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  1. Ok. We were hoping to take it out in the bay or out front for some late fall stripers. We both surf all winter so we do have winter wetsuits, maybe wear those ? Going to take it out Saturday in a freshwater lake and just pedal around, get a feel for it, see how stable it feels. Thanks again for all the good advice.
  2. Thanks, great advice! Especially about the waders. Never even thought about the possibility of them filling up. I see YouTube videos of people kayak fishing and it looks like they have waders on, maybe just because they're more experienced and aren't worried about falling out?
  3. I just bought a used tandem mirage drive kayak from letgo for me and my 15 yr old son. Neither one of us has ever used a kayak before. Any tips would be great, especially what to vfc wear? Not sure if you get wet or not, so should we wear chest waders, wetsuits, or regular clothes?