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  1. Have fun out there and be safe.
  2. Are any of you going to be fishing the governor's cup Sunday at ibsp?
  3. Agreed (previous post). Also sent you a PM.
  4. I'll do 90, but I can't pick it up yesterday. PM me and let me know what time and where you're available and we'll work something out.
  5. Lots of good suggestions, but I'd strongly suggest looking at the BST forum right here. I've picked up some VERY nice rods for quite reasonable prices
  6. $80 picked up in Point today?
  7. 170 is good. PM incoming to set meet up time & Location
  8. where are you located?
  9. 160 cash, can pick up immediately in central jersey.
  10. Where are you located
  11. where are you located?
  12. 2nd Dibs if that falls through
  13. 130 on the TFO, I can meet you tomorrow for pickup?
  14. There was a huge volume of those worms last night (out back, OC). Dozens of gulls working the water, lots of swirls and action with fish eating those worms. I did get a few fish with worms while nothing on any type of plug, lure, or soft bait. A few other guys were out there throwing for at least 30 minutes and saw no action.