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  1. I’m very happy with my maxel platinum slow pitch.
  2. Saragosas are definitely a middle ground option considering a 6000 sized one is well under half the price of a vs 150. Other reels sealed well enough to be submerged to varying degrees, without getting into “flagship models”, include a penn slammer, shimano spheros, tsunami saltx, daiwa bq MQ (not the standard BG). Also, if you’re one of the many surf anglers that fish jetties or just shallow wade sand beaches and back bay spots, essentially any saltwater reel over $150 will at least have a drag seal, and possibly a body seal, that will handle the light splashes and spray you’ll deal with. “Surf approved” is completely dependent on where you’re fishing. If you’re fishing boulder fields constantly, yeah you should have the best sealing on the market, which would be a VS or zeebaas. If you need a reel that can be submerged for brief periods and can handle constant heavy splashes, there are a decent amount of options before spending $700+. If you’re fishing calm water and don’t wade too deep, then there are plenty of options that can handle splashes and spray.
  3. There is such a massive middle ground of surf reels between a BG (ok entry level reel) and a Van Staal lol. Not saying it’s a bad idea or anything, but that’s like going from a dodge neon to a Ferrari.
  4. It depends on where you’re fishing more than anything else. If you’re constantly fishing boulder fields and wetsuiting, yeah it makes sense. Otherwise, the answer is it’s never necessary when there are self serviceable reels out there that are near waterproof for $200-300. I’d much rather 3 saragosas than one VS any day.
  5. 20 ounces is not uncommon for orient point tog.
  6. It’s to sink boats that fish too close to a jetty.
  7. Fathom is a great choice whether you go star drag or lever drag. Pure bottom fishing for snappers and grouper I’d personally go star drag, but if you’re going to mess with pelagics a lever drag could come in handy.
  8. Hard choice, but I’m going with a 1-2 oz white bucktail with whatever red trailer just for sheer versatility. However, as far as fish per cast success, I’d rate tsunami sandeel, little neck popper and sp minnow up there as well. Rarely do I stray from these four.
  9. Deadly dick is my go to tin, but I’ve replaced the vast majority of my tin usage with epoxy jigs. And then of course the A17 if it’s a sandeel bite and I want to show my friends how many schoolies I can pose wi…I mean catch.
  10. Daiwa BG has the best main gear in the “budget” class of reels, which matters a lot. Manufacturer stats don’t matter as much as performance, and the BG is a very reliable reel that you can get for around $100. Max drag doesn’t matter much if the rest of the reel can’t handle that drag pressure, or if you’d never use that heavy of a drag in that class of reel. You would not have fun fishing a tsunami shield of any class with 30lbs of drag, and neither would the reel. I had one that literally blew up with MUCH less drag pressure applied.
  11. Beautiful park, but you’re not missing out on much fishing wise.
  12. C.Robin


    For a full out blitz, I’m thinking sustained surface action where bass/blue/albies/other predators. have baitfish pinned against the surface and/or other structure. Most, if not all casts should result in a fish if they’re feeding aggressively enough and have the numbers to be considered a blitz.
  13. Agreed, my comment was more in regards to the sea bass and fluke fishery. But if they have that attitude in the summer I don’t see why they wouldn’t have it in the fall. Even if they’re more likely to be regulars, not many people who care about the resource are going to hop on a party boat for striped bass, considering there is not much sport in dropping down and reeling up a diamond jig at whichever spot they’re dragged too. It’s meat fisherman.
  14. Head boats encourage it, and considering a high percentage of fisherman who go on head boats aren’t experienced fisherman, they may not even know better. Often a “borderline” (obvious short) fish comes up, the mate takes it and pretends to measure it somewhere, and then will say it’s good.
  15. Where do you see 550 bls slammer for $179??
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