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  1. ZMan Bait LockerZ. They hold about 50 packs...
  2. I have converted all my soft stuff to ZMan for both FW and SW so there are all sorts of stuff in different sizes like grubs, craws, worms, slim SwimZ, trout tricks, frogs, TRDs, long shots, trick shots, DarterZ, ticklers, bang sticks, diesels, slop hoppers, shrimp, zinkerz, and on and on...
  3. Day one... Spent about 9 hours in em today. Felt with studs performed well, very comfortable right out of the box. Only negative (very minor) is they don’t drain as fast as my Simms Flyweights w/ felt. So when ya first climb out of the water they feel heavy until they drain. Other than that, I think they’re good to go... They were brutally priced when they first came out, but now the price is in line with all USA manufactured Danners I feel they are a solid buy. Time will tell...
  4. Na, that’s almost 30 different types of baits in over 40 different colors, I think I’m good... for now...
  5. ZMan elaztech plastic is almost indestructible.... I fish with it from time to time....
  6. I ordered one size up from my “street shoe” size. I wear an 11, purchased a 12 and they fit perfect with my “wading socks” and waders on...
  7. I’ve already had them on, fairly comfy by wading boot standards... Nice and wide and not too heavy(dry). They feel like a normal boot, not a ski boot, and I like that fact! I’ll report back after day one tomorrow night.... If they perform like my Danner work, hunting and hiking boots, they will be golden!!!
  8. I couldn’t control myself once again.... So I went and pulled the trigger on the Danner-Patagonia wading boots. Got a pair of the Patagonia Swiftcurrent wading pants as well... Why not... LOL! Anyway, I think these are it!!! Boots are typical US Danner build quality. Simms offers nothing even close to these IMO. Now we shall see... All studded up and ready for river action in the AM...
  9. + for Donnmar....... Done!
  10. Brace for impact!