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  1. I take it this is a place I can come here, and freely ask newbie questions? For those who fish the beaches, how do you carry around all your gear, if you're bringing multiple rods. Rod bag? Those seem a little small for the long rods we use, at least the bags I'm looking at. I will be carrying 3 rods with me if I'm using bait, plus tackle box, plugs, chair, bucket, maybe more stuff I'm forgetting, idk. Seems like a lot to carry if you're walking a long way. Right now I wear a backpack that carries my box and plugs. One hand has a rod (I only have one atm...) and bucket. Other I'm holding my chair. Not even carrying a cooler with me.
  2. Are you answering my question or someone else's? On amazon, they're the same price.
  3. If you change your mind, I'm interested
  4. Always heard spiderwire was considered a premium line, so I'm a little surprised to see everyone on the board using PP. They both cost ~$25 (stealth vs spectra) for 300yd/20lb. Any reason everyone is using PP over spiderwire?
  5. length? condition? assuming that's not an elite?
  6. @striper_fanatic are you avoiding the airwave questions? I too am interested in the airwave if it's a 10'6" elite.
  7. Which airwave?
  8. Interested if @Al_Dente doesnt take them.
  9. any chance the spros are new?
  10. Heck yea I was offering $115 if he shipped it to NJ, and I'm as close as you can get to NY without being in NY.
  11. No body told me that when I started fishing. Is that why I haven't been catching anything? /s That actually sounds pretty tempting. I might have to hold back for now, especially since it's a one piece. I drive a honda fit, so even with the seats down, the rod would be sticking out of the passenger window.
  12. Is there a noteworthy difference? Will the elite put me on more fish?
  13. I would have to respectfully decline that offer for now, I'll probably start fishing again in 3 or 4 months so if this offer is still up by then, I'll get in contact with you.
  14. Fair, willing to negotiate at all on this? It'll cost me $15 to cross, and at least 2 hours round trip to get to you with no traffic... Maybe I'd pay $115, and you take the cost to ship? If not, I just need time to sit on it. Not that I'm trying to haggle you too much. I'm just new to the game and still thinking about what I should get, and I'm not in a rush at the moment.
  15. Would you be willing to sell the 10'6" for 100 and eat the cost of shipping? I'm in Secaucus, NJ