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  1. I have a new Penn Torque II 7500 for sale. I already have one along with a few Saltist 6500's so I really have no need for this reel. I paid over $750 w/tax, and will sell for $550 obo + shipping. I can add pictures if need be but it is new, never seen there is not much to see. Any questions please let me know.
  2. So the 6500H is no longer made...only the 6500. The reels on Amazon are advertised wrong as I ordered one and received the newer 6500 and the seller apologized that the 6500H's were sold out a long time ago.
  3. 53" would be best as the more water I can cover the better.
  4. I saw that but these are the older models as I had asked what year they were. I fish with CaboSurfcaster a few times every year and he told me that the newer models (like in the last 2 years) are the ones to get because the bearings are sealed. I am debating whether a sealed bearing is a good thing as it would be just like a bearing on a truck. In the old days you could grease the bearings to keep them going for a very long time, and like the new vehicles when they fail then they have to be replaced.
  5. Where does one find a Diawa Saltist 6500H to buy? I need a high speed reel that has a 50" and over retrieve rate, and the 6500H seems to fit the bill but finding one is getting to be near impossible. Any help would be appreciated!
  6. I am from the Chicago area, so it was done by a shop called Corens near Chicago. These guys have cleaned and repaired all of the other gear for 20 years and I have never had any issues. There is probably 60 years total experience between the 2 guys that work there on every type of reel made. was wind knot hell today. Casting a 3 ounce lure with no wind and 65 pound test Tuff braid. I probably cut out 10 wind knots in 15 casts...just using double uni knots to be able to keep fishing. Is this reel cursed because after I retied for the 10th time I of course get another wind knot...but I was so pissed I just kept fishing with the wind knot...and never had another one after that. long as there was a wind knot it never happened again. Every wind knot seems to be happening in the first 20-30 yards, and when I cut out the wind knots that did happen it was only a few inches of line lost. Spool was not over filled. When I changed the line it was put on tight with a wet wash cloth pinching the line against the rod even adding even more tension and still there is a sag in the middle, I have attached a picture to show what is going on. This is driving me crazy!
  7. Hi Tony, I have used 65 pound, went to 50, and now 30 pound. Why? Before finding the sag in the middle of the spool I had read that going to a lighter line could minimize the wind knots. My first year I used 65...and no issues. Also I am using a Penn Carnage II 11' medium heavy rod and the rod states 30-50 pound braid recommended. Second year I used 65 and it was a mess...and just started going down in line weight. The 30 pound will take a few casts before it will knot up...the heavier weight line knots up pretty much on the first cast. I have read every article I could read on how to avoid wind knots and the causes...and until I just happened to look at the spool and notice the sag/dip in the middle of the spool I was just chasing my tail as to what the cause was? I have the reel serviced every year after coming back from Mexico. Though the reel never gets dunked there is always spray and some sand. So I take it in and it gets a thorough cleaning. The shop that does it is excellent, and have been in business for 40 years with the same 2 guys so they have a LOT of experience with all of the brands. He surf fishes so he knows what is needed. I have 2 more days of fishing and I am going to re-spool with the 65 pound Tuff Line I have before going out this morning. I have not been casting into the wind and have been fortunate to have the wind to my back pretty much every morning. The other reel I have is of a different brand and is a 6500 series and it has had zero issues with wind knots.
  8. Not sure how to produce the hump in the middle with a spinning reel? Baitcaster would be easy enough...and what is weird is that the mono is level across the spool. The braid appears to start out level against the backing but as it fills the "sag" in the middle gets more prominent, Sent Penn an email a week ago but no response. This is an expensive reel, and it is not fun when you have to worry about every cast you are going to make that it will become a wind knot and a lure lost because of it. I am throwing 3oz. baits on a 10' medium action Penn surf rod (though it does the same thing with a 2oz. bait) so it is not like I am throwing too lite of baits with a rig that is too heavy. It even does it on my Penn 11' surf rod, and it too me a little time to narrow it down to the line lay as the problem.
  9. I am getting nothing but wind knots when using my Torque II 7000. I have mono backing for the 30lb braid that I am using, and when using my other reel that is spooled exactly as the Torque that rig has never generated a wind knot. What I have noticed is that the line is spooling up unevenly...but not like you would think. The line is laying the same height at the front and back of the spool...but the line is laying lower in the middle of the spool. The reel only gets used when I go surf fishing in Mexico which is once a year. The reel is only 2 years old, and was bought new from Cabela's. The first year I had no issues, then it just started to be nothing but a problem. I have changed the braid from Power Pro to Tuff Line because the Tuff line is rounder than the Power Pro and it does the same regardless. I am 100% sure that how the line is laying is the reason for the wind knots, and what really sucks is I have lost $50 in lures when all of a sudden the line comes to a stop because of the wind knot and the shock leader breaks. Any ideas on why the line would be laying on the reel this way? A dealer in Cabo says it is a known problem?
