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  1. I can't speak for custom sheath makers but I've never had a problem with the morakniv I usually carry, the stupid things indestructible and comes out of the box stupid sharp
  2. Any idea how much the big ones weigh? I know the regular ones are 1/2 oz, so I'd guess around 1.25 but it's still just a guess.
  3. I like going as light as possible, I've been using 4 lb nanofil with a flouro leader.
  4. Tsunami makes a 3/4 oz lipless in a wide profile
  5. I'm on the cusp of buying a slingshot 965 and a vr50, I've handled the rod a bit and it feels a bit shakey at 1 oz but overall sturdy.
  6. It's a fine rod I found that 1 oz was pushing it, since I think it's only rated to 3/4. I was able to throw elias shads on a 1 oz head but that was a serious lob and I wasn't happy about it. The reel seat came loose on mine as well, but I'm assuming that's a lemon and not a trait of the battle line of rods.
  7. Sounds sweet, I just got my hands on a 108-3 this winter and I haven't got a chance to take it out yet but I'm already eyeing my friends Slingshot 965, it looks like a sweet.rod at a fraction of the weight of a lamiglas
  8. Move down to the Buy/Sell/Trade forum and you'll have more luck. A mod will probably move this thread down there anyways.
  9. think you might be in the wrong spot, friend.
  10. Where would it even be safe to park and sleep in your car without getting bounced out by police? Will they kick you out of the rest area lots?
  11. I'll take this, I'm working but I'll pm you later tonight
  12. Everything listed already has been great, but my go-to lure is by far the rebel f49 minnow. They used to make them in all sorts of holo colors but now they only do a few. Joeflies are also amazing, as are 1/10 oz kastmasters and other small spoons.
  13. How much do the FJR's weigh?
  14. I wouldn't take less than $300 and even that's probably lowballing, that'd a gorgeous collection and I see a lot of wood there.
  15. I got some of them at the basspro in Foxborough