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  1. Lami 1321m oldschool or the new style is a nice all around rod and can be had at cms for $360-400. Great for surf,boulderfields, and plugging at canal. Personally I would get a second rod and reel all together for jigging the canal when you have the money. If you plan on fishing 90% at canal then they have a few all around rods for the canal but I wouldnt want to use those in the surf.
  2. That's strange.ill PM you
  3. I'll take this
  4. Can you do $25 shipped for the cowboy if still for sale?
  5. I'll take the three bottles
  6. Both rods get sloppy over 2oz so I try to stay at 2oz or under. they can throw more if needed for sure. Also both rods can throw pretty good down to 1/2oz . Main difference is the action and the blackhole is lighter for sure.
  7. Personally like the 9'6 suzuki alot for what it is. 3/4 to 3.Has a nice a action for finesse imo. But also a really nice rod for the money is the tsunami airwave elite 9'6 3/4 -3 a little more moderate and sloppy if you like that kind of rod more. I like a faster action for shorter rods and moderate for longer personally.
  8. I really like my star stella lite plasma 2 7' 6'' 3/8 to 1 1/2 rating I believe. Alot of fun good price too
  9. Nice plug! Do you know the weight?
  10. Color not important. Thank you
  11. Yea that's a deal I will send money tomorrow. PM me your paypal
  12. Southcoast ma. I will drive If you arent to far
  13. Will you do $25 shipped?
  14. Thanks for offer. But I have to decline now. Sorry