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  1. I'd jump on one
  2. Yeah Skinner's dead on with needle fish. When sand eels are present and everybody else leaves the beach that were throwing diamond jigs all day because it got dark, needle fish plugs produce big time and you could be catching fish for most of the night sometimes with them. What bait seems to be around that area? Peanuts/adult bunker, mullet, rain bait? I'm guessing I'll be using bucktails and rubber shad the most. Whenever I've been back there I always think that it looks like a good striper spot.
  3. Great info. Enough for me to pack the car half full of equipment. Cant wait to walk through the casino geared up =p Been a lot of sand eels around?
  4. Hey NJ anglers I'm coming down from long island and going to AC this weekend. So I'm trying to get a little info without spot burning. I got a hotel on the beach with hope that I could walk onto the beach and have a shot at some bass. I don't remember ever seeing anyone fish the beach by the boardwalk but was wondering, is it allowed? Action has died (for me) around here and I was really hoping to get one last good shot before the winter. Any allowed info would be appreciated!
  5. The bullet has no action on it? I rather a needle than a fat/short/light needle (sp bullet)
  6. My pb was on a large sp parrot. I use both lures in similar conditions and the SP seems to outshine for me. Both are great. If I went to the open beach right now the first lure I'd try is the SP. What about the SP bullets? I have 20 or so SP minnows but no sp bullets. I spoke with someone recently that will only use the bullets.
  7. This year my slammer III, Conflict 1 , and 2 all burnt out. My 2 penn battle II's are what's held up. I do dunk/get splashed a lot. I keep a jug of freshwater to rinse it off during use. Also the battle 2's were the only ones that the line roller isn't seized. I thought I wanted something bigger but have been using the 3000 out of necessity and it's been nice, light, powerful enough for open beach fishing. They also seem to do better with sand than the other reels in my experience.
  8. You're right. Tsunami is sending me a whole new rod when they receive the bottom! I love their rods and now customer service is up there too for me I believe it would help. I may be looking to use some JB weld marine epoxy to make things more permanent. I shouldn't have to break the pole down with the rod rack. Just not sure if that's the epoxy I should be using.
  9. Too funny lol
  10. I'm guessing you used an epoxy? Tsunami is sending me another - pretty cool. I'm going to fuse it together and mark it. It snapped very easily on the cast. 30lb braid open beach. I had just taken some line off the reel hopefully insuring the line was good. I kept adjusting because I noticed it was coming loose a lot but I had just caught a fish and didn't check before that cast. The waves may have gotten it wet. I can't say I remember that happening to me before either.
  11. A 1.25oz bucktail. I do definitely need to mark my 2 piece rods. That trophy II was a 2 week old rod and I was having issues with it coming loose from the start. I was constantly adjusting it. I just can't believe how smooth the two mating surfaces are. Both smooth coated, nothing coarse. Maybe I should fuse a 2 piece like that together.
  12. The top of my 9' Tsunami Trophy II slipped off and went flying into the ocean last night Monday 11/11. Anyone happen to find it?
  13. lol @ blaming it on northerners. We're the only ones that fish for them
  14. I've been catching blues in the spring and this fall. The big ones were around in May. Like most others are saying, not like it used to be however I've had days where it seems like the waters full of them. (spring)
  15. Out of all of Skinner's books I refer to "Striper Pursuit" the most