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  1. Just remember it's $20 before being taxed as a independent contractor and accounting for gas and wear on your car. And I'm in a dense area, so I'll often be able to get pinged for a ride (often multiple if I decline rides) before I drop off my first passenger. In other more sparse areas, I would not expect to get anywhere near this. If I drive when the bars are closing in Jersey city between 2-4AM, I'll make ~$30 an hour if I don't get lucky on a ride. But half the time I do, and get a ride that's like 30 min out/~20 miles, and it equates to $40/hour because the one good ride, I'll make ~$70. These guys are paying around $100 to get home. But again, I'm fortunate to live where I live. Often in my area, the surge during these nights is around the same time and most of the rides aren't too far out where I leave a surging area. But I do pray for the ride that does go a little further out and the miles rack up on a very high surge. That's almost always at the end of a night, and it's a one and done deal. Mornings aren't too bad in my area either where the surge spans over a very large area. Most uber drivers are not driving during off hours because the rides really are not reliable. If you can work 3 hours during the morning rush and 3 hours in the evening, plus a few hours on the weekend, you can make a living.
  2. Did it as a side job while changing careers and taking courses; really I only did it for 2-6 hours a week during some hot hours (I didn't really need the money, but it's nice to have money to pay for luxuries). I actually just started my new career this past week, so I just stopped driving. Feel free to ask me any questions. We're fortunate to be in NJ and to uber. With that being said, Monmouth/ Ocean county aren't the best places to drive. I'm up in North Jersey, where a lot of spots surge (there is a high demand for rides compared to drivers available in the area). Areas like Montclair, Jersey City, Newark, etc surge quite often and you can make quite good money, not to mention you get frequent rides because the area is fairly dense. As a driver, you have a map to see which areas surge when they're surging. I don't think I've ever seen Monmouth/Ocean country surge in the slightest. With no surge, in my area, working normal hours (read not rush hours and bar closing hours 2-3AM in JC), you can make ~$20/hour less gas, wear and tear, etc. Never really had any issues with anyone, and definitely not too bad for a single guy. I do have a dash cam that records the front of my vehicle, and the back. They're not too expensive nowadays. It's benefited me a few nights actually, because I've taken a few fishing trips (an hour away). I can set my destination to home after my trip, and pick up people along the way and drive them to their destination. You're not supposed to have things in the trunk (especially not a fishing rod that goes from the back to the front of the car XD), but I've always called my passenger ahead of time and ask if this will be an issue. It never has been for me. AMA
  3. I will speak to him about that. Thanks.
  4. Maybe it's not there. I wouldn't know. These are his words, but things are not matching up.
  5. Number 12 looks like it has a different metal lip. In the first picture, it looks like it's going straight down. In the second picture, there is a slant. Am I not seeing this correctly? There also seems to be a hook in the tail in 12 of the first picture, but the one I received has that missing.
  6. Thanks a lot. I'll take a better picture tonight... Number 9 or 12, I can't get a better picture unfortunately because I did not receive it. 13, I can give you a better picture.
  7. Maybe I'm wrong... I thought it was the bottom left second picture. If not, I'm not sure what it is. Now that I look at it, the eyes are different. The 2 non-numbered in the second picture, I could no match up any with the first picture.
  8. It was working when I posted it. I inserted it as an attachment, so it's not like a link was even broken. At this point, the forum is not even letting me edit my post. The 2 pictures are below
  9. Bought these on the BST forum. I'm a little new to surf fishing, so I asked the guy if he could name them for me, but he wasn't much help. I've seen some of these around, and it seemed like a good price, so I bought them. Figured I'd just learn later. I know: 1) Gibbs danny surface swimmer 2) Sebile magic swimmer ... but that's about it lol EDIT: upon further inspection, it looks like some of these plugs promised were exchanged for something else, I think??? The second picture I uploaded, it looks like there is a BM lil guys, but I do not see that in the first picture. Number 12 on the first picture has the same profile as the other unmarked lure, but the lip is clearly different, and the lure I received is missing the back hook, but is not in the first picture. From the first picture, taken by the seller, it doesn't seem like I have number 9 or 12. If this is the case, is this something I should be upset about? I wasn't really sure what I was buying from the start, but I do not know if number 9 or 12 are lures I rather have. The BM seems nice, but I do have to spend extra money on hooks now.
  10. -

    -- wrong forum sorry
  11. was out there earlier today from 7AM to 2PM and it was very brown.
  12. @MartinO67 I'll do the asking price $70 if you want.
  13. I'm kind of interested but as a new angler, I wouldn't really know what I'm buying. Could you list the plugs for me so I can look into it, and maybe I'll consider? Top > down, left >right?
  14. @Matt Szwagulinski see above. Thanks guys. Clears up a lot and gives me some confidence. Looking back at my question, it's a very silly questions, as tides are affected by its distance between the moon/sun. The difference between bay and ocean side of the hook to the sun/moon is insignificant.
  15. This is what I'm kinda getting at. When I select Sandy Hook Bay, first low tide is at 5:37AM for today, the 23rd. For Sea Bright, it is 6:44AM. Certainly a difference. So one of them is right for my area, off by a few minutes, no big deal. But I should pick one of them.