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  1. I'm sure you don't get to 100 years old being a delicate fish, especially in the Detroit River. That being said, it's dissapointing that they even took a fish of that size out of the water.
  2. very cool! I've been to some restaurants in Ogunquit that have a deck over the water where I see fat stripers milling around.
  3. good luck! I've considered it but I decided to hold out and see if the technology improves. Definitely didn't read a few horror stories and spook myself out of it, no way!
  4. For those using inshore gear, or brighter braid do you use a longer than typical mono leader? Are these fish more prone to spooking than stripers? I've got my inshore rod spooled with 15 lb chartreuse suffix and I don't wanna spook the fish.
  5. I agree, I'm gonna wait and go later this week if it warms up. How was the circus this morning to anyone who attended?
  6. Sounds like a good way to lose it to a blue as well
  7. Pretty sure they're Hurleys
  8. Anyone have Grundens? I wanted something that I could change out of for the drive home but still wade in a bit to revive fish and move around the shoreline. db_boot_5.webp
  9. Great story, reminds me of how my father used to take me ice fishing. After we set up all the tip ups I would walk around the edge of the lake with a long branch knocking lures out of the trees. Found lures always have the most mojo!
  10. In that price range you can definitely get a used Saragosa in good shape. I have a Tica TC2 10' rated 2-8 and I've been pretty happy with it's preformance as a jigging stick.
  11. Is softer lead at all more prone to having the paint chip? From being softer and more prone to denting will paint crack off easier?
  12. How are the hooks on those?
  13. Another vote for Casting into the Light
  14. Got all the usual suspects lined up, singles absolutely have a lower hookup rate but (hopefully) there will always be another schoolie if I miss a few connections.
  15. I've flown several times with a travel rod in my carry-on, no problems. Typically I bring a backpack, I put the end of the tube into one of the bottle pockets at the bottom of the pack and I have a short length of paracord and a carabiner near the top to strap it in.