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  1. Last night out front CMC had a steady pull of a dozen small blues for a few hours before sunset.
  2. Fished the out going chocolate milk down in CMC this afternoon, skunked. May go out tonight and hit some different spots. Then i'm out of here and helping the wife at Shadfest this weekend.
  3. Fished the outgoing in CMC this afternoon and got skunked -threw the bag at it. Couple of guys C&R'd some schoolies earlier. Large pod of dolphins showed, the weather was beautiful even with the brisk SW wind. Might try the incoming tonight.
  4. Nice fish Joefishnj21
  5. Thanks for the heads up Goldy. I put the DEP number in my phone.
  6. That's very cool, never seen one that small. I see your in WW I'm in CMCH.
  7. Thanks for the report coolhandfluke. Glad to hear it.
  8. Happy New Year.
  9. I'm a fan of crushing barbs, especially with what we're seeing these days. Also like to tag.
  10. Just came in after fishing the out going tide down here in CM. Think I threw everything in my bag. Didn't see any bait or birds where there were sand eels on Sunday. Not even a bump, I'll hit it tomorrow early AM.
  11. Buckscorider, here Ya go. So last night as I spooned up next to my wife and she turned to me and asked, "Do you know the difference between dark and hard?" Me: ?? Wife: "It stays dark all night!"
  12. I'm a newbie here. Fished last three days out front in CM Co. Skunked. Before that picked at shorts mostly on teaser.