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  1. I know a few people who've called 911 in an emergency and nobody picked up the phone. And that was without riots!
  2. and this is why it SHOULDN'T be banned. It's a NECESSARY TOOL for self defense. That's WHY cops carry them! F- ing morons....
  3. George Floyd was infected with COVID-19. So technically.... because he died WITH COVID-19, he's supposed to be added to the national death count in order to further artificially inflate the bogus numbers some more. That's how this scam works.
  4. Nah.... George Floyd died of Coronavirus.
  5. They needed a distraction.
  6. Overblown is an understatement. Fake pandemic is more accurate.
  7. Simple is good sometimes.
  8. Time lapse in the back yard today
  9. Sold
  10. Never fished. Has some corrosion from storage & one small indentation visible on the side. Paint is perfect otherwise. Good fishing plug. $29 shipped
  11. Both new. Cowboy Radioactive $38 shipped Danny 6" $33 shipped Both for $66 shipped
  12. New & as blemishless as they come. Nice colors. 1 for $37 shipped 2 for $69 shipped
  13. Lotsa mulching!