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  1. Hooked Up !
  2. I know you’re looking for a trade but if you happen to decide that you can part with it I would love to purchase
  3. I have the little version with red eyes if you’re interested in a set
  4. Hooked up ! thank you ~~
  5. What’s size is the stock hooks on the 5.2?
  6. Last bump
  7. Looking for one more
  8. You’re the man !!
  9. Sorry I don’t have any show specials left. You got most of mine lol
  10. What would you sell it to me for?
  11. New or used?
  12. Unfortunately going to pass. He just told me he is going to get on Jamie’s build list. Thank you for taking your time to reply . Have a nice day !
  13. Thanks for the reply! Let me check with my buddy !
  14. Last bump
  15. Would you consider 50 $