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  1. As I type this, I'm digesting venison backstraps and Sam Adams.
  2. I believe I do. Let me find it. I don't think I ever used it. I'll get back to you soon.
  3. This is a HSS (Hunter's Safety Ststem) treestand harness for bow or gun hunters. It's in PERFECTLY NEW condition. Sized in LG/XL. This is a top of the line harness. You won't be disappointed. Great deal. $47 shipped.
  4. Even a fishing rod knows the purpose of it's parts.
  5. Lol.... The hardware stores are selling lots of ropes these days. Lol... So what are your favorite tickers these days?
  6. Wear 2 rubber gloves like the thin yellow ones found in the kitchen section, and just twist it apart. Those rubber gloves provide a glue like traction on the blank. It has saved me a few times.
  7. Whoa! That sux. I always make sure my deer is dead first.
  8. Price drop $27 ea shipped. Subtract $4 on every extra.
  9. Ttt
  10. I believe that shark knew very well that it wasn't a seal. Who knows what was going on in that sharks mind.
  11. Does it have drainage holes?
  12. Don't feel bad. The canal is famous for skunking people. That's what happens there most of the time normally. It's the best place to eat humble pie. It's the internet in the hands of evil men that has brought so much trouble recently.
  13. I got 2 ideas that I believe would help a lot. 1. Canal fishing permits should be required. This will reduce a lot of inexperienced googans and reduce internet report chasers. 2. Fisherman education & ethics course should be required before obtaining a fishing license. A course is needed to obtaing a hunting license to hunt animals in this state. So it SHOULD BE a requirement to fish for animals too. Snapped lines would greatly be reduced and there would be much less fish suffering/dying with hooks in their throats. Much less fish mishandling too.
  14. C&R is NOT going to solve anything. As long as it can be fished, the state will still deal with the same complaints and problems. And most importantly.... nature and it's animals will still experience the crimes against it. 1. Fishermen will still cast their lures at boats and injure people (like this past summer) who dare to disrupt their water. (Selfishness) 2. Crowds of THOUSANDS will still mob the place after local tackshops report the presence of fish on the internet. (Greed) 3. Vehicles will still fill every parking lot and be parked bumper to bumper for miles on both sides causing all kinds of jams. And people will still be running across the busy highways even at night during these times. (Hazards) 4. Trash, fist fights, noise, etc. will continue. (Immorality) 5. Miles of braid and mono line will still lay all over the ground by inexperienced fishermen creating a hazard to the animals. (Ignorance) Pics below for example. These animals died a slow & miserable death.