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  1. I had a 9’ Avid and noticed the same “super fast” action, so away went... I currently have both the 9’ Legends, the Mod. Fast 1-4oz and the Mod. 3/4-4oz and they are completely different rods. The MF is all graphite and fairly fast like the Avid while the M is a blend of glass and graphite and noticeable slower. If you stay with St Croix, go with the Mod. 3/4-4, IMO it’s a much smoother action. I can say the same regarding the Mojos as my father has both the 9’ rods, ones all graphite and the other glass/graphite blend, same actions as the Legends.
  2. St Croix Avid 7’ M 3/16-5/8oz available in either one or two pc. (15 yr warranty) Shimano Stradic FL C3000 loaded with 15# Sufix 832 Done! This set-up would be good for a lot of applications and if properly cared for, last many seasons...
  3. Grumpys Reel Seat Fishing Tackle Unlimited (Houston, TX)