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  1. @Tourstage, can you comment on the drag disc material? Carbon or Dartanium?
  2. My vote for Trini with the double dogs. I had a Salty almost go knuckle buster mode when yo-yoing yellowtail in SoCal. Felt the slip from the AR bearing then a dog kicked in, homeguard YT whipped my azz but I managed to drown it before bringing to gaff. Havent mag'd any reels before, so I cant comment on performance. However, with a little polishing on spool shaft and gear witha touch of lube, I can toss some pretty light live bait on my Trini. Aftersales support goes to Shimano IMO. In NA, you call in to speak with a Daiwa agent to order parts, for Shimano its all online.
  3. I went to the Sportmans Expo here in NorCal Sacto yesterday and today. To be frank the Lami booth was disappointing in size and variety compared to other rods manufacturers there. However, the staff there were very helpful, nice and knowledgable. Another manufacturer there had a massive booth and rods galore, but theire staff was less than helpful and didnt seem to know about there product line. Of the true Made in USA brands, I wish them all well. However, I wish they would atleast pay half the attention to end users as the other offshore makers.
  4. Okay fellas, I am stumped on this one plus my google-fu has been subpar lately. But where the heck can I find the plastic tubing material to replace the tore up ones on a Flying C? Thx!
  5. How are you planning to fish in SoCal or South? Private or party? Live bait, chunk, dropper loop? Using the rail or harness? The Torium 16 is going to be hampered with line capaciy if you run 80lb PP and the drag will be taxed if you're going to fish 80lbers, assuming 30% drag setting and with carbon washers. Fish that size usually group up with bigger tuna so there maybe hundy's around as well. That being said, in efforts to keep the meat the best eating, step one is to get them to the gaff as quickly as possible. Assuming your fishing a party boat outta SoCal, if you're in the 80lb class fish I would grab at minimum 50lb gear up to 80lb gear if they're feisty. Lots of reel options pending budget, however, my choice of SoCal offshore are all Okuma Maks in size 8 thru 30 with 60, 80, 100, 130lb hollow core staggered. Rods, thats another spectrum of options although most popular are those from Calstar, Seeker, and United Composites. As a note, a 80lb YFT can put the hurt on you fast, they're teenagers full of piss and vinegar. Go as heavy as you can and still get bit, once you turn them and corkscrew up slam the reel into high gear and get them to the gaff fast. YFT on the WC isnt much of a C&R afair, its good ole fashion meat hunt for the the table.
  6. Many thanks for the info fellas! As a member of Gear Hoe Anomynous, I am drifting back to inner hoe-dom
  7. Tagging this thread as I am in the same search. Been thinking stocking foot then wearing a KEENS for less sand build up while on the beach and still be able to slap in some boots for different conditions.
  8. Saltist is an exceptional piece in the price range along with Torium and Fathom star. However, for jigging or deeper water drops...Fathom 40N.
  9. I use NFC blanks exclusively for steelies and salmon which are the basis of EDGE rods. Having used Lami, St Croix, Talon/LCI, Rogue, Sage Gear and Rainshadow for custom builds, I for one, vote NFC/EDGE. They are as advertised IMO, light in weight, strong as they need to be and sensitive to all heck. However, I understand the need to feel in hand. I flew to Woodland to pull on them just to prove to myself they are worth the money. Good luck to your search!
  10. Shimano Clarus is my vote.
  11. Well, there's Cerakote to eliminate corrosion albeit at a cost. Clean with vinegar then some Cals grease for the cheap and easy.
  12. For boat on the salt, I use JB hollow and solid with no complaints. For fresh, TufLine XP. On the beach, still experimenting...
  13. Great build! I am a sucker for a light weight rod. BTW, what size reel seat did you use?
  14. Thx for the replies fellas!
  15. With a heavy jig you want the heavier reel to balance out as well as torque to reel in the jig and fish. Using smaller reel is more work. YMMV, good luck to your search!