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  1. I took this photo recently.
  2. Scup poaching has been going on forever like anything else. I see it happening a lot in Buzzard's bay where I fish. The laws don't do much. I do think the laws are a deterrent to some people. But without the laws, I think it would be worse. All you can do is call the EPO and hope for the best.
  3. I agree. The total amount of fish kept would be much more. Triple, quadruple, or maybe even more total fish will be taken out of the water. That won't be good.
  4. Van Staal's Mike is a whole other Mike. Speaking of VS's Iron Mike, is he still alive? Been a while since I've seen him. I needta do another few beers with him.
  5. Correction.... Commercial season starts at night before the day of. I also wonder how much of that quota they're gonna fill this year. There was a struggle to fill it last year. I don't remember if that quota ever got filled. This year it's 869,813 lbs of striped bass to catch. That's about 41,000 fish averaging about 21lbs. That's a lot of fish!
  6. I'm seeing/hearing more myself this year too. Those big ones are like elephants in the water. Kinda cool but they ruin the fishing. I've always wondered what it would be like to cast a big wooden plug at it (without hooks of course) and see what happens. Oh come on..... I'm sure I'm not the only one!
  7. I'm assuming you wanna do this because the handle is too long? If so, just chop off 4-5 inches off the butt and put the butt cap back on. And whallahh! To answer your original question, lowering the reel seat won't hurt anything. I got a lot of custom made rods myself.
  8. SOL is social media. As far as it's impact on fish & fishing, SOL can be a curse or a blessing. It depends on how it's used.
  9. I'll pass.
  10. Mikes please. Only if it's new.
  11. Stella & Van Staal are two TOTALLY different tools. Stella maybe good for one job and lousy at another. Same with Van Staal. Both reels have their pros & cons. A fisherman must choose the right tool for the job.
  12. When it comes to ground venison, I personally have it ground with beef fat. Not pork fat. I do the sausage with beef fat too. As far as what I do with my ground venison, I usually make a killer meat sauce that drives everybody NUTS. Friends & family are constantly requesting it. Mine is thick, hearty, and very flavorful. Sometimes I put the meat sauce in a crock pot and cover it in shredded cheddar cheese which melts. It's then eaten as a dip with corn chips. The meat sauce can also be used on top of pasta of course which is really good too. Meat sauce is very versatile. But everybody's favorite is when I use the same meat sauce to make sloppy Joe sandwiches with it. Shredded cheddar cheese is also used as a topping on the sloppy Joe sandwich before putting the bun on top. It's like eating a big sloppy cheeseburger. Usually eaten with a fork. They go crazy for it. Corn chips are usually on the side to scoop up the delicious slop. White shirts are a bad idea.
  13. My current favorite 6" & 2 oz spook is the shimano orca. Check it out.
  14. Everybody I've shared it with likes it a lot. My daughter loves it and she's picky. In the end, it's taster's choice I guess.