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  1. Great mid April day!
  2. While not sacrificing much feel and distance I'd go with the stronger equipment more likely to hold while fighting a big fish. 30 is what I use. I trust the knots a lot more.
  3. Slammer 3 4500 for my 9'6 as well
  4. Tire deflators are the best!
  5. Happy Birthday TimS!!!
  6. I'm curious too!
  7. Is there somewhere it says who will be giving seminars? I saw Bill Wetzel will be speaking =)
  8. If we see a tagged fish, we leave the tag on or take it off?
  9. Great thread thanks!
  10. They still have some cheaper (including the $143) if you click "from other sellers".. I didn't realize my reel was coming from China whoops!
  11. You are the man thanks!!! I bought another! haha
  12. I paid 200 for a 4500 today (thought that was good) I wish I saw this the other day!!! Nice deal you guys got!
  13. I'd buy one right now
  14. Went to the beach for 2 hours early this morning. Shorts all over. Went back for a couple hours in the afternoon, the wind kicked up and they were still there. Some sand eels in the wash and some sand flea. No other fishermen either trip. I hung up my waders tonight just to dry them off. They aren't going away just yet.
  15. In a way it's nicer to fish because we get to use some lighter equip. 9'6 airwave is one of my favorite rods to use. Barbs being crushed already bailed me out this fall when I hooked a bird wing (helpful with fish too ). Good advice. Time to go take some rips!