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  1. Man I just got a 4000 FK last month
  2. I'll take bottom, I'll pm you details later tonight. Out of curiosity does the hook type indicate when the plug was made or do you fit them with hooks?
  3. I don't think I've ever seen someone try to fly fish the canal, best of luck!
  4. Has anyone handled both the new BH Striped Bass Special and the 1265? I understand that Slingshots are fairly moderate, right?
  5. Is this marty's alt account or what?
  6. Great lure, I fill mine with mineral oil since when I when in to BPS to buy lead shot they wouldnt sell it to me without a FID card
  7. So are pikies up next? I'll be watching.
  8. Something little llie laws never stopped criminals. I'd hate to be the EPO who has to prove who caught what fish beyond reasonable doubt.
  9. I don't think fheres anything wrong with giving a fish away to family or friends, however I think it's immoral to catch a keeper, give it away and continue fishing for one for yourself.
  10. My biggest concern with dam removal is heavy metals in the sediment. A mill dam that was established over a hundred years ago accumulates a lot of fine sediment which is disasterous when released. Hopefully they can circumvent the issue with dredging before they bring out the dynamite
  11. Never had any trouble with suffix 832, so I haven't tried anything else. Might try jbraid if I need to respool this summer.
  12. I wouldn't go above 6# test I'm currently using 4 lb nanofil and a 4 lb flouro leader.
  13. I consider it to be 1/16th and below
  14. No problems here
  15. I was having trouble with 3/4 and 1/2 oz bucktails but i'm sure my casting technique leaves much to be desired so ymmv.