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  1. This… +1 I was thinking iD Buzz, but now I’ll wait on this.
  2. Didn’t we already go down this path…
  3. Had to measure… 8”w X 6.5”h X 3.5”d
  4. Thx Yog! They are Blitz bags. One has tubes and loops, the other is open. Plugs and metal go in the tube bag, the other hauls soft plastics (ZMan in their bags) and my phone, wallet and keys inside a dry bag. The pouch thing is for a rain jacket and water bottle. That is a Uncle Mike's duty belt. For a stringer I’d get one of those GearUp D-ring belt loop things and tie it off to that…
  5. Or 15th thru ∞
  6. I fish the 6’ ULF for trout and panfish, it covers 1/32 thru 1/8 great but being UL it is a tad “soft”. For your application I’d go with the 7’ LXF.
  7. Hanover PA eagle cam…
  8. No, never wanted to run the risk… Vanford 1000 is almost as lite as the Vanquish.
  9. They are solid in that regard. I have a 1000 FK spooled with 8# 832 on a 6’ St Croix Avid Lite action, never an issue….
  10. I’d never go with a 500 due to casting range going south. A 1000/C2000 is as small as I’ll go. If you want light weight just look to light weight equipment while maintaining the larger size. My primary UL set-up is a Shimano Vanquish C2000 on a St Croix Legend Elite Panfish, 6’UL, combo weighs just a lil over 7oz…
  11. What reel? It sounds like a line management issue with the reel. Not all reels like all braids equally. I have a bunch of Penns that are loaners/back-ups and they are wind knot machines with white 832, but with Fireline fused (white or black) they are flawless. My work horse UL stuff is all Shimano worm drive reels w/ white 832 and I’ve never had an issue… It may just be the reel / line combo.
  12. Here is the last pic of her…
  13. I have 4 TP SWs, (1-4K, 1-5K, 2-6K) have these on all of em…
  14. 20 years…. IMO, FWIW, the best of all the grunge guys….
  15. We need more yoga pants, yes!