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  1. WE2 and construction docks are closed for the 2020 season as of now, but field 6 is still open.
  2. Most beaches are open for night fishing if you have the correct permit. You won't be able to buy the state park (like J.B.) permit until Labor Day, as they stop selling them March 31st.
  3. Here ya go. I absolutely have nothing against Jones Beach being used as a testing site, and I'm absolutely empathetic to everyone impacted by COVID-19, but there is no reason two of the most popular western south shore spots should be closed for the season.
  4. "Use as a COVID sample site" I understand keeping the testing area closed during hours it's open, but there is no reason it should be closed before/after hours, and there is no reason the construction dock area should be closed at all. And why couldn't it be moved to one of the other parking fields that's never used?
  5. Both WE2 and construction dock will be closed for 2020 season per the e-mail I just got from the parks department. Ridiculous .
  6. Definitely 4/0 or 5/0. A lot of the people having issues with inlines are using ones that are too small.
  7. I don't have the rod, but if you load any rod up with well past what it was designed to hold up to, the line is going to touch the rod. But I'm sure with a few ounces of lead and a fluke, it will load up just fine.
  8. I'd love to see a Tiger shark up close (but not personal). Most beautiful fish in the sea IMO.
  9. Not much state land in that area, I would definitely get the Suffolk parks permit. Your night permit would only be good for the state parks listed on the back of the permit
  10. Damn, I haven't had a day like that from the surf in a long time. Awesome stuff!
  11. Place acoustic tags on all the sharks, and acoustic receivers on all the fisherman. Problem solved
  12. First and final bump
  13. Hi all, looking to buy a used, higher quality surf bag to upgrade my current one. I'm looking for something similar to the gear up 2 tube w/ front pouch, but I figured I'd check the used market first, thanks.
  14. Walk through some brush and $800 waders are just as likely to leak as $300 ones. In the end, it's a few layers of nylon/polyester, no matter what the company. While junk waders absolutely do exist, and are much more likely to fail at the seams, you're likely just paying for the warranty going from mid-range to high end waders.
  15. J&H and Causeway are my favorites on LI. I really don't go much anymore though, I rarely use bait and if I do I catch it myself. When I do go I usually stock up enough to not go for awhile.