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  1. Lami 1321m oldschool or the new style is a nice all around rod and can be had at cms for $360-400. Great for surf,boulderfields, and plugging at canal. Personally I would get a second rod and reel all together for jigging the canal when you have the money. If you plan on fishing 90% at canal then they have a few all around rods for the canal but I wouldnt want to use those in the surf.
  2. That's strange.ill PM you
  3. I'll take this
  4. Can you do $25 shipped for the cowboy if still for sale?
  5. I'll take the three bottles
  6. Both rods get sloppy over 2oz so I try to stay at 2oz or under. they can throw more if needed for sure. Also both rods can throw pretty good down to 1/2oz . Main difference is the action and the blackhole is lighter for sure.
  7. Personally like the 9'6 suzuki alot for what it is. 3/4 to 3.Has a nice a action for finesse imo. But also a really nice rod for the money is the tsunami airwave elite 9'6 3/4 -3 a little more moderate and sloppy if you like that kind of rod more. I like a faster action for shorter rods and moderate for longer personally.
  8. I really like my star stella lite plasma 2 7' 6'' 3/8 to 1 1/2 rating I believe. Alot of fun good price too
  9. Nice plug! Do you know the weight?
  10. Color not important. Thank you
  11. Yea that's a deal I will send money tomorrow. PM me your paypal
  12. Southcoast ma. I will drive If you arent to far
  13. Will you do $25 shipped?
  14. Thanks for offer. But I have to decline now. Sorry
  15. deal. pm me
  16. $130 shipped to southcoast MA?
  17. weights on needles?
  18. i would like to grab BM gibbs on steroids (new with oxidation) BM wadd (very light use) bm wadd used $40 BM little guy (bent lip) new Ruru used tattoo new
  19. I fill mine with mobil gear oil. works good . I would say it has a little more tension while reeling then grease but i will know when it is leaking also which is a plus in my book.
  20. I agree with one of the posts before me. Ri/Ma line and Bluefish bite has been good. have caught quite a few gators the past few weeks.
  21. yea deffinately prefer 1 piece. transport is no problem for me. I end up taping the joints on all my 2 pieces haha
  22. Looking for other peoples opinions on what they like. Been playing with the idea of getting a new custom rod made for the fall run. The rod im thinking of replacing(still will be using for live eels) is my 1321m(new guide layout) . its been my go to boulderfields and then some. works great for wading staff,can take a beating, and throws just about everything with good stopping power. curious how all the new technology in the newer rods are. would like something with more sensitivity while still keeping stopping power if thats possible. Am i crazy for trying to fix something thats not broken
  23. sounds like everyone still rocking the 1321m this is very true. a new toy is always fun. unfortunately sometimes not always better. i may try to get my hands on a odm nex1 blank. id say 75% of my fishing is wetsuiting boulderfields at night
  24. I use needlefish 80% of the time usually the first plug out and with a teaser. different retrieves work it different situations with different needlefish. i personally love beachmaster wadds and lemires. retrieve speed usually moderate probably slightly faster then most other people. Most of the time i will be giving it a small twitch every rotation or two of reel. almost always use a dressed hook. drop the tip in a nice sweep and giving it plenty small twitches thats just my observations.