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  1. WOW!!! I didn't think this would go this far. No more arguing. The old SP'' had crap hardware, Rosco split ring and VMC (9626 perma steel) hooks were needed to get them fishable. There is no doubt about that. The say they up graded the lures. The hooks look ok?? But the split rings???? The price went up on the plugs also the upgrade parts. Basically. I'll answer my own question, I'll keep upgrading the plugs until I feel confident in their up grades.
  2. I’ve been changing both since they came on the scene. But if the hooks can be trusted. It will save a few bucks.
  3. I do recall something about them up grading it. Did they?? I picked up the new color Grunion but it looks to me like the it’s the same.
  4. How big is your bag? Are you planning on just fishing the Canal? Local shops will hook you up with what is working for the canal. Personally as stated earlier. Buy the heavy gear at the shops.
  5. It is but?? Thanks for posting. I’m looking for the small one. That’s the large. Thanks again for taking your time to post. Appreciated. Tight Lines.
  6. I use them fishing for Cunner and Pollock. Cast it out and bounce it back. Unfortunately they do get hung up and lost.
  7. Let us know. Pics are the bomb!! Tight Lines.
  8. Please don't hijack another members thread
  9. What type of set up are you using? 3/way swivel with a lighter line to your sinker will help. You will still lose hung up sinkers. Tide currants are not kind chunking in rocky areas.
  10. Thank you all for the replies. Much appreciated. My PB large mouth was on a ML with 16lbs braid last year. My thought was to bring that set up. The reel is a Mitchell 308. Travel charges stopped that. It’s a 1 pc. Reel I’m planning on using. Got some great replies. Thanks again.
  11. Would love to catch a Gar but?? Most likely got for bass and trout. For all around probable looking for a 7'er. Don't know any of the terrain so.
  12. I’ve a couple posts of going to Tennessee. I’m hoping they finally narrow down exactly where the wife is going to be working, definitely help me out for some fishing. Anyway. I need to pick up a travel rod. Amazon has one for $55. I know you get what you pay for but this will be used only a few times in my lifetime. Lol. mic the airlines didn’t charge so much for rod tubes. I’d bring my own rods. Thanks for any and all replies.
  13. Any news for Jasper TN? Wife is being sent there instead of Carthage. Compared to MA Tennessee is a lot bigger. Lol
  14. Jasper TN now. Apparently we are going to another spot in TN do to my wifes work schedule. Has anybody been? Yes I am looking for spots to fish. Never been to TN before so any and all help is welcome. Also need to pick up a descent travel rod. Goture 4pc travel rod on Amazon any good?