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  1. If for whatever reason this falls through, I would be interested. Thanks
  2. I’m shocked but not surprised at all the negative feedback. Can see how these systems could fail. I’ve had BOAs on my korker boots for almost 2 seasons and not a single issue. Beaches, wetsuit rockhopping. Muddy bottoms, all different environments. I always have them covered with the guard on my waders or I roll my wetsuit over the knob. Rinse after every trip. The reason I got them as stated above was that I was tired of untying frozen laces with frozen fingers. The quick in and out convenience is always nice. I always have cutters on me so if god forbid they fail I can cut the laces to get out of them. If I’m not mistaken though I believe they are backed by a lifetime warrantee so at least they back their product. Hope I stay away from the issues everyone seems to have!
  3. Might be a long shot here but any chance you still have this?
  4. I appreciate the offer. Right now I have my sights set on the 1321m. But if nothing comes up I will keep this in mind. Thanks again
  5. Have a 1201L with a vsx200 and it’s probably my favorite setup I’ve ever fished. Looking to get a 1321m and a 250vsx (preferably silver) for some heavier plugs and for those real snotty days where you need a little extra. Located in western CT, willing to meet at NY, MA, or RI areas. Appreciate anyone who replies, hope to hear from some of you
  6. No worries! Figured it was a long shot, thanks for the reply
  7. would you be willing to sell?
  8. I know you haven’t posted, but this thread isn’t closed either. Just inquiring if you still have the rod or not I would be interested
  9. Is this reel still available and did you find the other two knobs you had mentioned?
  10. If it happens to fall this low, I’d also be interested. Good luck with the sale, nice reel, nice price.
  11. I have the 9’ paraflex, bought it in a bind when I snapped a mojo. My intention was that I would sell it when I got my mojo replaced, but loved it so much that the mojo sits as a backup hanging from the garage rafters. I can throw down to 1/2 buck tails no issue and up to 3oz before you start to hesitate and give it more of a lob cast. Awesome rod for the money. Light enough to cast all day with minimal fatigue
  12. I’ve got a buddy with a good dump story, wetsuiting on a rock, drooped his suit, did his thing let the tide flush it away and wipes his ass with seaweed. He’s definitely more of a man than I am I would’ve swam back and found a good spot on dry land!
  13. Great info here! I tried to stay focused and start a log at the beginning of this season and after 4 trips got lazy and stopped. I’ll have to just take the 5 minutes in the truck after to write down at least the basic info of the night. Good for developing patterns, but could see it being fun read with kids/grandkids/buddies you fished with in 20 years or so
  14. Thoughts and prayers!
  15. My go to setup! 1201L and a vsx200