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  1. I’m to find out if there is a GSB 8ft blank ? I see the the gsb81ms on the web but it’s factory built. Any help and feedback on the rod is appreciated. I have a gsb 1201L that I love and was hoping to add an 8ft for back bays. Pairing with vsx150.
  2. Thanks for any input
  3. Caught a 22” largemouth with a complete full prespawn belly. Northern Largemouth. How much you think she weighs? (I didn’t have a scale)
  4. The guys from Wired2 think it is a spotted
  5. Caught this little guy today in a pond on Long Island. Red eyes? Wondering what it’s from
  6. I’m in
  7. Weightless fluke. 28*degrees out
  8. Can anyone tell me where I can get the cork tape with no rubber? Preferably not in a 25ft roll, something smaller?
  9. I can get the one piece blank for about 170$ through a rod builder, conversely the 2 piece I can get for about 130$. My question is am I sacrificing any performance choosing the 2 piece over the 1 piece. Saving 40$ worth it? Which would you build? Are there 70/30 split lamiglass that would also be an alternative ? Thanks for any input !
  10. Something easy to use and easy on the wallet . Appreciate any input
  11. Wondering the same. Also does the 4500 with the liveliner feature come in a bailess?
  12. Think I’m gonna go with the warfare. Now for a rod: ugly stik tiger elite Shimano trevala anyone have any experience with the mojo yak rods?
  13. Low profil baitcaster vs round conventional
  14. Soft plastics, tube and worm maybe a swimming jigs etc
  15. Which makes more sense for Long Island back bays trolling? Looking to get advice on a kayak specific rod and reel for trolling lures and bait. Low profile baitcaster vs round conventional and why? Around 200$ for both rod and reel. Any help is appreciated thAnks !