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  1. The first seals I saw along the beaches over the past week or so were on a day when there were shad showing. Could be coincidence, but I’d bet seals eat shad.
  2. Thanks all, and thanks for the quick fix suggestion flyrad10. Gannets are already over head here in Rhode Island and air temp was 34 F on the beach today, but I've seen bass seasons continue here into December. Either way, looks like I'll be doing without the TH option until I can build another one this winter. J.
  3. Friends, Last spring on Cape Cod, some of you saw my version of Redgreen’s PacBay 13’ build. Consensus seemed to be that I had done a decent job with the build, thanks in large part to guidance and advice from Mike Oliver and Redgreen. So, last night, after catching stripers on a Rhode Island beach under a 12-14 knot breeze in the forward quarter of my casting side, I was cruising home on US1, and began scheming for some time off of work to hit what I’ve been preparing for all along: wetsuit fishing a November run of decent stripers and gator blues. At that moment, i looked up through my windshield and noticed my rod WAS NOT THERE ON THE ROOF RACK! Yes, folks, I put it on the rack but neglected to strap it down. After much searching, it’s gone, totally gone, reel, custom line, and all. I am not the sort who owns five versions of every piece of fishing gear, so this is a real bummer. I am back to the SH 9 wt that caused 8 months of elbow problems for me last year. Damn ! Damn ! Moving on and getting to the point, I’ll be bugging those who will listen once again for tips and advice on another painstaking build, if I can find the time and stomach the thought of doing it again. J.
  4. Will try to follow this advice now that I know I am a space cat. In any case, sorry to clog the airwaves with this screw up. I had just gotten to where I could sling 735 line wgt confidently in 12-14 knot side winds, so it’s a bummer to be suddenly out of commission.
  5. After much tossing and turning, I now recall putting it in the cradle but didn’t tie it down. I travelled directly to route 1 North.
  6. Thanks Castafly. I had been at Blue Shutters, and then home to Wakefield. I scoured the lot and roads last night and this morning and am also giving my contact info to the bait shops in Charlestown and SK so it can be turned in anonymously if needed.
  7. Lost fly rod, SOCO beach: After catching a few stripers in the surf this evening (Monday), I left my 13' two-hand fly rod at a SOCO beach parking lot or forgot to strap it down on my roof rack. I built this rod last winter and it is as precious to me as it is irreplaceable commercially, so please let me know if you hear of such a rod being found. It is black with no markings, has a 16" upper handle and a 7" lower handle with alternating composite and natural cork rings, and is completely unmistakeable. Thank you, J.
  8. The reason prisons are filled with minorities is because cops and jurors think the way you do. Please do not embarrass the good people on this forum with your hate speech.
  9. Seems like a drop in the tip during the drift would be a problem when combined with line feed on the back cast, in theory. One thing for sure that I discovered last night: wading up to my navel in the dark brings back my bad arm flailing habits and makes drift difficult.
  10. I am reluctant t chime in because I’ve only been on the TH for about a year, and I’ve been overseas for three weeks, but here is my experience thus far. I started with the same CND 11’ TH rod that Greg mentioned. I love it, but had trouble with it in rough conditions (i.e., surf and wind). Could be my crappy technique and I don’t know the loop jargon, so I won’t try to analyze it here. However, with advice from Red and Mike, I built a version of Red’s 13’ “pac bay mod” last winter. With a few minutes of casting instruction from Mike, Red, and Dan, I am now doing WAY better in rough conditions. I now use only the 9’ and the 13’ and I am able to fly fish more area more often than before. That was the whole point for me. JfromRI
  11. Red- I think I got my collapsible life vest for under 100 bucks, but I wouldn't recommend the auto inflating ones for wading on splashy beaches.
  12. Good to hear that, Mike.
  13. Wait, what? Fishing in circumstances where occasional participation in rescues is expected? Those days are over for me. If that weren't the case, I'd still be rock hopping in the dark with home made Danny plugs.
  14. Thanks HT for the encouragement about the Cape and for reminding me about 02807Fish. I plan to PM him when I finish building this rod. As for inflatable vests, I wear an auto-inflating one when fishing on rocks, mainly because what kills people is when they get knocked unconscious on the way down. For years, the guys I see tell me how smart I am for doing this, but they never do it themselves. We lose people every year here, mostly off the rocks. I also wear a gasketted surf top and a tight surf belt to minimize swamping if I go under. Since I wear stocking foots, I had to invest in good waders with good gravel guards so the boots don't turn into anchors (boot-foot waders don't work well where I fish). Of course, nothing beats fishing without all this gear when the water's warm enough. Regarding sharks, I know guys who've been fishing the Cape their whole lives who won't put a big toe in the water anymore. Here in Rhode Island, I see harbor seals on every spring and fall outing, but the great whites don't seem to follow them here as much as on the Cape, although there is an occasional sighting near Point Judith. Maybe it's just a matter of time. J.
  15. FishHawk, thanks for bringing that up. I agree that fly design is a big part of this when we start talking about distance and wind. I'm a fan of the rhody flat wings and simple deceivers but plan to work more with synthetics and bigger flies this year. I saw a bunker-like fly somewhere recently that uses weight to swim the hook with barb up like a clouser. I don't want to hi-jack this TH thread with tying discussions, but if anyone can point me to creative bunker ideas or other forum threads I'd be grateful. J.