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  1. Oop! Sorry I found one a while ago! But I appreciate it! Close thread please!
  2. Sounds good thank you! Keep them coming guys. I still need a casting version
  3. Sounds good thank you!
  4. Awesome. If you can do $150 shipped I'll take it!
  5. Hey guy's like the title states looking for the old ocean master heavers. Casting or spinning, 11-12ft doesn't matter. Will need to be shipped to Naples FL 34110. Paypal ready to go. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  6. Awesome sold! Pm me your paypal and I'll send funds now
  7. Sorry for the late reply I forgot about this! If you can do $150 shipped i'll take it. Thanks
  8. Oh man, that's more than I thought haha. I'll have to pass but good luck with sale! Great rod
  9. If you'll ship it to Naples FL 34110 I'll cover shipping. Let me know! Thanks
  10. Looking to buy a penn battle II 4000 and 5000 in good condition. Will probably need shipped to 34110 Naples FL. Paypal ready. Let me know what you've got and price. Thanks
  11. Awesome! Looking forward to it. My zip code is 34110 Naples, FL if you need it for the quote. Thanks
  12. If you wanna ship it I can shoot you $80 paypal. Would love to chunk down here in Florida with it!
  13. I'll Take it for $699, Sending PM
  14. Traded with redfish12. Thanks!
  15. Yea I can do that. I haven't tried out a new conflict yet. Shoot me a PM with your address and everything and I can get the bait runner shipped out. Have fun in Costa Rica also! I just got back from Jaco last month.