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  1. sakura for sure! hands down my favorite outside of boston
  2. I got my tiderunner in today. fits perfect. buckle is super heavy duty and velcro is really strong.
  3. what are the weights please? interested in entire lot
  4. sinking?
  5. i cant review it because mine is being shipped to me right now but i went with the tide runner. many people like it, supporting small business and price is right
  6. Not set on a particular brand. going to RISSA and can meet up there also
  7. yea you guys know what your talking about. ordering one right now. looks great . price is great. and love supporting a small shop. thanks alot guys
  8. Never heard of tiderunner. i will have to look into that. thank you
  9. i have a typical dive belt now. gear up looks like the same thing. odm looks pretty sweet for a extra $10. i would love a flatlander belt but i have no patience to wait that long
  10. What is everybody favorite surf belt?!?! looking to get something new. curious on other peoples favorites
  11. i havent saw any yet. atleasy not at the two herring runs i was at yesterday.
  12. great song. never hear it. thanks for the post
  13. just took ride to some herring runs and a few different areas. saw birds working the top water in sakonnet river . That felt really good to see. unfortunately also saw a seal pretty far up the river
  14. nice tautog! grew up fishing tautog from taunton river with my dad . and he learned from my grandfather many many years ago. goodluck to you also
  15. Unfortunately people suck and many dont care to try and make a difference. People in charge making laws should have never let this happen. But when does the goverment ever do anything right?