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  1. Mine’s pretty smooth, but you really have to compare it with other sealed reels. I think only the drag is sealed on the BG. Certainly a chance yours is a dud, but if you’ve ever tried reeling a VS you’d see that you sacrifice smootheness for water resistance.
  2. All the hunters I’ve met have had the utmost respect for the species they harvest. Making sure nothing goes to waste, killing their harvest humanely, supporting conservation, the list goes on. Surfcasters seem to be a bit more like hunters in this regard, but there are way too many fisherman out there who want nothing short of a slaughter...disgusts me really.
  3. Damn....may have to setup a plug trap there next fall =)
  4. I honestly think Pence would be a more successful president for republicans, at least as far as strengthening the republican agenda. It would be less fun for them though, let’s not pretend Trump won the republican primaries or presidency on “policy”.
  5. They should put a roof up too, considering the amount of illegal immigrants who just fly in and overstay their visas. Border wall could end up as the greatest waste of United States taxpayer money of all time, I can’t believe republicans are considered the “fiscally responsible party” lmao. Most of our immigration issues could be solved through legislation...and I absolutely agree that many leftists are too soft on illegal immigration.
  6. Eh, don’t really have a best storry, a few cool ones. Have had some nice snapper stolen by goliath grouper and giant bull sharks on the surface down in the keys, but that is relatively common down there. Also, grabbed a 5 gallon bucket that had a nice sized tripletail in it down there, which is also common apparently lol. I snagged a southern stingray while drifting for fluke near Jones Inlet, managed to get it boatside with an outfit better suited for largemouth bass. Also, caught a friend’s SP minnow a few casts after he snapped his off.
  7. Forester, outback and crosstrek are the same at 8.7. Great clearance for a small suv.
  8. I think ugly sticks are a bit underrated for some applications, mainly bait fishing, but I would never use one for plugging/bucktailing. If you’re using artificials, definitely would recommend the airwave elite like the posters before me.
  9. I’m glad to hear this. Haven’t picked a rod blank yet, but thinking something around 8ft that could throw light bucktails and minnow style plugs a good distance. I was worried the 4500 may be bit bulky for this application.
  10. Depends on the size of the reds in your area, but I’d go with the 3500.
  11. I hope you realize, long term, the stock market always goes up...right? Like, a long term negative trend would be the equivalent of an economic apocalypse. Comparing the raw stock market totals to past presidents quite simply makes no sense. That being said, politics has much less of a role on long term stock market gains and losses than people would think. Trump shouldn’t be blamed everytime it takes a tumble, and I don’t even like the guy.
  12. White bucktail, chartreuse otter tail. Usually it’s SP minnows.
  13. That one looks pretty sweet. I certainly don’t think foresters are ugly, but I like the wagon look of the outbacks. To save a few thousand bucks though, I would probably go with the forester. By the time I’m in the market for one, they could both look completely different. My Rav is currently at 140k, I could see it lasting to ~200k before repairs aren’t worth it.
  14. Best deal I’ve seen in awhile, picked up a 4500. Thank you!
  15. All I know is I’m glad I missed out on the butt chugging trend lol.