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  1. What’s the thoughts on fishing this trench with a 8-9’ musky rod? Some of those are rated to 12+oz...
  2. 7’ St Croix Legend Elite M 3/16 - 5/8oz w/ Shimano Stella 3000 - 15# Sufix 832
  3. Sorry, torx, not hex...
  4. Pry out the star snapped cove with a dental pick, hex on the inside, hex on the back side. Easy...
  5. The lake is almost in my back yard! I'v been fishing it since the mid 80's and it can be tough on any given day. On the weekends and holidays the traffic is stupid crazy, a lot of boats and even more PWCs. Like stated previously, for bass, both green and bronze, the "no wake" coves will be best to focus on fishing during that time frame, but during the weekdays the main lake is not too bad. If you venture out into the main lake, focus on the flats adjacent to points, look for weed beds. Best places will be from mile marker 12 up river to 28. Standard bass gear gets it done... Keep in mind, these flats will be in proximity to the "lower, less steep hill sides". This lake gets deep fast moving away from the shore lines. Places close to the dam, like mile marker 2-3 you can be 50 yards from the shore and in over a 140' of water!!! If you have a sounder on your rig, you may be able to find some lake trout set-up in deeper water 50-80', look for "humps or submerged points". Jig'n a 1-2 oz cast master or hogy epoxy jig will work fine for this. Stripers, now this is a different game completely, trolling is the name of the game! That time of year they should be back in the lower main portion of the lake between mile marker 1 thru 13. Spring time they run up river thinking they can make babies...Silly fish! Trolling depth is 20-30' @ ~2mph, a lot of guys use live trout, I use deep running plugs 5-6" and large, heavy swim baits 6-9". I'm also planning on running some tandem mojos this year just to see.... If staying in Hesston, I'd launch at Aitch or James Creek, this will put you on the main lake at mile marker 13. Shy Beaver is another "mid/upper-lake" option and will put you on the main lake at mile marker 21ish. Hope this helps. Enjoy, have fun and be safe, She is big, deep and beautiful!!!
  6. Funny, I did the same exact thing with the same exact rod, Now it's a 7'8" Avid surf... LOL! Awesome little rod now!
  7. I was looking for that “ideal” reel (for me) two years ago for my 9’ croix legend surf, bought and fished a VS VR150, did not like it, so back to my ole reliable brand, Shimano. I picked up a TwinPower SW 5000, now the VS is a back up. (I may even dump it) Granted, it may not be “water tight” like the VR and line capy is not the same as VR but the Shimano wins for smoothness and weight. If you need more line capy, the JDM TP SW 6000 is always an option. For the same price as the VR the TP wins! IMO...
  8. This is my 6th SUV I’ve owned, 2nd VW and the best one by far. VW got this one right IMO. Everyone that has been/rode in it is like “Wow”... Roomy, flat floor w/ seats down, capable AWD system, tows (my skiff) well, what else does one need.
  9. I have a VW Atlas SEL 4Motion, 10’6” fits right up the middle, tip on the dash and butt on a “rod rack” I made for the cargo area. 11’ will fit with a slight angle. V6 MPG is. 18ish city, 25ish highway. 3rd and 2nd row seats fold flat, nice for overnighting... Runs on sand good as well...
  10. I think I cracked that code.... LOL!!! Saltist Nero appears to have the Air Bail and the MS BG doesn't... Maybe.... Now, WTH is the eliminator supposed to be? I'm so confused, I guess I'll stick with Shimano... ROFL!!!
  11. I saw that on Daiwa’s JP and AU sites. Looks like a good one 4 sure, Monocoque body, LT design, BUT... appears it will only be offered in the new sizes of 2500 thru 4000, not the larger 5000 or 6000. Nice looking equipment as well!
  12. Steg, THX for the intel regarding the color on the Sol reels. I went web’n and found some “in use” photos, it is orangeish... YUCK!
  13. Yea, I agree, it only appears to be an AU reel. Another one is the TD Sol III LT, and the specks look really good, 9 + 1 (5CRBB bearings)... I think these are only for the AU - NZ market as well. The big D needs to get their act together from a make/model marketing stand point. And I thought Shimano was bad, Daiwa takes it to a new level of crazy.... JMO... I may have to pop on one or both and just see..... What to do??? LOL!!!
  14. Does anyone know with 100% certainty if this is the same reel as the Ballistic LT? Specs look the same..... The all black looks BAD A@@!