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  1. I agree. There’s a gold used vs150 on an auction site that is getting dumb pricey by the day lol . Meanwhile a silver one on the same site is close to 75$ cheaper and is a vsx. The gold one is described by the seller as a collectible.
  2. I’ve been looking through the bts forums and always keep an eye out for a used Van staal reel. What’s an average price for used: vs150 worth compared to Vsx150 vs200compared with vsx200. All bail-less Let’s say they are all in the same shape cosmetically and each been serviced to working capacity. 3 years use or so. Thanks for any help .
  3. Elastic cord, 1/8 ferrule stop, shrink tube. Total cost $5. Enough material to make 4 or 5. Easy alternative to any coiled cord.
  4. Great thread for these boring winter months! Any more new set ups out there?!
  5. Love everyone’s stories and pics! This is starting to turn into a pretty interesting thread !
  6. I know a lady who gave a guy a bucketful on their first date. She used to walk the beach everyday in Mtk. And would find em. They are still married, over 40 plus years. What a keeper
  7. Let’s see some plugs you’ve found on the beach.
  8. As long as the rods are exactly the same length the mojos will fit perfectly with bottom piece. So only applicable to the 7ft / 9ft and the 10’6.
  9. Thanks everyone! Just cleaned some rust off and found the tiny Redfin label branded on the bottom. Definitely will load it up! Bbs,mineral oil,water or syrup(maybe that’s an entirely different thread) Think I might take a crack at repainting it. Any color suggestions ?
  10. Found this on the beach recently. Is it a Redfin? It has a mark where it may have been loaded, but nothing inside.
  11. Such an easy way to get a a rod to cover a wide range of lure weights. I have both the moderate and fast action top sections for the mojo 9”. Will most likely be buying the mojo 10’6 so I can get both 1-4oz and the 2-6oz.
  12. First time poster long time troller. I fish out east on Long Island. Always great info on this forum and decided to join. I was wondering what people are doing for locking up their gear when away from their vehicle. With expensive rods and reels I’m worried about random theft. Even heard guys having rods cut so the thief can get to just the reel. With the influx of younger tourists flooding the back towns in the summer it seems more precaution should be taken . Any thoughts or ideas is greatly appreciated! thanks all