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  1. The Egg 3/4oz from BPS. Wakebait from Strike King 1/2oz and my favorite. The Jitterbug 5/8oz.
  2. I'm a big fan of the Pflueger President Spinning Reel (20). Never had much of an issue with them. I'm just looking to see what other fisher peoples favorites are. Tight Lines and Be SAFE!!
  3. Amen. My Brothers and Sisters. Be safe out there.
  4. Will never complain. Fishing is fishing. Peace of Mind.
  5. Started of with a decent one. 2nd cast. Apparently they decided to shrink during the day.
  6. Check out BPS The Egg.
  7. If we are going to meet. I'll give you cash if that works. PM me to organize hook up.
  8. What's up Buddy. Long time no see. Hope you and yours are doing well.


  9. I'll take them for $35 if you will take a personal check. Wait for it to clear before shipment.
  10. At a local park. Early morning. Personal Best for me at this park. BPS Egg lure 3/4oz.
  11. Personally I use the VMC Duolock Snap Swivel. Never had an issue with them Size 10 for trout up to 6 for Bass.
  12. SeaFly. It's a large Jitterbug. Leimire (spelling) I believe makes them.
  13. No toothy fish. Was rather surprised. But did get some Rock Bass ant Trout. Great 15th anniversary for the wife and I. We got to see and do all the things she wanted to do and the fishing wasn’t to bad either. Tight Lines.
  14. Yes it is sand.
  15. The one in my hand lol. Not the dog. lol.