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  1. Thanksgiving is coming.
  2. This is my opinion on all this.... I feel that this kid and most or all influencers reveal the dark side of mankind. What truly drives influencers or any fishing porn star to do what they do? The driving force is Greed (money), Pride (fame), etc. People driven by these forces sometimes have financial gain and do relish others worshiping them. But there is a CAUSE and EFFECT to everything. Their reckless behavior causes damage to the environment and the animals in it. Due to them weaponizing the fish mishandling public and poachers with fish killing knowledge, there is less fish in the sea. They also destroy the experience of other fishermen whose fishing areas are ruined. But the influencer doesn't care because their was something in it for them. This reveals another evil force.... Selfishness. Unfortunately my friends, the actions by some individuals cause CURSE to the world. By the time they realize the damage they've done, it's too late for the world. And by the time they realize their gain wasn't worth their betrayal and whoredom, it's too late for their soul. Those who choose what is right, have PEACE in the soul. Those who choose to live in the shadows and not in front of a camera, keep PRIVACY in life. Once lost, these never return. I believe that the true Masters of this game will never be known. They live a life of secrecy. And the wealth of precious knowledge they posses is buried with them and not sold. These are the true winners in this game.
  3. I hope to never catch a schoolie again. Why torment the stripers in diapers? It's cows only for me. There are records to be broken damn it!
  4. It must have been a poor release or maybe someone wasn't using circle hooks.
  5. LOL! That's hilarious! Thanx for sharing.
  6. If he’s truly guilty, then CUT OFF ONE HAND!
  7. That's a totally different animal. Everything about it is different than the stick shadd.
  8. Soon there will be more generations of Sebile Stick Shadds than of Glock handguns.
  9. Is having 30 stick shadds being a plug ho? Or is it called being prepared?
  10. Smack it lures are awesome. I only use the senior. Never the junior.
  11. 1 rod & 1 reel to cover it all? Nope. That's like saying 1 screwdriver should cover all screws.
  12. This is why plug hoeing is good.
  13. Damn.... Those are sum big Bluefish!
  14. 4Runner & Land Cruiser are SUV's. I said CARS. Not SUV's. The "Supra" was originally called the "Celica Supra" for years. The name was shortened to Supra later. I made it CLEAR that this was many years ago. They weren't doing this when the Avalon happened obviously.
  15. Toyota did the same thing many years ago. All car names started with a C and all truck names started with a T. They still do this with the trucks but not the cars. I guess they ran out of C words for cars.