  10. I will be surfcasting so no boat available. I have some extra line that I am bringing along and the J braid is one of the spools I will go to if I have any problems with the Power Pro. Spooling up with the Power Pro slick on both reels to start out with but this is the same line I have been using in the past. I always fill to 1/16' of the spool as not to over fill. I always watch the line when it comes through the guides for any knots. Something I am going to do different this time around is use a ball bearing swivel between the braid and the fluro shock leader for line twist. I throw a lot of baits that I burn across the top of the water so I am sure that in the past there has been line twist...just weird that before last year it was never a problem before. The ball bearing swivel should help with that aspect.
  11. Heading out to Cabo this upcoming weekend, and last year was miserable because I started to get wind knots, line would break for no reason while reeling in a lure, or the line would break in mid air when making a cast. Was using 65 pound Power Pro on a Penn Torque II and Penn Carnage rod in medium heavy. My back up rod is a Diawa Saltist with a Penn Carnage rod in medium with 30 pound braid. Throwing 3-4 ounce lures that need to get out there to reach the Dorado. Until last year I had no line issues. I have checked the guides, and they are all good (no nicks, cuts, etc.). Need to use braid for the hook set because of the distance that I need to get it out there. Why so heavy? Never know what you will hook into? Been trying to read up on minimizing going through another round of line issues and losing lures in the process. I have read a lot of stuff that seems to contradict other things that I have read. I have read that a braid that is more round is the way to go, but those braids tend to be softer than the lines like Power Pro which are stiffer...which I had read is what you want to minimize wind knots. I have read to tie on something 2-3 ounces and dry cast it to "break the line in". I have read to spray the line with silicon...and the list goes on. I have been fishing for 50 casting for the past 7 and until last year I never had any wind knot issues. There is a lot of info out there but nothing will beat first hand experience so if you have any insight or suggestions I am open to the help.
  12. Fished this morning with no issues. Paid a lot of attention to the things that were suggested as suspect, and did not see anything out of the norm. Everything held up, and more so when I had about a 15 pound Jack on. Put 3.5 hours in this morning...and everything went just like it should have. Thanks for everyone's help!
  13. I appreciate all of the replies so far. Had something interesting happen last night when I was tying up to get ready to fish this morning as it is my last day here. When tying the fluorocarbon leader onto the 40 pound braid using a double uni knot the braid broke twice when I was cinching the 2 knots together...and this was just using my hands to do this. This 40 pound braid broke pretty easily when doing this, and this was after peeling off about 25 yards off the spool. So I peeled off more line until I started to see the fresher looking line (I could tell by the color), and when I tied on the leader this time it did not break when cinching things up. So with the above I am now thinking that this was just a bad spool of braid. I mean the line broke pretty easily when I was tightening it up. Also...this braid had turned very light in color...almost looked bleached with the short time of use. As you saw in the pic the 65 pound looked new and had pretty much the same amount of time being used. Why am I going so heavy on the line? While fishing down here I put in a day going after grouper, and these fish are in the rocks so when they get on you have to get them turned ASAP or they will break you off when the head back into the rocks. As for the wind knots... When I am reeling the bait in I am pretty observant of the line coming back onto the rod. If you look at the picture of that mess there would have been no way for me not to have noticed that, and the puzzling part is for the 4 times it was used everything worked perfectly. I changed nothing with that rig...same lures...same weights...and same type of fishing.
  14. Flip the bail manually...that's the way it is supposed to be done. I put the line on myself...been fishing for a VERY ling time...and things were in use for a week prior with no issues. If I was having the same problem with both setups then it would be easier to figure out...but when you are basically doing the same thing with bot setups and having different issues that is where it becomes frustrating to figure out what the problem is. Line has to be broken in? Never heard of that before????? Can you please elaborate on that?
  15. Not just Roberts...though I went through 5 with the line breaks. Also lost some Yozuri's and some Surface Pro's. Using Penn Caranage II rods in both cases...just different weights. 8 guides per rod, and thought these were good rods to go with?