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  1. Marmot transcends. Water resistant, zip off into shorts, and unlike columbias offerings, they have a ton of stretch. I used to use the Columbia convertible pants, but they always ended up ripping at the crotch within a few months. Billabong all day undershorts dry quickly. Most fully synthetic underwear will dry quickly.
  2. I’d guess that the dolphin was dead, sick or a juvenile before that mako got to it. An adult dolphin would be quite the feat for a 200# mako.
  3. Carnival also owns many other cruise lines. Cruises mostly suck anyway, but if you do decide to go on one I’d avoid carnival specifically, this being one reason of many.
  4. Yea, it’s the rambler version. I also like the colster a lot too, as I tend to forget my beer places lol. The yeti accessory prices are ridiculous. I did get a straw lid for the half gallon because driving with a jug blocking my vision isn’t very safe, but I too felt cheated.
  5. The tumblr I got my dad recently included the mag slider lid. Maybe the newer models include it? I love the half gallon, got it at a local home goods for cheaper than the RTIC version.
  6. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the only thing sealed on a BG the drag? Definitely would not consider it dunkable. I think all that’s left in the ~$300 dunkable category is the gosa/spheros, and then a shield if you go even cheaper. I have a shield on my new back bay rod I built, like it so far but hasn’t been tested on anything decent yet.
  7. Definitely agree with parts of this. Army Corps of Engineers does a great job of ruining every ecosystem they touch. Can’t wait to see what they do to Montauk.
  8. Did “okay” in the south shore bays late April - May, have only had luck on the boat since beginning of June. Plenty of bunker out there, but the pods have been holding in ~40ft to well outside the EEZ. Have not seen much bait besides spearing nearshore or inshore.
  9. I agree, I was referring to an idealistic society where everyone had common sense.
  10. Simply put, more people=more idiots. IMO, they should absolutely bring back the fee for the marine registration, and all proceeds should go to enforcement. While I wish fishing could be considered a “right” too many people take advantage of our fisheries.
  11. Received my log within a few days of signing up. I will probably only grab scale samples from a few boat caught fish, would likely put less stress on the fish instead of holding em down in the sand.
  12. Facebook is cancer, I only really use it to plan an event or talk to family/friends I haven’t seen in awhile. I do like Instagram, never had twitter.
  13. A lot of those roto molded coolers are made in the same factory. No cooler is going to hold ice that long if it’s not pre chilled and isn’t completely filled with ice. Yetis and RTICs are basically the same. Yetis you will be paying for the name brand and the warranty. RTICs warranty sucks, but I have a 45QT and it works fine.
  14. Basspro tourney angler rod. Use it for freshwater bassing, fluke and managed to bring in a big ass southern ray I hooked while fluking.
  15. From what I remember, J&H had a decent selection. If you want high end waders, you will probably have to order online.