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  1. where are you located?
  2. I hate his intonation. He doesn't normally speak that way and does it intentionally for the videos and because of it, I can't watch them. I've watched a few of them happily, but because of the affected up and down, I end up focusing on that rather than what he's actually saying or doing.
  3. Always offer them a cigarette and a blindfold. Explain that it's just their time and it isn't something personal against THEM, it just had to be this way. Try to keep your tone even and relaxed.
  4. I typically don't marinade shrimp, but there's a few different 'go to' recipes. One is just seasoned with smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, and salt and grilled over high heat. Another is to season with the smoked paprika, granulated garlic, onion powder, cardamom, salt and white pepper. On the side, mix up some honey, orange juice, a squeeze of fresh lemon, and red pepper flakes. Grill the shrimp and as they're finishing, brush on the orange/honey glaze. You can also do a quick "marinade" for an herb shrimp. Rice wine vinegar, lime juice, Olive oil, red pepper flake, Thyme, Oregano, marjoram, granulated garlic, rosemary (very light on the rosemary), salt, white pepper. Mix and reserve some on the side. "Marinate" the shrimp for 5-10 minutes. Grill the shrimp and use the reserve marinade to brush the shrimp while on the grill.
  5. From this quote, Little hit the nail on the head. You're not seeming willing to go beyond the main protein ingredient to the different methods, styles and ingredients from what is your comfort zone and to experiment. Meat is meat. Protein is protein. Food is food. ... reductio ad absurdum.... just go get some soylent. No. Chicken parm != tikka != jerk != au vin != fried. Herb crusted lamb chop "lollipops" with demi != Lamb Gyro != stuff roast leg. Beef tongue != bbq brisket != oxtail soup != beef & broccoli != bbq 'dino bones' beef ribs != Kalbi/Galbi In my first post, I made a few different suggestions of various ethnic/cultural foods that are wildly different from each other, but similar dishes can be seen in many different cultures. An egg and tomato (sauce) dish. A ground meat dish. A noodle dish. Eggs and tomato sauce. Shakshuka & Huevos Rancheros are just eggs with tomato sauce. Go tuck into a plate of each and tell me they're the same. BBQ Beef Ribs (now with pictures). American BBQ "Dino Bones" and Korean BBQ Kalbi. Beef ribs cooked over wood/coals. Same part of the cow, cut and prepared different. Not even close to the same. We all get into the same food slumps, but to say "it's all the same no matter how you spin it" just ain't even close to the truth.
  6. Ooh yeah. Oxtail with Rice & Peas!
  7. Shakshuka was/is my go-to breakfast in Israel. My company had an office over there and the place I would stay at made this amazing version. I never include the olives in my picadillo and I only sometimes use the tomato/sauce, but it MUST ALWAYS have the capers and golden raisins to be balanced. Typically I like to also have a nice long simmered pot of black beans too.
  8. Shakshuka? Picadillo? Masala Dosa? Pad Kee Mao? Branch out to some other cultural foods and experiment.
  9. You're in the prescribed burning thread. It's a joke. The thread is literally about the spots that are on fire and burning around the state.
  10. The whole thread is talking about places being burned!
  11. I thought spot burning was verboten here.
  12. Get some fish. Get some herbs and spices. Season the fish. Add fat to pre-heated pan. Cook until done. What? It's a pretty crappie recipe.
  13. If there were any chance you'd be in NJ, I'd buy 'em in person!
  14. Please also consider using the quote function when replying to threads. This allows a notification to pop up in email (if selected) and the notification icon to pop up on the main display in the top right corner of the screen that someone has quoted you and has a link directly to the thread. All too often in threads (WTB, WTS, etc.) I see people replying to a question, a comment, or a request without using the quote function. This means there isn't a 'push' notification to go out and let the person know that they have a reply waiting for them. Yes, I didn't quote you... on purpose. You have to actually come back to this thread and monitor it to see if someone replied.
  15. Chop up some onions and peppers and start a saute in some butter. Add in chopped leftover corned beef and potatoes and cook until you've got a nice crust formed. Top hash with over easy eggs and consume.