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  1. Was out as well, I'm feeling pretty ****in lame frankly. Very odd of me to take a week or so off, but I felt like I needed to...yet, skunked again today. Huh...the how and where for me were the same as years past, yet here am I am telling story's of past catches, with **** to show for it. No ones fault but my own/ end rant. Back at it tomorrow, giving it all damn day, and if I dont catch...phew, well, yeah I'll figure that out
  2. levari, no need to jump to conclusions. Neither of those guys are me, the 2 guys are friends of mine, but regardless, we certainly dont break rules. Those fish weren't kept. I just didnt ask my friends if they wanted their pictures posted on an internet board...does that make sense to you? does it? ok, thanks.
  3. Just got home, fun night, action was there and fish were caught, all throwbacks and safely released. Was out with 2 buddies, they had a total of 5 or so rods out, both clam and sand worms were getting hits. Alot of hit, run, and drops. I mainly threw small shads, tapped but no takers,tonight! Anywho, back MoCo 9pm last night (Saturday night) till about 2 hours ago. Bite shut down as low tide approached and it got a little nippy out there. I'll be hitting it again in a few hours though
  4. Well guys, it's gusty out here today, but it ain't stopping me yet. I'm poppin over to the neck of RB to see if I can catch big bertha. Ha, worth stopping by in my way home anyway. Good news anyway, moment I got out to my initial spot today, the only other dude that threw bloods out had a fish while we were speaking, schoolie like I was seeing last night same spot. He got a good rap or two prior to landing the one. Well, off I go to one more location, maybe 3? If the rain could stop perhaps adams54, in our area anyway, not yet...looks like South Jersey has seen them in the back already, but I really dont know
  5. Headed back out there now, will report back in the middle of it
  6. I suspect blues might've been on that bunker, because when I was at back at said spot where all of those birds were working earlier in the day, but at night, a lone bunker had washed up every few minutes, a few with chomps on both sides of the body.
  7. Any wear and tear on the booty itself, with my waders anyway could only seem to be during putting on/removing them, especially if you had sand or gravel wash up in there. I actually had ended putting 1 small slit each on the front of my boots aka bottom of my shin. Its actually been helpful in that my boots start to drain themselves the minute I'm out of the water, especially when walking. Cheers
  8. I'm almost certain the same guy you're referring to is the same green Hobie man I spoke to as he was leaving, his answer was "nothin"
  9. So, I had just about finished my write up and got a damn pop up about an amazon giftcard and lost everything...Dude, happens at the least ideal time for me on this site, only. Attempt #2... Fished all damn day, up and down RB. First stop was close to the neck, just to look around, said to myself "Yep, people are a' fishin" But ultimately, I started close to where RB becomes SHB, to have only worked my way back down toward the neck throughout the day, stopping at about 5 spots, all with people soaking bait, a few pluggers mixed in, myself and buddy included. Well, I made the classic mistake of leaving what would've likely been the productive spot or at least the closest to it. Before I called it a night, I had to go back to said initial spot that I shouldn't have left, and as anticipated... Now that I'm pressed for time of course and have to be heading home shortly, as I have already spent an hour longer out than I was supposed to, my buddy and I had found a few of the fish we'd be looking for all day. Throwing tiny shads brought back slowly got us a solid handful of hits, we were genuinely glad to have just gotten some action after being out all day. In context, this actually was nothing to get excited about at all, by any means, but just considering how much beach we covered and how many people we observed, but also spoke to in passing that didn't find a single tap, we were ok with it. Anywho, only thing to show for it was my friend brought a schoolie a few feet from the sand before it said see ya'. Theres more to say actually regarding this spot earlier in the day. Some blow ups out of casting range, and thousands of birds working some hefty amount of bunker, I know a handful saw it, it was rather concentrated to this area today. I think more than anything, I was happy to know they were giving swim bait attention. Back at it soon Cheers
  10. Fished 1pm-4pm today (Friday) In RB, North of the SpyHouse. As other mentioned, water cleaned up tremendously. Well I decided to put two bait rods out, in addition to plugging as with clams, one with bloodworms...nothing. Threw small shads/swimmers yada yada. However! I'm currently walking my dog and the smell of spring and humidity that Im feeling right now makes me sure I'm catching tomorrow. Optimism baby.
  11. Wtf, why did I just type all of that...dang
  12. Well, got out again today for an hour in the back at sundown,NoMoCo...conditions were garbage (wind,dark brown water, muck, chillier than been... blah blah blah) I knew that so the skunk was no surprise. Soon It'll be back to getting out every day or night, one way or another, leaving my girlfriend to wonder if I'm seeing another chick or something. women right? Can't wait Edit- Friday and the weekend are looking fishy fortunately...cheers Double edit- It seems my mentioning of tossing plugs yesterday was followed up with someone saying it was a waste of time...well, I take no offense at all, I just didnt get a chance to share my feelings on why I like to throw plugs now and forever when fishing for stripers (subject to change if desperation sets in, but that hasn't happened yet) I'd rather be tossing plugs, moving around, stretchin' me legs. Fishing for stripers with plugs is why I get excited for the spring and fall, aka fishin for stripes at all. The thought of tossing bait right now is the last thing on my mind, (not knocking it at all, and not saying I haven't fished with bait for em either in seasons past) I'm personally just saving tossing bait and hauling gear for the occasional warm weather sitting and drinking days, where someone has most likely asked to come fishing with me and I therefore have to accommodate...or entertain I suppose? (Not kidding, it blows my mind more people aren't addicted to fishing, but whatever) Anyway, sorry the rant, but it at least came with a report... I just had to get that off my chest, woo! Anywho, thinkin of throwin' some bloods out tomorrow.. hehe Cheers
  13. Outback (RB) today 12:30pm-3pm, only thing getting tapped but rather consistently, was skinny 4 inch white paddle tail on 1oz white jig head and non-dressed, white 3/4oz Spro bucktail...had a few on that quickly spooked (I admittedly was a little jumpy) and brought nothing to shore, but today felt like there was gonna be a catch. Otherwise, no attention was given to white or chartreuse 4/5" shad (had to throw them, ya know) oh, nothing on black/dark blue 1oz mag darter, or bunker colored 2 oz mag darter (as expected). Lastly, I also didn't notice the same amount of adult bunker activity like I did on the 20th a few days ago, in the same spot (hundreds and hundreds working schools for hours straight) however, today, some gulls picked up bait very close the shore that looked like large peanuts...tried tried getting a peek but was on my walk back to the car, didnt get to mess around longer and see what else was going on. back out tomorrow, just not sure where yet
  14. Shortly after seeing the waders, begins the process of questioning why all of my gear is out. "Its time to fish again honey" gettin out there tomorrow, yeeeeeehaw
  15. No luck out back today, but also had to scratch the itch, next 10 days look promising and I will surely be out there a handful of times. Cheers