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  1. I foul hooked an albie at Sandy hook sometime in october. It was probably odd that I caught it. That day was a slow day for everyone. It was my second or third day of surf fishing. I didn't see anyone catch anything while I was there, but I caught a weakfish (I think) and an albie (foul hooked) pretty far out. Beginners luck I guess.
  2. I can do 60 whatever payment
  3. Really sorry boys. I've seen comments similar to mine and no one has really said anything against it. I'll delete.
  4. Looking for a starter kit as I'm just getting into the sport. I'm interested, but I want to know the plugs I'm buying. If it isn't too much, could you list what they are?
  5. @EricDice that thread makes it look like no one knows what they are talking about. Heck, not that I know anything, but it sounds like everyone is confusing, or using interchangeably, the concept of power and action, even though they know what each is, superficially. I get what power is, I think. It's essentially the strength of the rod, not where it bends or how fast it bends. Two rods of the same power, regardless if slow or fast, should be able to bring in the same fish, otherwise, they would not have the same power. Whether it feels the same or not is a different story. Everything outside of this, I still don't really understand Side note, which you probably don't need to read, but it's interesting. I'm very big into weightlifting, so I almost see power like that. Two people who can lift the same weight for a maximal attempt (power) may vary in explosiveness. For the more explosive lifter, all the weights until (and/or including the maximal attempt) will feel pretty easy because it is fast. For the slower, grinder lifter, they may all feel hard. But at some point for the explosive lifter, the weight simply does not go up, because his speed cannot carry him through. The weight ceases, and even though everything looked easy prior, the next increment after max is a complete fail (as if it isn't even close), whereas for the slower lifter, the next weight is a more predictable fail; the weight may look like it is going up, and he may be close, but he simply misses the lift at some point. Calling all this fast or slow is only in weightlifting, and I'm not making any reference to fishing, but the "feeling" of the weight certainly seems like it sounds a little bit like action. ANYWAY, I have a few more questions if anyone is still looking at this thread. What types of lures are good for what conditions, GENERALLY? Where I'm going with this is I've bought some well known lures, but since then, I've learned a lot of them are based on conditions. I've heard darter and/or bombers are mainly good at night; correct me if I'm wrong about that. Bottle plugs are great in more rough water. It seems like when I go out often here in the Jersey beaches, waters are more often rough than not, so should be getting a few bottle plugs? Poppers are typically better in calmer waters, because it makes a lot of commotion, and I probably shouldn't bother with this when the water is rough. Maybe stick to bays using poppers? Night fishing often depends on sound and vibration, not so much visual. So maybe it isn't best to use a SP minnow or deadly dick at night, because those lures are supposed to catch the attention of fish by retrieving them quickly. I also hear bucktails pretty much are a staple. Should I be buying a ton of bucktails? Different weights, hair density, different trailers, etc? Also I was wondering, why do I bother free lining live bait? Isn't the whole goal of a fish is to stay alive? So If I'm free lining it, won't it try its damn best to swim away from the predator? Assuming no rocks, isn't a better option, almost 100% of the time, to chicken rig it? So that it can still swim freely, within some area, but can't escape from that area.
  6. @rhahn427 if you are willing to sell the john skinner books you just bought, let me know XD. i'd also be interested in buying the art of surf casting w lures
  7. Thanks @EricDice, seems like people mainly just carry things by hand then, not something that packs everything into one bag... How do I know what action I want in a rod? Is that dependent on what I fish for and what lure I use? How so?
  8. I take it this is a place I can come here, and freely ask newbie questions? For those who fish the beaches, how do you carry around all your gear, if you're bringing multiple rods. Rod bag? Those seem a little small for the long rods we use, at least the bags I'm looking at. I will be carrying 3 rods with me if I'm using bait, plus tackle box, plugs, chair, bucket, maybe more stuff I'm forgetting, idk. Seems like a lot to carry if you're walking a long way. Right now I wear a backpack that carries my box and plugs. One hand has a rod (I only have one atm...) and bucket. Other I'm holding my chair. Not even carrying a cooler with me.
  9. Are you answering my question or someone else's? On amazon, they're the same price.
  10. If you change your mind, I'm interested
  11. Always heard spiderwire was considered a premium line, so I'm a little surprised to see everyone on the board using PP. They both cost ~$25 (stealth vs spectra) for 300yd/20lb. Any reason everyone is using PP over spiderwire?
  12. length? condition? assuming that's not an elite?
  13. @striper_fanatic are you avoiding the airwave questions? I too am interested in the airwave if it's a 10'6" elite.
  14. Which airwave?
  15. Interested if @Al_Dente doesnt take them.