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  1. It’s good to know they can respond so well for an $0.80 component but the same company will tell you to f$&k off regarding $800 waders…..
  2. This ^^^ Caution, this better sealing only applies to the SW TwinPower and Stella. (Along with Spheros & Gosa) The use of elastomeric seals on Shimano reels is a feature call X-Shield. I use a mix of SW TPs and Stellas exclusively in the surf and have had no issues with them. They get sandy, they get cleared in the water, they get dunked and spray, no issues. Spray off with fresh water once back at the car and keep on trucking. The other thing about Shimano is their North American service is second to none. I did kill a non-SW Stella using it in the surf. Sent it back to Shim for service and for $40 it came back with all new guts and good as new. Shimano SWs are a solid option for a quasi sealed reel for surf play… X Shield sealing.
  3. The heavy weights are that and fairly thick. The mids are just a lil bit thicker than a normal athletic sock. I wear them most of the time. I only wear the heavys in January, February for trout fishing.
  4. These from Danner. Heavyweight for cold winter weather, midweight for spring and fall.
  5. That’s straight out the ghetto right there…. But I guess it ain’t easy being sleazy!!! ROFL!!!!!
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