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  1. New In Package. $30 shipped ea.
  2. Thread closed.
  3. I'm gonna pass. Thanx anyway.
  4. Here's what I found.
  5. First off, which generation of Stradic do you have? Second, line rollers are supposed to have a groove. That's what keeps the line in place. Third, posting a close up pic of the line roller helps with the diagnosis. Line roller problems can be difficult to solve sometimes usually do to poor design originally. But fear not... I am the doctor of line rollers. And nobody buys more line roller bearings than me either. I've been wanting to start an in depth technical mega thread on line rollers and line roller bearings for years. Just haven't though.
  6. That's a nice looking jr. How does it compair to the very similar BM jr?
  7. There is no best metal lip. They are all different so they all do different things in the water. I look at all lures as if they are TOOLS. Some are better for one task while another better for something else. The best metal lip will always depend on what needs to be done. One thing that bothers me about "BEST" threads is that many/most of the answers come from guys with very limited experience. Many guys have only fished a few different metal lip plugs and they"ve only been fishing a few years. Then they say what their favorite is and this is multiplied times many guys doing this same thing. This can unfortunately make a plug more popular than it should be while a true jem goes unnoticed. Just a little crudential prior to an answer I think is a good idea. We all gotta remember that the words we speak materialize and form the world. So..... My answer........ If I had to say which metal lip is BEST, I'd hafta say it's the one carried the MOST out of all the ones I have. Just for the record, I have and have owned MANY HUNDREDS of metal lip plugs and been playing this game for decades. For me...... It would probably be the J.N.SKI slopehead swimmer. That plug is such a great creation. Most of his plugs are great. I just wish he used better swivels. Other than that, the J.N. SKI slopehead swimmer is currently the king. No longer made unfortunately.
  8. I couldn't agree more. All fish are animals equally.
  9. I have bunker, bluefish, white, and maybe others too.
  10. I got a bunch of new in the package Tattoo Danny's (1.5oz) in a few different colors. Would like to trade for 2oz BM skinny needles in fishy colors like aquamarine/seafoam. Let me know what color Tattoo you want and I'll provide a picture of it. Thanx!
  11. Do yourself a favor and put the SP minnows in the garbage and pick up a Yozuri Hydro Minnow instead. Much stronger built, casts further, catches even more fish especially in fast water. You'll thank me. Looks like this....
  12. I don't understand why that's happening to you. Seems odd. Perhaps you can further elaborate on what exact size & brand hooks your using and also the exact rings your using too. To me, the problem with those SP minnows is that they are TOO WEAK. As soon as the fish get around 35lbs, the hook hangers twist/fail. Those lures are only good for small bass. If your on a boat or open beach where you can fish a loose drag, that's another story.
  13. "Razor Lips" on a brand new bucktail jig. It sux but they wouldn't touch the tins the other night. These things can be so damn picky at times. Then after a while they wouldn't touch the bucktails and would only take small minnow type baits. Even then I could feel them nosing the lure during the retrieve but wouldn't commit many times.
  14. Razor lips? Lol!..... I've never heard them being called that before. Maybe I'm a little slow. I dunno. But I like it and will borrow it.