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  1. I thought getting stung by jellies was the norm for a kid growing up in jersey Spanning between 15-22 years ago for me, it was sting city down in Wildwood Crest. ****n, those were good times. All kidding aside, getting ripped apart from jellies was very normal..for my cousins/brothers and I anyway. but the same goes for modern day mosquitoes. its my blood I've been told..maybe
  2. Out front, NoMoCo, an hour after high tide, only had 2 hours to work with. As its seemed to usually go when fluking...first couple casts, a decent sized flounder, cast after cast following nothing or snapper chomping my gulp (actually, power bait grubs...cheaper, tougher, more to work with ) Yeah well, should be stuck close to home with the blues I wanted to get away from but oh well, no more huffing and puffing tomorrow, going where I've bean meaning to in OC. Cheers fellas. Edit- I should mention that I'm of course ultimately grateful and happy to see a vigorous season for blues, so by no means is there any bitching about it. I'm still shaking off a striper-less fall and spring I guess
  3. So, steady blues same spot for past 2 weeks out back nomoco, they've gotten a little bigger, but getting over it. the fluking seems to have shut down almost entirely there...time to be back out front again
  4. last few days no fluke action in the back, at least at the same spot I had been going that was producing not long before buddy of mine caught 19" keeper while we were out off the banks though the other day, but shorts or nothing for me, always seems to be within the first few casts then its nothin....Lots o' bait though, but you guys have eyes, some small blues consistently, kept two for dinner my surprise, what I also expected to be groups of snapper were lil dink stripers,glad some exist still...lil fella hit a fair sized croc. Said it before, but genuinely dumb founded at stripers non existence this past spring season. its ****ed up. cheers
  5. lol wait what? I've never heard of a concert taking place at sandy hook, must be ****** cover bands (just kidding) Anywho, pipe on ya plovin' pieces of **** #rockon I bet this has to do with the recent law change about the no alcohol rule. "Oh ****, who's gonna come to a concert here when we just changed our regulations forbidding alcohol!?" "****, you're right! Tell them we've got pipin'plovers!!!!"
  6. Fished out front CMC today (Tuesday) 9am-2pm Ah, a week long break was the right call. It felt easy going out there again, the way it should always be. I had the intention of hopefully finding some stripes, but instead ended up tossing out for fluke with luck early on. Picked up 3 decent sized fellers, 2 were likely of size but I tossed them all back. Furthermore, while I expected to be one of the only guys around, a few others were around and were hooking up with fluke, a monkfish it looked like, and what I also beleive were handfuls of small kingfish. So it was a nice short outing, and I was able to get home early and take care of stuff...rejuvenating for a change! EDIT- the handfuls of fish I referred to above were likely shad I think, but I was not close enough to be sure. Long story, color and overall shape resembled micro striped bass, these fish were all about 7-10" if I had to guess and very light in color, dont know what they were caught on either
  7. Wednesday midday into sundown-ish out back NoMoCo, bait bait bait, everywhere, at your feet etc. No fish to be had but something was on them at times. Same area this morning until about 1pm, same story, perhaps even more bait. Nice seeing boats not too far out there, there was simply no ignoring the bait with once again solid blowups here and there. Nothing again, but the overwhelming signs of life are great. A big difference this year for me is my inability to get out at night, but I would imagine all hell breaks loose where it used to for me lolol. Cheers fellas
  8. They're so ****ing corny. I swear these dudes go get haircuts together and new gear before they go out and try looking cool. They've almost always looked like the biggest ****ing tools, making a point it seems to see whose looking at them. goons
  9. Waiting to be cut loose from work within the hour... fished Central Moco yesterday, a few solid strong taps taps within a few minutes of each other on a small mag darter, no hookups, another fella I knew out there throwing 4"shads brought up a 20 something inch stripe to the surface and it wiggled off. got something to eat at around 3, lost a bit of steam but still went back for another hour, nothing. Small bait observed earlier in the day
  10. So, during fishing season in the spring thru fall, I fish 4-5 times a week. I still have that fire in me to get out, but a lot of days, especially with last fall and especially with this spring, I need to convince myself why I'm getting out there, and that the likelihood of catching is good...and that never used to be the case, because I at least would end up finding fish in a given day. I put in my time, have tons of spots I hit, have people I can call to get the scoop, yet this year and last have been my absolute least productive, especially for Striper. Its actually laughable. The only stripers I picked up so far were one day 3+ weeks ago, its just insane...I know gow to catch them, when the conditions are right etc. Long story short, yes, I'm in a similar boat. What I can say is this, I've been generally grumpy on the drive there, and miserable for the most part on my drives home. I know that's part of the game, but it's been discouraging given the frequency of skunks. Every time I'm out is a battle of deciding whether I stick close and fish the bay or take a slightly longer drive for the fishing I once knew. I dont know man, definitely not being negative, just telling it like it is ... yet despite all of this still feel that urge to go oh, so I guess I'm not quite there yet
  11. Jon, based on this post, are you the Jon I had just recently met?! Erik here, backwards hat and waders everytime I've seen ya, if not, disregard this lol
  12. Consider yourself lucky for having encountered stripers at all in all honestly...especially if your not familiar with the area...You could be in my shoes, knowing the area, thinking you know what to expect, going out several days a week and still not finding them, now that gets discouraging, but no one can be spoonfed this type of information. I ger inspired and encouraged when I see the guys posting here, knowing fish are somewhere to be found and within reach, but it certainly, now more than ever is apparent that keeping things hush hush is necessary, and as it's always been said, you gottas put the time in. Definitely have to have several shouty days in a row that make you think you're worthless as a fisherman to make you realize that determination and adaptability will pay off, eventually, if it's that bad. I hope my poseet actually remained on topic in regards to the original post, and not that I just was thinking out loud and ranting. eh, either way, cheerz
  13. Sneakin' out early tomorrow (Sunday) for a good chunk of the day, anticipating heavy crowds aka limitations, but finally the wind has chilled out making fluking worth giving a shot. Tried in the honking wind Friday, for fluke and whatever else, and while it was at the back, heavy wind just really bugs the **** out of me after a few hours, especially when its seemingly calm for a few and then gusts 20+...**** that, can't stand it. So mother nature, best recognize'... ha, anywho fellas, cheers, report to come tomorrow
  14. Diesel fuel on the skin, apply one layer and another 30 minutes later lol jk, they sell specific repellants for biting flies, it works, just usually have to reapply after a bit if you're sweating. they tear ya up in the summer at sandy hook, I learned the hard way, cheers
  15. So, my report from Wednesday...A recent action packed area seemingly dead morning to afternoon, said **** it, went CMoCo, blues were there, this is 2 hours prior to low at this point...But anywho, bumped into a cool guy while re tying at my car, he was the only dude out there at the moment, I said whatsup, he noted a lot of bunker within reach, and he himself was back at his car tying a snag rig, I had multiple trebles and gave him one, he proceeded back to the jetty. I ended up wading out equidistant to this guy about 50yds to his right on the beach, I got wet, gave it my all, threw the **** out of a kast master and ava for 2 hours. He picked up at least 4 or 5 mid 20" or so blues on snag and drops. I might've got a couple taps but ended up empty handed. Spoke to a nice milf in a bikini for a few minutes though, mission complete. ha Well, Friday is all clear for fishing for me, report to come. cheers fellas