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  1. Sorry, just got back to me and right now he’s not interested. GLWS! Sweet jacket for a sick price!
  2. I may have a buddy interested, trying to get him to answer me. I’ll be in touch!
  3. I’ll take it. Finish the rest in PM
  4. @shu Fairfield County CT. 06811 let me take a look at your thread I’ll get back to you. Thanks!
  5. That’s a great piece of advice I didn’t know about that. After about a week of nothing from the scammer... can’t really call him a seller.. and 2 days of messaging back and forth with PayPal I was finally able to talk to someone and they are investigating the case and a refund sounds like the end result which I am happy about. I know there’s good people on this site! I just wish someone was willing to part with their reel!
  6. Bump
  7. Opening this back up. Had a potential spammer on Facebook that I made a deal with. Out $600, and haven’t heard from the guy. In an online battle with PP to try and get my money back. Any LEGIT people willing to part with a reel?? I know this is the place to deal with good people!! I should’ve known.. dangit!
  8. Any interest in selling the silver vsx?
  9. Hey there SOL, Searching for an X series 200 or 250. Color is not a huge concern, more concerned with mechanical/cosmetic. Please let me know if you have one you’d be willing to part with, price and pictures appreciated!
  10. Great advice! I currently wear my bags on my belt. But can sometimes limit access to the bag. The “combo” shoulder strap and hooking it to the belt could be a best if both worlds situation!
  11. The worst/most expensive part of figuring out your wants/needs is all trial and error. Bag after bag of thinking it’s good until it isn’t haha. Have a couple bags now that definitely work, but my belt feels loaded with stuff. Replacing 2 bags for a 3 tube with that front pouch I think would really be beneficial and lighter. Question for anyone with the 3 tube. Do you find yourself putting it on your belt, or wearing the strap and possibly clipping it to your belt to take some weight off your shoulder?
  12. Sweet thanks! Just sent him a message on IG. The whole set up you have is exactly what I’m looking for. Sent Jamie a message too! Best of luck with it
  13. What size lanyards did you use for your different tools? I’m sure Steve could recommend as well but just wanted to get an idea, thinking of ordering some of these they look awesome. Thanks!
  14. @ProwlerFisher okay, that hat won’t fit my big head. Hopefully someone else will take it. So if you’re good with it, I’ll do the dry top for asking price, shipped. Feel free to pm me at your convenience to discuss payment/shipping. Thanks!
  15. I’ll take the extra sport dry top for asking price shipped. What size is the stormr beanie? Maybe I’ll add that on as well