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  1. The Graveyard Shift, Don't I know it. Luckily my fishing spots are nearly all sandy bottomed. And I never go fishing without my headlamp and wading staff!
  2. The Graveyard Shift, Thanks for the insight! When I think about the places where this rod will be used they all seem to meet your recommendations. Estuaries and tidal outflows will often have soft sloping shores and plenty of room to maneuver. As much as I would love to take this rod down to the rocky structure in Newport, a big-stick (perhaps made of fiberglass) is probably a smarter option. As for steelhead, I'd be happy just to get my first tap! As always, tight lines. -Sam
  3. Well Steve, at $75 I can't help but give it a shot. If all fails I can take it to the Farmington and swing streamers for hungry browns. Though I have a feeling this 6 weight will work well on the estuaries and tidal outflows that I call home. I'll let you know how it all pans out on the blog. Till then, tight lines! -Sam
  4. I've been wanting to get into the two-handed striper game a for a while now, but have been waiting for a good deal on a rod (and a reason to justify another "arrow" in the quiver). Having spent 3.5 years at Syracuse University in ignorance of my proximity to the Salmon River, a trip to DSR in the fall all but ensured that my new years resolution was to get out and chase some steel on the weekends--thus providing the perfect "excuse" to invest in a two-hander. And the stars must be aligning because I recently came across a great deal on a used 10'6 6 weight switch rod. My only reservation: will this be enough rod to do the kind of fishing you and I are so fond of? Flatwings, greased line swings, stripers from shore, and with a little luck...a steelhead! Your tales of fish landed on a single hand 6 weight are encouraging, and I think a 6 weight switch even more make for a more powerful fighting rod. Of course a rod is but only a stick, the effectiveness of which is the responsibility of the angler, but am I right in my thinking? Would such a rod make for a fun foray into two-handed fishing for our beloved salmo and saxatilis?
  5. Hi there, I've been fishing RI's East Baby for 7 years now and do a lot of my fishing in Barrington and Bristol. I'm currently in my senior year at Syracuse University, but would love to connect with your son come May.