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  1. I'll take it
  2. In hunting videos, I personally like when the shot happens after sunset so you can see the fire of the muzzle blast. I think it looks cool on video. I use a 30 fps frame rate. So essentially, your taking 30 pictures per second and therefore you end up with TONS of pictures. It's fun to go frame by frame and watch the blast happen slowly. You end up with some cool pictures. Here's a couple of frames from 2 other hunting videos of mine. Top frame is a 20ga and bottom 2 frames is a 50 cal muzzleloader. Here you can see why a muzzleloader is called a "SMOKE POLE".
  3. I like recovering my bullet in the autopsy. It makes for a cool souvenir in the man cave too.
  4. Fellas..... keep in mind that the slug used above has a very HIGH expansion rate. The slug above expanded to a little over an inch. That's a very big flower/mushroom especially for a 20ga. The more bullet expansion you have, the faster the kinetic energy is transferred into the target and the wider the wound channel also. When you have a passthrough, not all the kinetic energy goes into the target. Conical bullets and round balls penetrate deeper than hollowpoints but leave a much smaller wound channel. That 20ga slug above left a very wide and devastating wound channel. This of course slowed the bullet down quickly. Kinda like a parachute. I shoot most of my deer in the heart.
  5. The main reason is because the 20ga gauge is lighter and smaller than a 12ga. This makes it much more enjoyable to carry and hunt with. As far as power goes, I feel the 20 gauge is more than powerful enough for deer. Usually a 20ga slug goes through both sides. This is the first deer that it did not. The slug did hit and shatter the ribs on both sides. So that slowed the slug a bit too. If not for the ribs, it would have gone through.
  6. I dunno. But at least spot burning isn't an issue when your filming hunts deep in the woods.
  7. People collect all sorts of stuff. Sometimes it's for the COOL factor. Sometimes it's for the STATUS. Sometimes it's for the INVESTMENT. Start Wars nuts will pay $10,000 for a toy. Sports nuts will pay $100,000 for a baseball card. Arabs will pay MILLIONS just for a license plate because it has ONE SINGLE number on it! The crazy part is that all examples above are all USELESS items that don't do a damn thing. Heck.... I'll bet Marilyn Monroe's panties would be worth MILLIONS too. So what's a SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION GOLD VAN STAAL to a fishing nut worth? Which is also a TOOL that can actually DO something too? They sky's the limit. You'll see those reels selling for $5000 before you know it. And those who will bitch about that, just wished they had one.
  8. My daughter holding her first fish she ever caught.
  9. There's nothing like filming your experiences and being able to watch the videos later and relive it again. Video making can be a fun hobby all onto itself. So on this thread, let's share our videos. I wanna see you guys in action! We can also talk about the adventure, equipment used, video making, etc. We can all learn new things and get better at making videos. I'll go first... This is shotgun season 2022. A single shot CVA 20 gauge slug gun was used with a Leupold 2-7x33 scope. Ammo was Federal Trophy Copper 275gr slug. Shot distance was about 40 yards. Doe ran about 40 yards. Broadside shot through the heart. Slug stopped at the skin on the opposite side. Bullet recovered and pictured below. It was a good experience and I was glad to film it all. The clip of the kill shot was kinda dark on camera but oh well. So that makes this is a non graphic family friendly video.
  10. Men love flowers too.
  11. Ok guys..... I didn't forget your recommendations from page 1 of this thread. You guys liked my idea to start a new thread for us to share personal hunting videos. So deer gun season came and I took a nice doe. I've now completed the video editing and I will share the vid with you guys on a new thread as per your requests. But if you remember my request from page 1, I'd like to see you guys in action too.
  12. It's not bad. The main thing to know is that it's not a long lasting durable material.
  13. If you don't want fishing lure jewelry dangling from your head, wear a helmet when it's crowded. There was a good video this past summer of a fisherman displaying a jig attached to his head.
  14. Holographic security feature on back is so cool.
  15. Good vid. Thanx for sharing. Glad to see that most of the world is finally undeceived by the greatest scam of all time.