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  1. It always amazes me how bluegills get 2 or more trebels into their tiny mouths so consistently. I'd fish joeflys more if unhooking wasn't such a pain.
  2. I'm glad something is being done but it's a shame that it had to be like this. A few bad eggs and we're all getting treated like naughty children now.
  3. People are always going to be inconsiderate and ignorant no matter what rules we impose on them. Regulating them only imposes the same shackles on us with no tangible benefits. As an aside I'm not digging this aggressive capslock posting, scoob is a great guy and contributes tons to any discussions he participates in.
  4. I don't see the issue. It can be frustrating when anglers nearby don't use discretion with white lights but if something happens like a fall or a bad hook injury I want to be able to see everything in my surroundings in absolute clarity. I use a headlamp with a red filter for minor stuff like tying rigs and unhooking fish if I really need it but packing a high lumem light for emergencies makes me feel a lot better about climbing around on slippery rocks solo
  5. Sweetwater posted about the light casting rod they built a while back, might be up your alley.
  6. I'll pick these up then, please.
  7. I was gonna say I don't wanna cut reed out of the deal
  8. I'll take the lot at 50 if reed passes
  9. I'll take these please, I'll shoot you a pm later tonight
  10. I was down there last night, wasn't a zoo like that area 51 pic but there were plenty of people out. Seems everyone has a handheld LED foglight these days and has no qualms about shining them down onto anglers from the service road
  11. Don't tell anyone but the starfish blitz is coming on hot and heavy. Hope I'm not burning anyones spot
  12. Maybe Nomad, but results are hazy. I also saw a little buzz around Strike Pro Patrons' when I did some searching which is what sparked my interest in the GT demographic of lures.
  13. You're right, but when they start making tungsten heads in the 4-6 oz range that don't require a morgage I'll switch over fully. As it stands <1 oz. Lead heads are illegal in MA, aren't they?
  14. Anyone tried these? I saw them while at BPS and I've always wondered about using stickbaits and plugs designed for GT and pelagics in the ditch, since heavy duty hardware is valued at such a premium. A quick search on here only turns up a few passing mentions. I would have grabbed one but the biggest hurdle is the 34.99 price tag, that's almost 2 stick shadds!
  15. I'd probably opt for the front for most of the weight, and only a little in the tail. I wouldn't want to dampen the tail's free swinging movement