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  1. Fished this morning with no issues. Paid a lot of attention to the things that were suggested as suspect, and did not see anything out of the norm. Everything held up, and more so when I had about a 15 pound Jack on. Put 3.5 hours in this morning...and everything went just like it should have. Thanks for everyone's help!
  2. I appreciate all of the replies so far. Had something interesting happen last night when I was tying up to get ready to fish this morning as it is my last day here. When tying the fluorocarbon leader onto the 40 pound braid using a double uni knot the braid broke twice when I was cinching the 2 knots together...and this was just using my hands to do this. This 40 pound braid broke pretty easily when doing this, and this was after peeling off about 25 yards off the spool. So I peeled off more line until I started to see the fresher looking line (I could tell by the color), and when I tied on the leader this time it did not break when cinching things up. So with the above I am now thinking that this was just a bad spool of braid. I mean the line broke pretty easily when I was tightening it up. Also...this braid had turned very light in color...almost looked bleached with the short time of use. As you saw in the pic the 65 pound looked new and had pretty much the same amount of time being used. Why am I going so heavy on the line? While fishing down here I put in a day going after grouper, and these fish are in the rocks so when they get on you have to get them turned ASAP or they will break you off when the head back into the rocks. As for the wind knots... When I am reeling the bait in I am pretty observant of the line coming back onto the rod. If you look at the picture of that mess there would have been no way for me not to have noticed that, and the puzzling part is for the 4 times it was used everything worked perfectly. I changed nothing with that rig...same lures...same weights...and same type of fishing.
  3. Flip the bail manually...that's the way it is supposed to be done. I put the line on myself...been fishing for a VERY ling time...and things were in use for a week prior with no issues. If I was having the same problem with both setups then it would be easier to figure out...but when you are basically doing the same thing with bot setups and having different issues that is where it becomes frustrating to figure out what the problem is. Line has to be broken in? Never heard of that before????? Can you please elaborate on that?
  4. Not just Roberts...though I went through 5 with the line breaks. Also lost some Yozuri's and some Surface Pro's. Using Penn Caranage II rods in both cases...just different weights. 8 guides per rod, and thought these were good rods to go with?
  5. Been fishing for a very long time so I know not to overfill the spools, and as I wrote for days prior no issues with either setup...then all of a sudden knotting and line breaks. I would think that if it was a line spooling issue it would have happened right away. I am sure that there is some line twist as there has to be for making the bait skitter across the top. Thing is with the 65 pound setup it is the knotting, and for the 40 pound setup it is random line breaks...but both setups are being fished the same way just using slightly different weight lures between the 2. Both setups were fine in week one, now that I am into week 2 and each rig has a different issue though they are being fishing the same way. Roosters are not around much because of the time of year though I did see one cruising the other day...smoking the retrieve for Dorado. Smoking is a relative term when the reels are only 6:1 ratios :-). Jacks and Needle Fish hitting too.
  6. Purchased the PowerPro just before the trip from BassPro. I have checked the guides...ran a q-tip around them and nothing happened to the cotton on the q-tip. Did the same for the spool and bail arm. Like I mentioned...after the line breaks I inspected the end of the line and it mostly looks like it had been over stressed as the breaks have never had a clean defined edge. Never thought about wind knots, but in those situations there is a 4 ounce lure in use and the casts that I make involve a pretty consistent arc. Before the lure hit the water I close the bail as I am skittering this across the top of the water so there is not much slack...though I can't say that was for every cast. Attached a pic of just one of these.
  7. I am in Cabo for 2 weeks, and have been surf fishing every morning for 3-4 hours...less lately because of the problems I am having. 1st rod is setup with a Penn Torque II spinning reel on a Penn 12' rod. Reel has 65 pound PowerPro braid, and I have been switching off using this rod with an other depending on the weight of the lure I am throwing. For 3 days of use...flawless. Then one morning I started getting knotted loops as I was casting...massive knotted loops. I have been throwing either a 3 or 4 ounce Robertson Ranger on this rig, and things got so bad that I had to peel off over 100 yards on line until a knotted loop developed at the end of a 350' cast...and that was the end of that rig to be able to be used. 2nd rod setup is a Diawa Saltist 6500H spinning reel on a Penn 10' rod with 40 pound PowerPro braid. Using this rig to throw 1.5 - 3 ounce lures. Same scenario initially...things were going flawless...caught 2 Dorado on consecutive casts 1 morning until the line started breaking when casting. Not talking about the knot coming undone...talking about made a cast, lure is in flight, and then poof the line breaks while in the air before the lure even hits the water and it wasn't due to something knotting up on the spool stopping the line from coming out. To make a long story short I have lost almost $200 worth of lures because of the line just breaking. This morning I was reeling in a top water, and the lure was about 15' from sure and poof...the line breaks. I could see the lure floating in the surf with braid still tied to it. When I look at the line after reeling it in the end of the line does not have a clean cut/break...almost looks like the line broke from exceeding the strength of the line. Now in both cases I am putting a lot of ass into getting the lures out to where the fish are. In both cases I am using fluorocarbon leaders to handle the shock. So I have a few questions... Does braided line degrade with saltwater use? What would all of a sudden start to cause knotting in braided line on a spinning reel when it was fine for a few days before? Why would 40 pound braid start to break off randomly but was fine for almost a week before? I checked for nicks on the spool, bail arm, guides, etc. and everything is nice and smooth. Just bad spools of PowerPro? Any ideas or input would be appreciated...