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  1. Luna pencil red head - used but in good shape. Luna pencil blue - carried maybe thrown a couple times. Striper bites squid plug- new trouble maker - was told it was new but idk thru wire is kinda weird on it. Swivels don’t come down very far where you clip split rings on. 155 dollars or best reasonable offer
  2. I have a 25 spool on it. I figure for 300 I could get a 27 spool or I could get a Saragossa. I mainly fish my zeebaas on my century stealth so it would be cool to plug with that at canal an jig with jigster. Jigster great all around rod but pluggin on stealth is way better for what I mainly throw.
  3. Thanks for the advice!
  4. Thanks man. I have a jigster 11 but been putting my zeebaas on it when I hit canal which isn’t the best for jigging as you can imagine. Looking to get something rather in exspensive for that rod. I’d love to get a 2008 model Stella.
  5. Don’t have any of those sorry. Thanks for the response. Good luck with sale.
  6. Any trades accepted for like Luna plugs or any other custom builders like that?
  7. Zx25 paired with a century s2-1327
  8. could check out the new salt x? 375 dollars is drop in the bucket compared to a Stella. I wouldn’t recommend buying a Stella if you plan on surf fishing. Get a Saragossa an a tfo An call it good an go get some fish.
  9. Go Pats!
  10. Surprised you didn't hook up. Sounds like the tuna fishing has been pretty hot lately out there. It sounded like the tuna market had more fish than the demand and caused the prices to plummet.
  11. That would be some battle! A battle of attrition lol we can hope can’t we.
  12. A black saltX hopefully they turn out to be a decent reel. Heard good things online from the people who got to test them. Fingers crossed. They took long enough on a release... originally what April or May an they finally got some out in July.
  13. I saw a minke whale the other morning from shore mixed in with Tons of pogies and seals. This definitely wasn’t sturgeon but didn’t see sturgeon the other day in the kennebec.
  14. Thank you
  15. Which size saragosa is prefered for the canal? assuming its a 10.5 - 11 foot jigging rod? 8k or 10k?