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  1. It's.....
  2. Plastic tackle boxes.
  3. I have a pair with red grips. I've cut VMC hooks up to 4X prolly thousands of times by now. Still like new. So no worries. They rust fast so lots of oil needed.
  4. My whole mancave is like a museum. However I do display some of my most special/retired lures like this.
  5. My favorites that I carry are... Tattoo 3oz BM 3oz (newest run) SS Mike's dredge darter To me, these are the ULTIMATE darters.
  6. U kidding me? The action is better with the siwash in the back. 5/0 VMC!
  7. Yes I'll take the white. Pm your PP info. Thanx.
  8. I don't trust that darn woodchuck. I trust my record log instead. The fish will be in my area in about 11 weeks!
  9. That sounds like a good idea. I wish there was one in southeast MA. Linesider's Bar n Lounge!......
  10. I'll take the white for $30 should you wanna split. I'll cover the PP fee.
  11. Dang... Good deal!
  12. The wall ALSO keeps you from ESCAPING america should any kind of disaster happen. Wars, plagues, government tyranny, natural disasters, and countless other types of disaster emergencies HAPPEN!
  13. I wouldn't load it. It works perfect as is. It wouldn't work right If you loaded it. If you need more distance, use another lure.
  14. It's a sad time indeed. M&D's was the best shop around and the prices were good. The friendliness was genuine too. He didn't burn the canal like some of the other local shops did either. Thank you for everything all these years. You will be missed Mike! I wish I bought more of his jigheads now. I'd buy 100 of them if I could.
  15. How bout adding the Montauk to my purchase for $30 more? Comes out to $65 shipped. I'll cover the PP fees.