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  1. That’s a great pic
  2. 12/07
  3. How far south in NC have your caught a striper. I have heard that some hold over in Little River in Cherry Grove SC
  4. Caught on my 65th B-Day, Penfield Reef, Conn.
  5. Work in Bergen County pretty close to where it happen. Huge traffic jam with accidents. People running up and down road. Someone must have a good cell phone video. Didn’t know 300k went up in air.
  6. I have had a pair of fold back mittens from Orvis for 10 years. If they still sell them, I recommend you to get a pair. Orvis a bit pricey, but quality great.
  7. Thanks, just finished my Xmas shopping with this deal, 50% off solid penn reel, doesn’t get any better
  8. I was going to make the 2 hour drive to Jersey Shore to fish tomorrow, but u guys talked me into to staying home and going to doctor for checkup. Have a Healthy and Happy Holiday.
  9. Has anybody seen any bunker on Jersey Shore?
  10. Saw 200 guys surf fishing today on Jersey shore, only saw a few shorts caught. Got one on sand eel teaser. Great day to fish, good temp, water clean & calm, little wind, bait in water, just need some more fish.