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  1. Always noticed this from time to time. Every now and then when a clinch or uni is cinched it sometimes gets a shiny spot by the spot on the line where it was cinched down. Lubricating with spit can help sometimes but it still happens every now and then. So I re tie every time this happens until my leader is smooth with no weird glares in the line
  2. It’s a pic of a bass eye? I fish for bass from the surf, i dont shark fish or use bait at all just lures
  3. Was wondering if anyone had any pointers for me sharking from the beach. Have done it have caught plenty of sandbars and duskys but would like to really get into it. Targeting anything from 4–10 ft max ST’s. Was looking at the tsunami air wave elite 12 ft extra heavy 6-12 oz lure and 30-65 lb line anyone have any tips???
  4. Are they waders stockingfoot true to size as well? Or should I get an 11 if I’m an 11.5 for shoes
  5. Ordering a pair of 11.5 stocking foot caddis. Wanted to know if they are true to size, I wear an 11.5 shoe. I am also getting a pair of korker greenback and was thinking maybe a size 12 boot? But heard they run small so maybe a 13 will fit but I don’t want them to be too big
  6. Trying to find just the split rings for plier lanyards, got some from Lowe’s but doubt they will hold up since they aren’t stainless. Need a size big enough for a plier lanyard
  7. Wasn’t replacing just curious. Thanks for the knowledge
  8. Are the vs plier lanyards safe to use being that it doesn’t have s split ring but that metal peice that spins freely and only attached with a clip?