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  1. When I am in Florida I fish for the mullet quite a bit. The locals showed me how to use rolled oats, made into a wet mixture and squeeze onto a small hook. Can use a small sliver of a white grub, a real small sliver. Then throw a hand full of the rolled oats into the water near your bait. You tube has some video on the process. Some of the old timers do quite well with this system.
  2. Hello all, Been chasing stripers all my life and still learning something every season. First in Gloucester Ma and now in southern Maine. Fish from a boat and now I am semi retired and hope to fish a little more.Anyhow, When I was a young guy my brother and I would stop at a local hardware store (Greys Hardware) and buy a wooden landline, all set with line. I do not see these great little fishing lines around anymore. They were made of wood and looked like a square or rectangle O. This was back in the 1960s. Was wondering if anyone could post a picture of one with dimensions. Would like to build one and hang on my den wall. Looked like this. Letter E Thanks in advance.