pitch rod and just looking for a rod that has a faster tip.
  15. Bump