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  1. Excellent rod. Ended up buying 3 of them for my Stradics.
  2. I though that they had a 500 limit. They did have a limit last year. Maybe it was more, but they were sold out when I tried applying last year.
  3. Just my review. I've had my BKC 13' for a year now and and thoroughly satisfied. The only problem I had was a clip holding the foot pedal to the kayak broke and was immediately replaced with several extras by the company. I haven't had any leakage yet other than a normal spray. Like I said, just my review and experience to date.
  4. Wow, a beauty!
  5. Gotta disagree that Bruce has done a lot for vets, disabled or the military in general. He does have access to a microphone and that allows him to give the illusion that he does. So no, in my 43 years with the military I haven't seen anything he's done beneficial. He does back the liberal side which is in favor of cutting military spending, which in turn affects the individual sailor and soldier, and their families. That's what I've seen from the inside looking out.
  6. Here you go. MWR Pier Fishing is open beginning March 1, 2021 (until December 10, 2021) to the following groups: • Active Duty personnel • Reservists • Retired military • DoD (Department of Defense) civilian employees, NWS Earle personnel only • Federal civilian employees who have retired from NWS Earle (must have a Retired Civilian ID Card) • Full-time government contractor employees (Must be assigned to NWS Earle as a primary job, with restricted area access to the pier. Contractor employees will be allowed to fish after United States Citizenship is proven and passing of the vetting process.) • Crew members of visiting ships • Individuals with a valid Teslin ID Card • Spouses of Active Duty military personnel assigned to NWS Earle Fishermen are entitled to escort immediate family members (spouses, dependents, grandchildren under 18) at no additional charge. Fishermen are also permitted one (1) authorized guest for the season; guest fishermen must pass the vetting process prior to the processing of the fishing application. Fishing passes are $50.00 for the season; however, there is no fee for Active Duty personnel, reservists, and crewmembers of visiting ships. Fishermen who purchased fishing passes in March of 2020 but were unable to use them due to COVID-19 mitigations will be permitted to get a fishing pass for 2021 at no additional cost. NWSE continues to monitor the COVID situation and if fishing patrons are deemed a risk to the health of the installation their fishing privilege will be suspended. All patrons are required to maintain CDC mitigations at all times. To apply for your fishing pass, please come by the MWR Main Counter at BLDG C-29, Monday – Friday, 0830 – 1500. If you have any questions, please contact the Navy Getaways Office at 732-866-2448.
  7. Naval Weapons Station Earle pier will be opening back up to those who are eligible. Monday 1 Mar starts sign up.
  8. I have two places, One on the water and another a 40 miles away and 1/8 mile from ocean too, so in my obsession, I have to have the same exact gear in each house. That means double the cost. I get the eye roll from the wife a lot.
  9. Why do I think the 0.02 BA content is not reflecting the truth. Maybe it was the NY Daily News, IDK. Reports saying he had a bottle of tequila that was empty and he told the officer he took 2 shots. Glassy eyed and swaying when he was instructed to walk, he took 45 steps and not the 18 he was instructed to. That must have been a bottle of water with some mouthwash in it.
  10. Then Jeep grabbed the right alcoholic for their ad.
  11. Maybe it was his acting!
  12. SALTX 4000 is a good fit! Also a Stradic FL 5000 is a nice reel.
  13. Yup, that beer could be in a holder on your waist instead . I just invested in a SALTX 4000 which has a bailess convert, which I plan to do. I do like bailess, but I also like bails, both manual and auto. The more weapons the better.
  14. I have the Spinfisher VI and 706Z. I like both and them. Depending on what type of fishing you do the most. The 706Z is big and a little bulky, so if you're fishing snappers in the bay, it would be too much. The Spinfisher VI is smaller and narrower. I can use it at the surf if I want and I can use it for throwing plugs in the bay. So to me the Spinfisher VI more versatile.
  15. Ah, City Island in the Bronx. Great memories fishing there as a kid! Stepping Stone and Execution Lighthouses.