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  1. In my experience, doing hundreds and hundreds of pounds of pulled park with water vs with sand in the WSM, I don't see any advantage to the water in the finished result. There's also lots of videos, message boards, and blogs that have done side-by-side tests. It takes more energy to heat that water up which means more fuel burned. Maybe you get some moist air on the rub for bark production, but even that's a stretch. Do some cooks one way then some the other and see your results. In the end, the beauty of Q is that you get to mess with the variables and make it your own.
  2. 150 it is. PM inc.
  3. 140 cash picked up
  4. 60 for all of it, picked up?
  5. Lateral beach access is granted to you for access up and down the entire stretch of the sand to the high tide line. Depending on municipal laws, you may not be able to fish in designated swimming areas (I believe most common is within 50 yards of a flagged/coned/buoyed designated swimming area).
  6. Where are you located?
  7. Have fun out there and be safe.
  8. Are any of you going to be fishing the governor's cup Sunday at ibsp?
  9. Agreed (previous post). Also sent you a PM.
  10. I'll do 90, but I can't pick it up yesterday. PM me and let me know what time and where you're available and we'll work something out.
  11. Lots of good suggestions, but I'd strongly suggest looking at the BST forum right here. I've picked up some VERY nice rods for quite reasonable prices
  12. $80 picked up in Point today?
  13. 170 is good. PM incoming to set meet up time & Location
  14. where are you located?
  15. 160 cash, can pick up immediately in central jersey.