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  1. Absolutely, western south shore I was referring to basically RM-west. But I can definitely make near Huntington work, I’ll be passing by that area on the way home from work a couple times next week. PM me a date/time that works for you and I’ll see if I can make it work.
  2. As the title says, looking to sell the two pictured rods. The custom rod is about 7’8”, fiberglass, very old school. Looks like something that would be used for cod or deep water tog. Got it from a garage sale with the intention of restoring it, never got around to it. Would work as is, but if you have some rod building experience, this could be turned into a beauty-$10 St.Croix PM76MH- Mostly used this rod for offshore fluke jigging and inshore tog. It’s still a great rod, just my preference these days has been for rods with a more moderate action. It’s an older model that has certainly seen some use, but it’s still in good- very good condition-$30 $35 takes them both. Meet up Western SS of LI. I also work on the east end once a month, but won’t be back there until early June. Not flexible on pricing.
  3. That is about the going price for wading boots, and that doesn’t even include spikes. Sierra trading post sometimes has really good deals on waders/wading boots.
  4. You can get away with the typical 30-50lbs mono most people use for bass as long as you’re using decent sized plugs/jigs. Blues bite from behind and they bite short, I don’t think I’ve ever had one cut me off while using a tin. Bait is a different story, in which I’d use wire if specifically targeting blues.
  5. Absolutely, if you air down they just float over sand. There is even a guy who I see on the south shore beaches with a crosstrek...zips right along. I’ve also seen plenty of Jeeps and pick ups stuck, a lot of it comes to the driver.
  6. Just want to remind everyone, even if your desired outcome occurs regarding these issues, you still need to hold your commissioners/ASMFC reps responsible if they vote against the fisheries (and your) best interests.
  7. I wouldn’t consider it with the listed ground clearance.
  8. They don’t care. Subarus are great on the beach, but they have greater ground clearance than most vehicles and their awd system is full time. There are others that can lock, if you have the ground clearance and can air down enough AWD is fine. The idea that you need a tank on the beach is asinine.
  9. Great lesson from dad. Sea robin are also plenty tasty lol.
  10. My physician (who I dropped after such idiocy) said we reached herd immunity in April 2020. Being a healthcare worker doesn’t automatically make you an expert in every medical field. Especially when healthcare workers include a broad range of people, most of which don’t have anything near an MD (or even a bachelors degree).
  11. Reminds me of the pricks who kill and release dogfish on party boats because they’re “eating all their fish”. If they’re native species, it is a POS move to kill a fish just because they annoy you. Makes all fisherman look bad when people pull that crap.
  12. Mesh dive gear backpack+fish bag.
  13. The weight capacities vary widely by model, look up your model’s capacity online. There are certainly some that can handle two people and some shellfish, but most won’t.
  14. The secret is to get desert camo car wraps and park on top of the dunes. (don’t actually do this)
  15. Really? I asked one at Jones once if they could enforce fisheries regs and they said no. Wouldn’t be the first time I encountered a state park police officer that didn’t know what they were doing. Almost got cited for trespassing once because the park police officer didn’t know the night permit was valid starting on 4/1.