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  1. Really no luck at all. I arrived around 630 to 7, two hours before the outgoing. Technique is still shaky casting, I could have practiced a little more before going out, but not sure how much difference that would make. Lotta rocks, metal debris, etc at the bottom. Every cast, I felt like I was snagging something. I probably didnt cast more than 10 times bc I felt like my net was always gonna rip (it probably already did rip in some spots). I'll probably look to use the net more on a sandy bottom beach, weather it be sandy hook bay or out front. Some bait was definitely there though, as I did see some little guys jump out every now and then and saw a blue or striper hit something off the top.
  2. Anything that will stay in the net XD. I just came back, so the following post will be a report.
  3. I'm looking for more local knowledge unless youre finding a video that I'm not.
  4. Cast netting for my first time in Raritan Bay this weekend. Any suggestions? Bait pushed up during certain tides or time of day? How far should I have to walk out? What can I expect? I'm a little newer to fishing Raritan Bay... I've spotted small bait jumping out of the water at sandy hook point, but I never really noticed that in the bay in the times that I fished, but it's only the beginning of the season... I bought a 5' 3/8" mesh by the way.
  5. No reason to give up fishing. Why not just use bait and hold the rod/use a rod holder?
  6. Sold to @Rangler. Great buyer. I was a little late due to some NJ traffic. Very understanding. Thread closed
  7. Sold to Rangler pending meetup. Ill DM you shortly.
  8. If @Rangler falls through, i spoke to my father, who has a coworker in PA, who might be near allentown. We might be able to work it out.
  9. See album below for pictures of cart
  10. If you're willing to come to Secaucus or an area very nearby ~10 min for me, I'll sell it to you. If not... If he isn't and you're willing to come nearby, you can have it.
  11. Easy for 10 minutes to 15 minutes. Gets harder after that. Based on my fitness level though. If you're on hard sand, it's definitely easier.
  12. Valid point. Maybe I Should rephrase my question. Does wading to deeper waters typically increase chance of catching? Based on what you're saying, you don't do that at all.
  13. I'm new to the area. How far do you guys wade out? Is it even necessary? Exploring it twice, I went to an area which was very muddy (seriously, it scared the hell out of me, I started sinking and my leg came out of my boot foot), and said nope, not wading out there. I moved over maybe 100 yards and it felt like a sandy bottom. Even more over, close to shore it was rocky, then became sandy as I went out 30-40 yards. I probably went out close to 100 yards before the water was 2 inches below crotch.
  14. price drop $50 pick up
  15. I was thinking along the lines of just using a maybe a 1 or 2 ounce coin sinker and a strip of squid on a 3 way barrel swivel and drag that rly slow off the bottom. I wanted to try that in RB, but I have no idea of t he bottom structure.