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  1. I have the Penn Battle 2 5000 and 6000 for this application. 6000 is considerably heavier and larger in your hands. I prefer the 500 sized reel, perfect for striper and bottom fishing. Its built like a tank, no problems going on 3 years I think and I beat em like a drum. I definitely recommend. Good luck!
  2. I hear you on the limited time. I will have to pass for now just due to travel. Thank you for the chance.
  3. Do you ever make your way north closer to Boston? I work in Cambridge and would take this off your hands if we can make it work. If not I'll have to pass.
  4. Hello, i am interested. Is this a one piece or a two? Also where in Southeast MA? Thank you.
  5. I also have the Okuma Nomad Travel Surf 1004 and you simply can't beat it for the money. Comes with a great travel case too. I have it paired to a Penn Battle 2 5000 series and it balances nicely. I will say however, the Okuma Nomad 1004 Heavy is indeed stiff, I can toss 2-3oz pretty far no problem and not worried about the rod.
  6. Hello, I am looking for a two piece surf rod in the 8' to 8'6" range for some boat and surf action. Looking for a spinning rod only and something that can toss 1-3oz. The less expensive the better but trying to keep this under $100 with shipping. I am open to all brands, hoping I can get something decent 2nd hand versus buying from the store. Thank you!
  7. There is also a solid head boat off the dock in Provincetown that I take quite often called the Cee Jay Fishing Charter. It never gets that full and they are great at finding fish. It's a fairly low cost option (compared to a private charter) to getting out on the water if you are looking for that as well. Enjoy the weekend.
  8. Hello, I have a Penn Battle ll 8000 for sale. Too big a reel for anything I would fish for. $105 shipped. Excellent condition, 9/10 cosmetic, 10/10 functional. Can de-spool or keep line on. Thank you!
  9. I have a few RTIC coolers. 2 hard side and 1 soft side. Love the hard side coolers. The zipper on my soft side is splitting, making the cooler unusable after only 15 months. I emailed RTIC as it really is a manufacturer defect. turns out I am 3 months outside of warranty. They told me to pound sand and there is nothing they can do for me. I would only recommend RTIC for a hard cooler or go with a company with a better warranty.
  10. I am going to pass at $100+ so go for it. Chief thanks for the offer.
  11. Looks good, I'm in Boston. Can meet north or south of the city if you're in this area. Otherwise let me know what you are thinking for a price all in. Thanks again
  12. Going to stay away from a 5 piece for now unless its 11' feet, thank you for the offer.
  13. I am interested. If you could post pictures and an asking price that would be great. Thank you.