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  1. I wouldn't work cuz it's way too soft & mushy. It wouldn't stay on the hook. The best thing to do is get a fork and eat it instead.
  2. Here's a 25lber on a wood pencil. And there it goes........
  3. 11' for me but I don't use it much. Last time I used it was when I tied an old shirt to the tip of the rod then used it to clean the cobwebs off the chandelier in my house. The wife shook her head the whole time but it worked great!
  4. Oh yeah... Regardless of what you get, remember that waders can be dangerous. I've already saved a guy from drowning and know of another guy that died. Be careful. Wear your belt at all times. Get a good top that helps seal the water out too.
  5. Stocking foot all the way. No questions asked. Stocking foot is much more comfortable. Some spots I fish, I gotta walk over a mile to get to it. Then over another mile back of course. Boot foot waders would be miserable. Good stocking foot waders and good boots are msuch more adaptable too. Use a seal on the top of the boot so sand doesn't get in. Good waders usually come with that.
  6. If anybody wants more than 1, I'll obviously knock off a few bucks. Say $5 off of every extra lure.
  7. Just the wood body is 4.5" long. The overall weight is 1.25oz.
  8. I've never sold a fish in my life. When someone I know needs a fish, I just give em one. Who cares if I was a commercial guy anyway. As far as who's selling them, I was referring to the stores. I saw striper fillets (with the skin still on it) selling over $30/lb this past summer. A big fish can easily have 14 pounds of fillets on it. Do the math! A big fish is worth a LOT of money. ALL Food is worth money. That's why Food is on the stock market. Cuz it's a valuable!
  9. The peso thing was a play on words. Depending how you say it, "Peso" sounds exactly like "Fish" in some Portuguese/Spanish dialects. Technically peso means "weight". BUT.... weight of WHAT valuable good in the barter/trading system??? It was sometimes weight of fish or flour or grain, etc. My ancestors are from islands in the middle of the ocean. Fish was a commonly traded commodity till paper money took over. Some people still ask me for a fish (pez or peixe) as payment for things. Fish IS MONEY. Heck... at $30 per lb (with the skin!) at some places, just ONE striper can easily be worth $400! That's currently 7708 Pesos in Mexico. Lol! That's a LOT of money to many people. This is why there is so much looting of the sea and looting of the fish catching knowledge you posses. So guard your treasure my virtual SOL brethren!
  10. Oh yeah? I wanna join this club!
  11. I agree. My father always taught me that I have two ears and only one mouth. Words of wisdom.
  12. I was just gonna type this. You beat me to it. A good fisherman is easy to sniff out. And so is a fake one. I just don't understand why some people want to be in the spotlight and the center of attention. I personally find much peace just being a shadow in the darkness.
  13. That's the thing.... Some guys are very deceptive. When they have something to gain, they always have their best foot forward. They're obviously not gonna tell you they're using you. You gotta sniff this out. That's one of the reasons why I started this thread. One way to test them is simply stopping the flow of fish catching information. They'll leave you alone real quick. Trust me.
  14. Good answer. I'm similar. I do like helping amateurs. In fact correcting their errors can reduce fish mortality.
  15. There are lots of vultures out there who just wanna steal what you know. They especially want your spots. In a moment they will take what took you decades to learn. And it's amazing how far they will go to get it. They will take everything they can. Then when they think the well is dry, they just disappear. FISH IS MONEY. This is why the currency of many countries is still called "Peso". Peso means FISH. So these theives want your Pesos. Get it? So..... Tell me how you deal with these people or some funny stories of how you've dealt with them.