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  1. bump, someone has to have a 3000 or 4000 size reel laying around that they don't want anymore.
  2. ^ same. Shipped my broken aerial surf rod in to star with no receipt a couple months ago. Had a new rod at my door in less than a week no questions asked.
  3. Deal! Sending PM!
  4. Could you take $75 shipped paypal friends? Thanks
  5. weekend bump
  6. I can offer $65 shipped! Thanks!
  7. Hey guys, Looking to trade for a 3000 or 4000 size spinning reel. Daiwa BG or similar. Obviously will ship. I just don't like the Penns Reel is in perfect condition minus the small scuffs pictured. Bought less than a year ago and used honestly maybe 4 or 5 times. Spooled with 10lb suffix 832. No box. Let me know what you have for trades!
  8. What if I ship you a rod tube, to ship it back to me in? lol
  9. BUMP! Still looking, paypal ready! Edit: Will also look at 11ft rods now as well
  10. Yeah I've been trying to find one that will ship but it's darn near impossible
  11. Bump. Still looking for a 12ft cork handle conventional heaver!
  12. EDIT: Didnt realize this was a conventional. I should learn to read more . Going to have to retract my offer sorry. Good luck with sale!
  13. I'll take it. PM sent!
  14. Really looking for cork handles only right now, but appreciate the offer!