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  1. No longer selling them! Thanks everyone!
  2. Hello Everyone, I have two Abu Garcia revo 2 inshore spinning reels I’m parting with The 1st is brand new in the box I’m asking 130 shipped The 2nd has been lightly used, is spooled with 20 pound white braid, has been freshly serviced by Abu themselves Im asking 120 shipped Or I would do 230 shipped for the pair I’d be happy to answer any questions Thanks!
  3. Yep most all Walmart’s will sell you the license. Hit some canals while your near Miami and catch a couple peacocks!
  4. I don't know too much about the myrtle area but I have been on a few party boat charters out of crazy sisters marina. This was a few years back but we would usually do pretty well on the sea bass depending on how deep they were going. Its also worth bringing a few bucktails or grabbing your own bait like squid. That is in Murrells inlet, there is also a bait and tackle store called Perrys, its an awesome store and the people working there are also really helpful with pointing you in the right direction as far as what is happening locally. Hope this helps!
  5. There isnt much to troll for this time of year in South Carolina. But the bottom fishing is still pretty good! Missed the grouper but found plenty of meat as well as had to release some huge american reds sadly. At one spot there were king mackerel everywhere and we manged to catch 1 and believe it or not had 1 free jump in the boat! Fish were caught in about 90 feet of water on jigs and bait.
  6. Nice Fish! I love catching them in a yak and being able to get up in all the cover and docks
  7. Thank you! Ive got too long a bucket list fish wise haha
  8. Spro popping frog has been my go to, i find that the two colors that are most productive for me are black and white. I also think the popping versions get more bites than the non popping version.
  9. I do have experience with penn battle 2 6000s. I have mine spooled with 50 pound braid and use it for surf fishing for red drum and sharks. It has never failed me with fish up to 6 feet long. But i have been despooled by a couple huge sharks with it and a sailfish haha. But it handles blacktip and lemon sharks no problem.
  10. I started out shortly after I started fly fishing, got my first kit for Christmas when i was about 15. At this point my dad really wasn't interested in fishing but he loved the tying aspect so much he got his own set. Years later and lots of upgrades he now ties all my flies and is seriously into fishing haha
  11. Itll all be about the temperature. The reds will still be there schooled up if you can find them and the trout hunkered down in the deep holes. But the sheepshead and flounder will have moved out. Fish can still be caught though. For lures gulp alive shrimp or swimming mullet and bass assassins work well, and for bait shrimp, mud minnows, mullet usually get it done. The fish will be spooky but if you can find a school of reds or trout youll have a blast. There are still some charters that go out of edisto island just to the north. Good luck!
  12. Mop flies are a god down here in the southern states. The trout of north and south Carolina love them. I find the white and green colors work best but most of these stocked fish are not picky.
  13. Gulp, bass assassins, bucktails! A Carolina rig with some bait will also get it done
  14. Thank You!