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  1. By me, I’ve had more success fishing jetty pockets than off the tip. Unless I see fish/birds working, I’m not even getting on an ocean jetty and even if there is action, I’m not going on in rough conditions.
  2. Gibbs for me as well. I love tsunami’s plastic plugs, especially the talking popper, but I’ve had a few duds with their wooden stuff.
  3. Yea, because Trump hasn’t been trying to bail out dying industries lmao.
  4. I live in LI. I’ll start fishing for Stripers first warm front of April.
  5. Yup, earth was created for humans to rape and burn, not to preserve. Example infinity on why I can’t take religion seriously. People will just bend it to support their views, no matter the consequences.
  6. https://www.epa.gov/superfund/search-superfund-sites-where-you-live You’d be amazed at the contamination even a single poorly operated gas station can cause, and how often releases go unreported.
  7. Hopefully they go to a state that needs more growth and deserves an opportunity like this. I lean left, but the AOCs of the world are ridiculous.
  8. All lures are obsolete under certain circumstances. There are situations where plugs will out produce anything else in the bag, and times when they’re useless.
  9. Thank you, I will be driving up for sunrise, hopefully there aren’t any insane bikers coming down at that time lol.
  10. Hmm, I plan on driving to Haleakala’s for the sunrise one day, from what I’ve read there is a parking lot near the summit and the roads are well marked and maintained. Is science city closer to the peak?
  11. Interested in this thread as well, I will be there in July for my honeymoon.
  12. I use one of these on my current surf set up, but I thread wrapped it on. Would still be relatively easy to remove if I wanted to, but I can’t think of why I would do so.
  13. Electrical tape. With some practice you can get it very tight. I only switched to a reel seat because I am constantly switching my main surf reel between rods.
  14. (1) white sp minnow (~$10) (1) blurple sp minnow (~$10) $20 worth of bucktails between 1-2 ounces (1) jar of otter strips or fat cow jig strips ($10)
  15. Definitely my least favorite job when I worked at a marina, and it’s much, much more annoying if done on a trailer instead of a lift. My dad and I decide every other spring if it’s worth the effort of doing it ourselves or having a professional do it. Last few times, the professional won. The job itself isn’t difficult , just tedious.