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  1. I appreciate the effort taking pics etc. I’m gonna pass on this one ty
  2. Lmk if you change your mind . Typhoon is nice. How much if I pay shipping?
  3. Eastern Long Island
  4. Looking for size M . Lost mine somewhere like an idiot
  5. I’ve learned my lesson
  6. Respectfully offer 320 shipped
  7. Yeah box is in storage
  8. 300xl 6:1 gear ratio
  9. Yes I am .
  10. Used it for the fall season. Just picked up from being serviced and cleaned. Freshly spooled with 250 yards of 40lb Pandora braid. Great tog reel, Asking 260 shipped .
  11. At bar tending . Sort in the am
  12. I’ll send pm
  13. Sounds good, I’ll pm you info