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  1. Because independents have no chance at becoming president due to the toxic left vs right tribalism in this country.
  2. Agree with Ben here. 0% of entitlements should go to those who are here illegally. How they plan on enforcing this? We shall see I guess.
  3. Yes, salt marshes make great structure for stripers. Use google maps to pick out the fishy looking ones, and avoid navigation channels at all costs.
  4. It’s fun to watch people try to fish the middle of it in max tide, that’s for sure. I avoid piers these days like the plague, but it used to be an okay blackfish spot.
  5. Yes, on the walk back to my car I make sure to grab what I can get. I keep a bag in my surf bag, but usually I can just find one on the beach to use lol. People are animals. I also encourage people to keep their single use plastics to a minimum. Think of all the waste that could be avoided if everyone used a reusable cup at Starbucks/ DD/7/11 or used reusable shopping bags.
  6. Water parameters change rapidly in small bodies of water. It doesn’t take much to turn on or turn off a small pond fishery. I’d get a bigger fishing sample size before blaming a couple birds.
  7. I save my frustration for the entities that allow pre-spawn fish to be harvested. Now if someone asks me why I released a keeper, then I’ll give my reasoning. If someone is poaching, I call the DEC immediately. Not worth confronting anyone today over a fish with how quick idiots are to pull out weapons.
  8. Not great. https://www.int-res.com/abstracts/meps/v496/p207-218/
  9. Tackle shop near me sells a ruler decal with the current years regs on it. I just stick it somewhere on the gunwales.
  10. Source of this claim? I mean, the petroleum industry gets 26 billion a year of taxpayer money to sell a carcinogenic pollutant that routinely ends up in the water we drink. I for sure wouldn’t mind a big chunk of that money going to renewable energy sources instead. Bunch of welfare queens over there at the big oil companies.
  11. More like a time burn, now everyone is going to be fishing in the dark
  12. Seriously, I couldn’t even imagine the characters on the beach at night if it was a free for all.
  13. I love my Avet SX G2, very powerful little reel. Could go even smaller (SXJ) and still handle any striper/bluefish the ocean has to offer.
  14. I feel like the 8k is unnecessarily big for the vast majority of surf fishing, especially if you’re just plugging.