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  1. I'm putting together a striper setup for surf fishing along the San Francisco and San Mateo Coast. What pound braid are you guys are using? I was planning on using 20 lbs braid but was told that anything under 30 lbs will end up digging into itself if I hookup on a large striper. Is this really an issue? Besides abrasion resistance, what are the benefits of using a heavier braid? I plan to throw between .75 - 3 oz lures and will be running 15' of 15-20 lbs shock leader.
  2. What yakscientist said is pretty much spot on. The Passport only has 0.6" inches more of ground clearance, so not that much of a difference. Tire pressure will likely make more of a difference than having A/T tires.
  3. I have the older Trifecta that would throw up to an ounce decently. Most of the steelhead rods I looked at didn't throw up to 2oz. At around $200 you might want to take a look at the Black Hole Suzuki Special 10'. It throws 0.5 to 2oz and has a shorter rear grip. I have the 9'6" version (0.75-3oz) and initial impressions are that it casts 1.5oz pretty well and is light weight. The guide frames don't look to be the best quality, but as long as it doesn't rust I'll be happy.
  4. What would be considered "SW" features?
  5. Phenix Trifecta (discontinued I think) is a little over $150, but a very nice rod. For $100 you can get an Okuma Rockaway. The Rockaway has a longer rear handle section than the Phenix and will handle more weight. The 10' 0.5 - 2oz model (really 0.5 - 1.5oz) is my Northern California surf perch rod.
  6. With perch I don't really set the hook, I just keep reeling and they hook themselves. As others have mentioned, it could be that you are getting nibbled by smaller perch. If I'm using a sliding egg sinker setup I'll run a longer hook to sinker distance, 3 - 5' if the current isn't too strong. I would get short-bit more often if I ran a shorter distance or a high/low rig.
  7. I've been using a 10' Okuma Rockaway 0.5 - 2 oz rod. Overall I like it, but I wouldn't want to cast much more than 1.5oz. Casts a 13cm 7/8oz SP minnow pretty well. The LC Flash Minnow 110 feel a little light at 5/8oz, but still casts decently. I have this paired to a Daiwa Back Bay LT 3000. The top guide has some corrosion after 2 years of use. For stripers I recently picked up a Black Hole Suzuki Special 9'6" 0.5 - 3oz. This is really a 10' rod with a shorter handle. Haven't tried casting a LC with it, but a 1.5oz Kastmaster feels pretty good. Still looking for a matching reel for this. I'm thinking a Shimano Stradic FL 5000 or a Daiwa Ballistic 4000 or 5000. Anyone have thoughts about either of these reels? Is the Ballistic 5000 too big? I plan on running 20 lbs braid. 30 lbs seems more than necessary for an open beach. For crab snaring I would definitely get another rod. As mentioned earlier, you can get a Daiwa Beefstick for around $30.
  8. Is it too late to sign up? What is still needed? I can bring a half-tray of Mac and Cheese if there is a way to re-heat it.
  9. I have two rods that I've using for perch fishing along the San Mateo coast. A Phenix Trifecta 9' 1/4 to 3/4 oz and an Okuma Rockaway 10' 1/2 to 2 oz. I've been using the Rockaway a lot more since it gives me more distance while still being lightweight and sensitive. The reel seat to rod tip length is only 5" more on the Rockaway, so it has the longer handle that you are looking for. It's also half the cost at $80. It will throw up to 1.5 oz just fine, but 2 oz is starting to push it.
  10. Hello all, First time poster, long time reader. I'm interested in getting into crab snaring from the shore (pier scene isn't my thing) around the San Francisco and San Mateo coast. It looks like there are weighted and unweighted crab snares. Which one is better? How much weight will I need? What type of rod do you recommend? Currently I have a surf perch rod, Okuma Rockaway 10' 1/2 - 2, which is under-powered for the weight of crab snares. Thanks!