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  1. Just did a gsb1201l and a gsb1201m for me true craftsmanship!
  2. Thanks all my brothers no your advice went to bass rock a few shorts and 1 18 inches we just finished eating ,definitely not an easy adversary can’t wait till fall
  3. Thanks fob seriously considering for next season thanks again
  4. I’m in bass and blues donate 1 ounce andrus buck to each category
  5. Thanks ld
  6. The wife is really busting my chops to catch and cook tog any popular bay spots I know to use green crabs,but I target bass blues and albies from shore and I use wood and plastic ,so rigs or jigs what tides ?i know rocky structure is a must what else?
  7. Spectacle pond and Wendy’s serves breakfast now
  8. Best comeback so far lololololol imagine if all you guys put this much energy into picking up your trash,uhoh I might have just started another rant!
  9. Same here Monday am got o nice schoolie 27 ¾ rest of the week has been a grind
  10. Fisherman’s headquarters has a few I just bought a half dozen
  11. Park at Wakefield mall call Uber or Lyft
  12. Sickening !!! I walked in Monday am people are just animals .walk the shoreline around watchmockett cove or bold point and count orange straws from everyone’s favorite coffee shop it’s staggering! Fished 50 yds of shoreline east bay Monday already counted 37 rubber gloves 9 face masks CMON PEOPLE USE A FREAKING TRASH BAG OR YOUR POCKET TILL YOU GET HOME! I’m just venting tight lines be safe
  13. Can’t beat korkers rocktrax plus
  14. Wtf huge seals in Jerusalem,fished blue shutters for 30sec 2 big seals Monahans same story 3 dink’s in gannet before sunrise