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  1. Does anyone know if the Ranger station open for permits? Please disregard... I got back in front of my laptop and looked it up - they're open... Thanks!
  2. I fished over the past weekend at Bethany, nothing serious, just hanging out with the guys on the beach bait fishing with bunker. We managed a single shark with the majority of baits not being touched. Old Inlet was open and had bunker. They reported some schoolie stripers being caught on small spoons. I took some time to cast around on the featureless beach and didn't have any luck as expected. Good luck!
  3. Sand buggy, Did you have any luck at AI this weekend? It looked like there were quite a few trucks on the beach this weekend, I was wondering if they were catching. I have some time this week I could take to hit the beach and am wondering if it’s worth the trip. Thanks!
  4. This guy does a good job describing a couple of different types of stocks and how to make them: I have a freezer full of chicken parts waiting to be make into stock... Good luck!
  5. I live in Maryland and it’s pathetic. Chesapeake oysters are down to less than 1% of historic populations and comms are still able to harvest. There are even cases of oyster refuges being cleaned out and no one is punished. Our legal system here is a joke as well. Poachers, commercial and recreational alike get little more than a slap on a wrist for their crimes. I’m not sure what the answer is. You tell me who to write and where to donate and I’ll look into it. This situation doesn’t surprise me. I’m amazed at the population densities in NJ and NY vs DelMarVa and the difference in fisheries. Is it due to all of the bunker being pulled from the bay or are we just a bunch of dumb***** in a free for all? I’m embarrassed. I have daughters, they like to fish and boat. Some day they’ll have kids, I’d like to be able to enjoy this with them as well. I want to see the bass and blues come back to the bay and beaches here. I want our neighbors to the north and south to be able to enjoy the fishery too. I know there is a culture to conservation, maybe we don’t have it. Shame on us.
  6. I certainly hope so, I didn’t get out much this fall.
  7. All, My wife has started asking me what I’d like for Christmas. I’ve seen some positive reviews online regarding this rod from bps - claiming great performance and value, specifically for heaving weight. I’m looking for an “8-n-bait” rod for my saltist 30h and thinking this may be a decent upgrade to my old pinnacle. Does anyone here have any experience, good or bad, with the current model 12’ 6-12 oz casting rod? Thanks!
  8. I have the good fortune to be heading out to the big island this December and was looking to do some light tackle fishing in the Kona area. I'd love to catch a GT or at least target a species that we don't have here in the Mid-Atlantic. If anyone has any experience with guides out of Kona and can make a recommendation, it would be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. My wife’s 2011 Pilot goes through bearings every 40k on the front passenger wheel. If you find that to be the cause, they’re pretty easy to change. I’ve had good luck with these:
  10. Sounds good. Thanks!
  11. If Dangar passes, I’ll do $132 shipped.
  12. I cook everything in stainless All-Clad and love it. Great searing and easy to clean. I have far less expensive cast iron pans that I've used in the past. I used them all of the time, i just felt like they were never clean unless I used soap and didn't get the hype. I've tried cleaning with coarse salt, the chain mail scrubber, you name it, they just felt greasy when finished. My pans do not hang on a rack like in a commercial kitchen, they're put in cabinets so leaving them with that slick feeling is a non starter for me.
  13. Firestone Destination AT2. Super quiet, and relatively inexpensive. I replace them every 40k, just about when they start getting noisy, and give my old ones to a buddy for the last 20k. I love the feeling you get riding four new tires. I drive 99.9% on asphalt, most on an interstate at 65+, so road noise and handling is important. There are far better AT tires out there, and I would by them if I drove off-road as much as I’d like, but my truck rarely sees 4wd. I used to love my Michelin tires. Expensive and would go an easy 80k+, but they would be noisy. I’m at the point now where I’m thinking about buying a second set of wheels for AT tires, saving them for the winter and beach trips, and full timing a comfy highway truck tire on my reg wheels. I already have enough crap.
  14. Bait fished AI Friday into the night and Saturday 9am-5pm. We couldn’t find any fresh bait on Friday. We ended up only catching two sharks and a skate. The winds weren’t bad and the weather was decent so it was still a good time.
  15. Ditto. I rode a 98 to 260k and these were two of the three potential issues I had. The frame had a hole in it by the end that was about the size of a golf ball. The lower ball joints need to be replaced before they fail, it’s a simple diy job is you have YouTube and some simple tools. IIRC, the knuckle and lower control arm are setup in a way where the downward pressure of the suspension pulls the ball joint apart. Failure Means the bottom of the knuckle becomes disconnected while under way. Run a google images search for “4runner ball joint failure” and have a look. Just replace them with oem every 90k and you’ll be fine. The only other thing I would note is if there is a stock transmission cooler. The stock cooler is inside of the radiator and if there is corrosion, coolant can leak into the transmission. Either replace the radiator or get an aftermarket cooler and route the transmission cooling lines to it - especially if you don’t know the trucks history. I had the frame rust issue when the truck was around 13 years old. It was under the firewall. The frames are boxed, so there is more there than other cars. My mech said it wasn’t bad enough to warrant concern. Great truck, especially off road. I used to fish the OBX a lot, before you had to buy a permit. I don’t have any experience on the sand up north, not knowing any better, I would cruise the beaches down there will a full 32 psi and it was fine on the sand. I traded that truck in for a new Tacoma in 13, I still miss it. If she checks out, buy her.