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  1. You got that right, about it being odd! Last night 10:30pm-1am....ALOT of fluke action , period. Caught them at this spot before at night, but a one-off on SP's when looking for stripes. On a 2 way rig, hit after hit. 1 keeper, pulled in a couple shorts and lost more right at my feet. I was surprised. There was artificial light near by that I guess gave them just enough reason to hit. Edit-I wasn't necessarily planning on fluke last night but stuck with it till the bite slowed
  2. Hope and wish you and your family and wife the very best. You are in my thoughts and prayers
  3. Girlfriend is over my place, at first offered to go with me... then said I can go alone due to her being tired and wanting to snuggle with our kitten and watch gods, beer is on me! And don't think I was questioning whether to take the bait or not but... Bye honey!
  4. Well, I've produced not a single fish this spring so far, granted, I've had not even a fraction of the opportunity to do so like I did in past seasons (aside from the past 2 years at this rate, in the bay anyway) this season, the lack of anything has made me if anything, more reasonable. I won't slave away this spring, cu when there ain't ****, there ain't ****. For you guys finding fish, I genuinely mean it, congrats and carry on gents. Anywho, scored a half day from work tomorrow after lunch. Was planning on getting out there, but the other half of my brain says is it worth it? I haven't been connected enough/at all to the bite. Will I get out? Most likely, but if its a wash, I at least have the ability to tell myself to go home, so thats a plus haha. Cheers fellas
  5. Earlier, 6pm-10pm out back MoCo, windy but persevered and came out with a strong skunk
  6. So, today was only the second outing this season,because of the virus and all of the unknowns regarding being out late to avoid crowds(or anyone for that matter) and not going because I anticipated other people,but this began weeks ago for me. Already was turned off when this began,but being that I'm still working full time with no stoppage in sight(I build trucks for a medical company that are sent to hospitals to sanitize and repair/sharpen surgical/medical equipment, fortunate of course) I couldn't help but try a few times. Long story, just going to fish, especially following yesterday, is not as it was. I'm ready to accept. We all saw it coming. I was in spots no one was expected, yet there were. Cops came to first said spot as my buddy and I (in separate cars) drove away from an area, got out and spoke 6ft away from each other about where to go next. Boom,a cop car, "you guys fishing?" Hit him with "well,not where we were planning to, but thanks, we won't be back yada yada"...Anyway. last attempt of the day yielded no fish but was desolate and promising, and not disturbed. That's where I will hit if anywhere, otherwise, back to doing other **** and working it is
  7. Indeed Adam, glad we linked up today. Turns out I'm free from obligations tonight, I'm gearing back up. Hope the birthday festivities have been good
  8. Thanks fellas, I do appreciate it. Not the first dog I've lost, but man it's only slightly easier just having been through it before. But seriously guys, the kind words are appreciated. Cheers fellas
  9. So, I had a great day in the surf to be perfectly honest, NoMoCo/Moco, landed a few fish, all on this guy...(1st pic) My day however was heavily dampened by the fact that I knew I had to put my 13 year old pup down by the evening, which I just got home from doing. ****ing **** man, the little guy was all perked up yesterday and by night, he couldn't stand on his own. tumors found all over his lungs, possibly elsewhere, one ruptured last night and so on...what a ****ing difficult thing to do man, authorized a blood transfusion just so he could be there for me to say goodbye, gave him lots of good scratches before he went. he was a good pup
  10. I know the water wasn't to blame for what looks like a showing of little to no fish today, so I otherwise couldn't figure out why the lack of presence. Regardless of water quality or lack of, conditions where I spent most of the night leading into day were not that bad, certainly not bad enough to shut everything down lol. Perhaps a funny coincidence of a day. I'm sure we'll get a swing in the action right away
  11. Yeah, really hit MoCo hard from 10pm last night to now...still roaming about, haven't slept. Shocked at the lack of activity, not even a tap! Covered a lot of beach. still out here for a little while, see what happens
  12. Fished the full moon in MoCo (Thurs night) from about 11pm-4am...gorgeous night, tons of action, plenty lost, plenty landed at about roughly 12-15 stripes, ranging 14"-24" max, switching between shadow blue hydro minnow/bone hydro minnow. Heading out to the same area in a bit
  13. Started a new job three weeks which I love, but getting out has been tough even though I'm home by 5. I'm in so much traffic coming home though that I've reduced my last few outings to the bay, which I didnt even feel confident about, and for good reason. So my last outing and skunk was this past Sunday. Since I have so much less ability to get out there recently, I've felt out of touch with where bait or a bite is. I'm still DEFINITELY going to go when I can, might've even bought myself a chance to go tonight. In which case I'll take a ride out front, just not sure where if I do. Had luck in Central MoCo last time I hooked up consistently about two weeks ago. I've never bothered to ask, but if anyone is getting out there tonight and wouldnt mind some company, shoot a PM. If not, I'm a lone ranger anyway, no problem there I've gotten back to building my car as a holdover hobby, but I still intend to/ must find fish!
  14. So I drank my two cups of coffee last night yet decided to stay in. Tomorrow is a different story
  15. Gearing up to get out, somewhere in the back MoCo