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  1. i would also like to hear peoples reports on this. i also prefer night. but everything for me anyways has been dying after dusk.
  2. yes i agree with everybody else. try out cms great place and the owner/builder knows his stuff and really nice guy. personally love my gsb 1321m jack of all trades. does just about everything needed for the surf. just may be longer then what you want at 11'
  3. I also have a good friend who is a mechanic at a ford dealership . He has many ecoboosts coming in with 200k+ with only routine maintenance being done. im a big fan of my 3.5 ecoboost for sure. only have 130k on mine had it since 23k
  4. i have a 2014 f150 fx4 with the 3.5 ecoboost. i usually get 19mpg but i drive like 90% all highway
  5. to each there own. alot of people will probably say blurple. or bone if full moon and clear sky. im a fan of the neon green. but thats probably just because i use it most.
  6. 3 needles , brown pikie and green darter $140 and ill cover fees?
  7. yea i will take them if he passes on the darter. can you give me some info on size and weights please?
  8. interested in the 3 needles, and green darter if you will split
  9. I'm gonna try for them this weekend. Hopefully I can get on some
  10. $90 shipped?
  11. i remember seeing a large population at tabor academy in marion
  12. I just had to make this same decision and tiderunner 100%
  13. nice video! cant wait for tautog and migratory stripers to be back in our waters!
  14. i put a vr50 on it and like it alot. awesome sealed combo. but alot of nice reels you can get in the 3500/4000 size for less money if you arent gonna be getting it soaked.
  15. question if you guys wouldnt mind answering. if you fish out front early example would be early to mid may. would you go dusk/dawn? or night time? always started going out at night mid to end of june