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  1. I think this'll make it's way to PG pretty fast, but for what it's worth I think that there needs to be a change in the way police interact with the public and how they're held accountable for those interactions. However, I don't think beating up on other "little guys" like local businesses is going to do anything except polarize those who may be on the fence against the cause. I had always thought of SOL as pretty conservative, so I'm interested in hearing other opinions
  2. Could probably zip tie a length of surgical tubing over the head and fish them for a while longer
  3. do the breakway cannons hold up to heavy stuff like 6-8 oz jigs?
  4. seems like a long way from home. I can't see why they wouldn't be fine in the salt unless it's particularly rough on their skin. Can't imagine it'll have a good time in rough surf though.
  5. Appreciate the detail, I should have some in the basement I'll have to check
  6. No sign of blues in Welfleet but plenty of schoolies and a few near keepers at 24" today. Hope you guys are weathering the quarantine well, got buzzed by boaters 3 times today I'm not sure what inspires someone to blow by 100 yards from a guy up to his chest throwing up wake.
  7. It's wood. I rethought trying to seal it tonight because I fished it today and want to make sure it dries fully before I try any sealing. I'll try polyurethane and epoxy or hard as nails in a few days when I'm sure I get all the moisture out.
  8. Thanks guys I'll try sealing it tonight with superglue
  9. Noticed this when I was cleaning up after a trip, what's the best way to nip this in the bud? If I wanna reseal it or epoxy over it do I need to rough up the existing coating with sandpaper to get a good bond?
  10. I think it's concerning that they haven't made a statement yet. I'm not a fan of commercial guys but it's kind of scummy to wait until the last minute this is their livelihood after all.
  11. For spinning I used an aquaskinz for a while but made a painful mistake in allowing my braid to slide off of my finger instead of getting a clean release which caused the braid to saw right through and into my finger. Lately I've used gauze tape under a cloth work glove.
  12. 108-3 with a Spinfisher 4500 spooled with 20 lb suffix. Absolute joy fish anything up to about 1 oz, though do yourself a favor and have it re-wrapped with singles the difference is night and day.
  13. I see your point, it would be better to educate them without having to bring the law into it.
  14. As much as I'd like to trust everyone to know the responsible way to handle fish, I can't. I don't like having a law for this and a law for that any more than the next guy but it's a shared resource and the guy next to me killing fish for glory shots on social media is cutting into my fishing as well as everyone else's, not to mention the next generation's enjoyment of the resource. The folks who do this aren't sitting there laughing and congratulating themselves for killing fish needlessly, a lot of them just don't know any better or are just apathetic and if no one says anything to them they'll never change.
  15. It should be common sense not to hold a fish bound for C&R out of the water, especially a large specimen since their bodys can't always support themselves out of water. I'd like to see the same laws in place for striped bass, it would be a big step towards minimizing floaters after a 2 minute photoshoot up on the rocks. Unfortunately we do need common sense laws like this that cater to the lowest common denominator since not everyone is playing with a full deck. Edit: Re-reading this, I wanted to clarify that this isn't a personal attack and the full deck comment was directed at those who are mishandling these fish