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  1. I think I cracked that code.... LOL!!! Saltist Nero appears to have the Air Bail and the MS BG doesn't... Maybe.... Now, WTH is the eliminator supposed to be? I'm so confused, I guess I'll stick with Shimano... ROFL!!!
  2. I saw that on Daiwa’s JP and AU sites. Looks like a good one 4 sure, Monocoque body, LT design, BUT... appears it will only be offered in the new sizes of 2500 thru 4000, not the larger 5000 or 6000. Nice looking equipment as well!
  3. Steg, THX for the intel regarding the color on the Sol reels. I went web’n and found some “in use” photos, it is orangeish... YUCK!
  4. Yea, I agree, it only appears to be an AU reel. Another one is the TD Sol III LT, and the specks look really good, 9 + 1 (5CRBB bearings)... I think these are only for the AU - NZ market as well. The big D needs to get their act together from a make/model marketing stand point. And I thought Shimano was bad, Daiwa takes it to a new level of crazy.... JMO... I may have to pop on one or both and just see..... What to do??? LOL!!!
  5. Does anyone know with 100% certainty if this is the same reel as the Ballistic LT? Specs look the same..... The all black looks BAD A@@!
  6. I’d try a 3.5” or 4.5” floating Sebile stick shadd or a Rapala X-Rap long cast shallow 4.75” size 12 or the X-Rap Twitchin’ Minnow 4.75” size 12, same plug just about 1/4oz lighter...
  7. St Croix has a range of the SS rods. If you look at them, check out the ones they classify as H = heavy 1/2 - 2oz, 8’6” to 9’6”. I use a 9’ Legend Elite H 1/2-2oz, it’s not a wippy stick but it is a slower action rod. It cast 1 1/2oz no problem, I don’t like the way it feels with 2oz on it, but can do it. I use it for all things what I call “light action” surf fishing e.g. fluke, small bass, blues and albies. Awesome rod! Triumph = $120ish Wild River = $200ish Avid = $250ish Legend Elite = $500ish
  8. Hey BB, what has your experience been with this reel that you classify it as a “nice some what delicate reel”? Just looking for some feedback/objective evidence from other users that may be able to help me determine its longevity. Thx in advance!
  9. I just remembered, its the reel I'm using in my profile pic... LOL!
  10. I have a 2 y/o 5000 spooled with Sufix 832 20# that I fish MH inshore action with, blues, bass, reds, etc. and it has been flawless so far. It has now replaced my VS VR150 in my line-up. 100s of fish, 1000s of cast, no issues, no wind knots, no nothing except performance.
  11. THX Brian! I hope my 40years on the water and OCD towards this hobby can bring so additional information to this universe....
  12. Regarding experience, I utilize them on small plugs (line tie rings pulled off) and jig type lures for bronze bass, or whatever else wants to eat. LOL! Easy on, easy off, no issues, yet. I have not load tested them yet with any large river going "by-catch" esox tho, so the jury is still out on that one... In the pics below--- Rapala husky jerk 08 Storm chug bug 08 ZMan TRD Crawz on TroKar 1/16 oz swimbait jig head Keitech 4" Swing Impact on Mustad 1/16oz 4/0 swimsuit hook
  13. Looking to hear how this thing performs with more use than I have on it. I know it's a fairly new reel, but would like to hear from other users as I have not seen another one in play yet...
  14. They measure out as follows - 17/32"L x 3/16"W x 1mm wire T If i recall, $5.99 per bag (I bought 2, 72 clips, WTF right... LOL!) I found them at a Gander Outdoors store formerly Gander Mountain located in Johnstown, PA. I have since looked at their website and can not find any info on them. Rosco does show the on their site FWIW.. I like Rosco Terminal Tackle as well, but they need some help in their marketing department... Anyway, hope this helps!
  15. Does anyone have some serious time on one of these yet? I'v been cranking on a 5000 since September (all in the salt) and so far, so good. Typical Stella, smooth as silk mini power house...