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  1. Thanks Alex. I have a Battle 2 4000 and I love this reel, however I saw this SSV 6500 for $ 78.00 and I had to buy it hahaha It's gonna get here on 14th, can't wait to use it.
  2. Thank you Tony. I'm gonna have a look at the bail arm and at the screw.
  3. Just had a look on Penn's webpage and the SSV are on sale, 50% off. Penn SSV 6500BLS for 80 bucks. Guess I'm ordering it and delivery to the hotel I'm going to stay. Thanks a lot man.
  4. That's right. I'm flying to US on 12th January.
  5. I agree with man, in Amazon River you can find Arapaima gigas (Pirarucu), they can reach 440lb, heaviest fish in Amazon River, you also can find PiraĆ­ba, the heaviest catfish in Amazon River (about 300 lb). Unfortunately I'm not going to Amazon, but you can find Red Tail Catfish in another places in Brazil, not as big as in Amazon. Where I live right now I can find Red Tail Catfish from 22lb to 80 lb. I was thinking in a Penn Battle 2 6000. What u guys think?
  6. I live in Brazil bro, but I fly to USA about 4 or 5 times every year, for some business training. Penn reels are very expensive around here and u cannot find it very easily, so when I go to US I always try to buy my reels there.
  7. Just an update. I tried to fill the reel with no washers at all and the line are well distributed. Now I wonder if I can leave it like that or should I look for a thinner washer....thinner than the ones that came with the reel? By the way, it is number 60 in the exploded view.
  8. Hey Tony, I just notice that the line on my new Battle 2 4000 are a little concentrated in the bottom of the reel. The instruction says that if it is like that I should remove the Thrust Washer that comes with the reel and replace it with a provided washer that is in the box (the provided washer is a little thinner than the one that is already in the reel). I've done that but I didn't see any difference, it looks like it is still a little concentrated in the bottom of the reel. My question is, can I remove and leave the reel with no Thrust Washer? If I can't remove all washer, what could I do to get the line uniformly distributed in the reel?
  9. Hey guys, I need a new reel for big red tail catfishes, they are like 65lb heavy and they are very strong, do you guys have any recommendation of which reel would be better for this kinda fishing?
  10. Thank you so much everybody. I used it for the first time and it looks great. Got a 22lb jaw characin, the fish put up a good fight and the reel did its job pretty well. I'm thinking in buying a battle II 6000 for big catfishes.
  11. Thank you Tony.
  12. Tony, As you asked for, here are some pictures of the reel.
  13. Hey Tony. Thanks for the response. I don't have it with right now, but as soon as I get back home next week I send you some pictures. Is there any specific part,label or mark that I should send you?
  14. Hey guys. Last time I traveled to US I saw this PENN Battle II 4000 that I really wanted to buy, but I didn't =( Unfortunately PENN Battle II 4000 is not marketed in my country, the few I could find were far too expensive due to importation fees, so I found a guy that was selling a brand new PENN Battle II 4000 very cheap, I'm a little afraid that it is a fake one, is there anyway to find out if the reel is really original? Thanks in advance.