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  1. you're the kind of terrorist who goes around blinding people with LEDs at the canal, aren't you? I got a Nitecore HC65, I like the usb rechargeable battery and it has white and red lights at the push of a button.
  2. Alright, thanks. I'll do some shopping around and look at tensile strength. I'm not sure if I'll use fabric for the "hairs" or maybe small diameter black surgical tubing.
  3. Has anyone here tried making these things? I'm not even sure where to start but from what I can find the chain is either window weight or toilet flapper.
  4. Couple of my favorite sunset pics on the cape.
  5. I was considering getting a 4500 for my 1083, the old battle 2 is getting pretty beat up.
  6. Other than these videos is there any material on the line lay? Bad lay is really the only thing scaring me away from buying a vs, so this might be just what I want
  7. man that is a really meaty thunk it makes. Line lay looks really nice too.
  8. Any news on the bail? One thing I don't like about the Shields is how mushy the bail feels when it's fully opened, as compared to a shimano or a vs that has a nice click.
  9. I haven't been able to get away from work lately for canal trips, so I've been trying to find more local spots to scratch the striper itch. Anyone have any insight on how far upstream the stripers can get? I was planning on trying somewhere near the boat locks or the alford st. bridge. I know they're anadromous and they move upriver to spawn, but this time of year is it even worth my time? Maybe more luck at castle island?
  10. I can do 30 cash if we meet somewhere halfway, send me a pm with your availability.
  11. Seems like an exaggerated scare tactic, but that might be what we need to get the uneducated or apathetic masses to care.
  12. Not sure which rebel these are, but I picked these up from an certain auction site, 3/4 oz and ~4.5 inches. Hoping they throw well on my 1083.
  13. When would yoy use tin jigs over lead? When you want a larger profile with a smaller weight?
  14. Yeah I could prob go down to 160.
  15. Are you planning on casting or trolling those things? I might try them on my canal rod but I don't think I have anything else heavy enough for 5.5 ounces,