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  1. Thanks for the info Tony!
  2. Hello, long time lurker here. I went on my first kayak fishing session this past weekend on rentals in Monterey Bay. Had a blast catching a variety of rockfish and a cabezon. Saw an abundance of wildlife out on the water which was amazing. Halfway through, my rod and new Spinfisher 6 got knocked into the water when I was paddling through some choppy water. Definitely learned an expensive lesson on tying everything to the kayak. Hopefully the rental place has accessories for that in the future. So, I'm considering replacing the reel with a Slammer 3 or re-buying the same Spinfisher. I was planning on buying a Slammer handle for the Spinfisher anyways which makes the price difference small. The only thing stopping me is I've heard the Slammers have high minimum drag because of their sealing. Is anyone able to quantify the amount on the size 4500 Slammer 3? I can replicate it on a spring scale at home to see if it's low enough for my purposes. Thanks! This one was the largest of the day. I switched to my friend's broken rod with 3/5 guides left after losing my setup.