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  1. Hey folks, Rather new to the fishing scene. Does anyone know what's fish species are in season this time of year? I'm fishing between Jones Beach Field 10 and Canarsie Pier in Brooklyn.
  2. Does anybody know when or if the herring is running yet? I usually fish between Canarsie Pier Brooklyn and Jones Field 10....
  3. You've got a point with that as well. I didn't think about those 2 things. But hey, I'm new to the game and this is the perfect place for me to learn. From people like you. I wish i knew half the stuff you guys forgot.
  4. I wasn't speaking of that. In most states, Especially NYC the closer you get to the city is the dirtier the water is. I was talking about water quality and the types of fish i will be ingeating with that poor water quality. I would never eat anything outta Jamaica bay for fear of carcinogetic water, Mercury levels and PCB's that the fish have in them over there. I rather fish as nearest to the ocean as possible. No matter what anyone says, I'll drive all the way to Montauk if i have to. My health is way more important. I'm not a big fan of Suffolk County for my own personal reasons.... (They don't understand how melanin works). But i mind my business and go fishing. Water quality is my issue, Not the size of a 60 lb. Fish swimming in dirty water. I'm planning on going to Maine in the spring as well. I've been there before fishing and came back with 108 Porgies 3 yrs ago.
  5. Thank you so much hydraman. I appreciate your well wishes and everybody else's as well. I'm going there for the first time in about a week or so for herring and to also just check the area and the fishing out. I live in Brooklyn. But i rather not fish Jamaica bay because i don't wanna wake up the next morning glowing like Kryptonite. I find long island water's much nicer and cleaner. When i become really good i'll be going to places like Jersey and Montauk wherw the pro's go. Once again everyone thank you so much.
  6. Thank you so much fellas.
  7. Hello everyone. My name is shorty. I'm new to this forum and new to fishing. I'm a recovering alcoholic who needs a new hobby and i chose fishing because i always loved it. I have a few questions about jones beach field 10. I'll be going there soon and wanted to know some things. Any help would be appreciated...... 1. I'm looking to snag some herring. When is it usually herring season over there? 2. What other fish are there this time of year (Nov-Dec)? 3. Is there any crab there? I have a crab trap and would like to use it while i'm fishing. (Nov-Dec) 4. What baits or lures do you guys recommend? Thank you so much beforehand for the help.